Winter’s log, earthdate 201511.26

It was a very quiet day here today, even though it was quite noisy! We had the cable guys back again to finish off all the terminations, which for some reason involved a lot of noisy electrical drills, or screwdrivers or both, and then there was Paul, fitting in the last sheet of plaster board which involved turning off the power for a few minutes because he had to cut into places where there was electrical wiring (I think! It’s where the power-points will be going, anyway) and because I couldn’t use my computer for about five minutes or less, I sat here dejectedly, and opened up all the snail-mail that had arrived in our P.O. Box yesterday. Once the power was back on, I went in and did a bit more “tidying up” on Deepwood (read: I deleted another two characters that I’d created yesterday, and re-created them with better names!) I checked them all out and even started a couple of them off, to see if I really did like playing with them, otherwise I’d have been doing a bit more re-rolling – and then logged off to go and look for suitable Guild names. I think I’ve found one, but I won’t tell you what it is until I can get on and see if it’s available 🙂

What else? Well, we had grand ideas of going to Medicare tomorrow, to get on with my name change things, and Vic Roads, to change the name on my driver’s licence – and a few other places wot I fergit now (Electoral Roll? Maybe…)  I also have a hairdressing appointment at a quarter past twelve, as well as having to go up and have my Warfarin blood test done – and I was hoping to get “a little shopping” in as well! Then, early this afternoon I got a call from the Podiatrist’s secretary (receptionist? hand-maiden!) to remind me that she’d be coming around at 4.30pm tomorrow! Julian and I had both thought that she was coming next week! Arrgghh! Fly in Ointment time! Well, we’ll just have to start all our bits and pieces tomorrow morning, instead of doing them after I’d been to the hairdresser, and just cross our fingers and toes that we manage to get back here by about four-ish! Paul probably won’t be overly pleased at being left to fend for himself, and I know that Clarke definitely won’t be – if he’s coming tomorrow, that is. The strange thing about this Podiatrist appointment is that it’s not written down anywhere in my calendar! Uno momento! Oh… I remember now! I looked back through my trusty notebook wot I keep on the desk next to me to see if I could find any reference to this annoyingly unexpected appointment. Sure enough, four pages back, I’ve scribbled “Podiatrist on Fri 27th November @ 4:30” (only not nearly as neatly as that) and I remember why I scribbled it down there and didn’t write it directly into my diary… Joanne, the Podiatrist, doesn’t make the appointments, she gets back to her office, tells her secretary/hand-maiden/whatever that she wants to see “so-and-so” in “x” weeks, and to make the appointment and to let “so-and-so” know – which she does! I must have taken the call when I was in the middle of something (probably writing my blog, if truth be told!) so I just jotted it down in my notebook, and – as is my want when I’m busy – promptly forgot about it, turned the page in my notebook over (I’d written the appointment details on the bottom two lines) and never gave it another thought! :/ Oh dear – anyway, mystery solved, but I guess I’ll make up for all the boredom of today with a lot of extra busyness tomorrow! Hopefully this will have taught me a lesson, and next time I’ll stop what I’m doing, and instead of relying on a hastily scribbled note, I’ll actually go and put it straight into my diary! (…but I bet I don’t! :/ )

If we have time, I want to get another couple of candles – probably from the Aurora kiosk/stall at Doncaster – because I’ve been vastly under-impressed with the big, fat, three wick candle that we bought from Dusk a while back. It smelt nice (and still does – if you get your nose right inside the container!) and the size was right, and the three wicks impressed – but – now I don’t know if this is because it’s a soy candle or not – the wicks lean over to one side, even when you keep them neatly trimmed, which we do – this means that not only does the creamy coloured soy begin to get unsightly black speckles and streaks though it, but the wicks lean over so much that they go out, drowned in the melted soy… this makes the candle burn unevenly, and you end up having to carve little channels into the soy so that the melted candle can drain away from the (by now almost circular!) wick! Anyway, I’m not impressed, and it’s not the first time that soy candles from Dusk have disappointed! We’ve bought candles from Côte Noire there at Doncaster, too – and they look lovely, they smell nice in the shop – but bring them home and light them, and the scent vanishes almost completely! Their candles are mostly soy, too…  Aurora has both soy and “ordinary” candles, though they seem to be stocking more and more of the soy variety, and less and less of the “ordinary” ones – strangely enough, it’s the “ordinary” candles that sell out the fastest! Now, I wonder why that is! (although I could hazard a guess!) I hope I get a little bit of time to look at candles, though that might have to wait until next week… But no matter what happens tomorrow, we must get some of those delicious chocolate and ginger coffee pods from Nespresso! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was extra good! I went down another four points – from 65.9kg to 65.5kg! Only half a kilo to Maintenance! I’m pleased, of course… excited too, naturally! Real food is shimmering on the horizon like a mirage! But I’m also very trepidated and unsure – can I maintain this weight-loss!? (oh me of little faith in myself!) I think I probably will, because it would just be too, too, humiliating and disgraceful to put all that weight back on again – I think I’d figuratively die of shame… :/ besides, I’ll still be weighing myself every day, and keeping a graph chart, and if I start going over 70kg, I’ll just get back onto the Optifast again! And this is exactly why I really want to get down to 65kg – not because that’s my “end” goal weight, because it isn’t! My “end” goal weight is 70kg – I just want to make sure that I have a good “head start” – a comfortable “cushion” of several hundred grams between the beginning of maintenance, and 70kg! 🙂

So… an extra quiet day today, followed by an extra busy one tomorrow! Hopefully we’ll be able to get a very early start, because I think that’s about the only way we’ll be able to get through everything we want to do! I think Paul’s intending to finish the bathroom floor tomorrow – he’s just been down to tell us that he’s finished for the day and is on his way home, and we had a bit of a chat with him – he says that he’ll be painting on the waterproof membrane tomorrow, which dries quickly anyway, but it’ll have the weekend to dry properly, so the floor tiling will be starting on Monday! Hallelujah! 🙂 (Winter, sitting in her chair, does a virtual dance of happiness around the room) Oooo! It’s so exciting! 🙂 And on that ecstatic note, I’m think once again that’s about it from me for tonight! Drop in again tomorrow night though, and see if my weight is trying to prolong the agony by going back up again, how the bathroom looks with its waterproof membrane painted on (it’s a pretty blue, I think!) and whether we managed to get everything done that we wanted to (I bet we don’t! 😉 ) However, until then, please try very hard to bee good (you never know who’s watching, and it’s getting awfully close to Christmas! 🙂 ) do remember that it is only possible to live happily ever after on a day-to-day basis, and don’t forget to keep warm – or cool – depending on the weather, to drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂


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