Winter’s log, earthdate 201511.24

Well, it’s still sort-of “early-ish” so once again, perhaps I can get this done before dinner (I’ve been doing quite well for a couple of days!) It’s been a fairly quiet day – we were going to go off and do some name change thingies, but I changed my mind at the last minute (as I so often do!) and decided to organise my last two shards for the big Guild Invasion. The two left to do are Faeblight, where I have 8 characters, and Deepwood, where I have 12. Deepwood is being a little problematic at the moment, and I have no idea why! It’s no big deal really, but by now you all know of my penchant (some people may think that “fetish” would be closer to the mark! 😉 ) for balance and symmetry, well for once I have an even number of characters on Deepwood – six Guardians, and six Defiants – so far, so good. I also like to have my Primalists at the end of the character list – I don’t know why, there’s no reason, valid or otherwise, I just do. On all the other shards I have Mage, Mage, Mage, Mage, Primalist, Primalist, Primalist – like that – except for Deepwood. Now, characters are moved to the end of their Faction list as they’re created, or transferred over – so if I have 3 Mages and then I create, or transfer over, a Primalist, the Primalist will go at the end of the list of Mages… and then if I create or transfer another Mage, the new, or transferred Mage will be listed after the Primalist.  Perfectly clear and straightforward, the newest creation, or the newest to the shard, goes to the end of the list. It’s the way it’s always worked, and still does work on all the other shards. Today I needed to create a couple of Guardian Primalists, which I did – then I realised that I’d made a mistake – I needed another Guardian Mage listed before I created the Primalists. Well, I didn’t want to start a new Mage from scratch, so I thought “I know, I’ll just transfer one back from Seastone!” And knowing that she would be added to the end of the list, and after the three Primalists, I went and deleted my three newly created Primalists (all I’d done was create them – I hadn’t even set them up, so it was no problem with that) And there I was… three Mages, including the one I’d just transferred across, one after the other, marching down the list. Exactly as they should have! Anything else I created now would get tacked onto the end of that list… should have got tacked onto the end of the list! I re-created my first Guardian Primalist… and actually went to the trouble of setting her up properly! I went back to the list screen to create my next Primalist… and there was the new Primalist I’d just created and set up, right at the end of… no she wasn’t!…. she was back behind the Mage I’d just transferred! How? Why? What? Where?! I have done this sort of thing so many times before you wouldn’t believe! This has never, ever happened before! Ever! New creations don’t, and can’t go anywhere except to the bottom of the list! I’ve been playing this game for four years now, and I’m an alt-o-holic to boot –  so I do know what I’m talking about! I don’t quite know what to do now – I can’t transfer that Mage again for another seven days, so she’ll have to stay there – for now! I’m now wondering – if (and it’s a mighty big “if“, with no way now of checking it!) IF my transferee had been created as a Defiant, but I’d changed her Faction (made her into a Guardian instead) could the game be attempting to place her in a position where she would automatically get bumped up to the top of the Defiance list, once I’d created enough new Guardians? Remember a while back when I said that the Guardian list was on the left of the screen, and the Defiant list was on the right of the screen? But that the left hand list had to be filled with six characters, Guardian or not, before starting to fill the right hand list, and how that irked me because I liked to keep things equal and even? I’m going to test that theory this evening – I can create one more character on Deepwood, and I’ll make it a Guardian! Well, I just did that… Created a new Guardian, who was added underneath the three new Primalists, but before the transferred Mage, pushing the transferred Mage onto the Defiant list. I dunno – but the test Guardian will be deleted, and in a week, the transferred Mage can go back to Seastone – and then, perhaps, balance and tranquility can be restored to Deepwood once again! :/

My apologies for that very long and rambling discourse on the mechanics of Rift, but when something so… so… untoward and unexpected happens, I need to understand what happened and why, so I keep worrying at it like a dog with a bone – or a sore tooth, that your tongue just has to keep poking!

Anyway, that’s what I did this morning! Deepwood is still a mess, but Faeblight is looking good and will probably have their new Guild and Guild Bank by this time tomorrow night – or not, because I just remembered that my favourite eldest daughter is coming over tomorrow! We didn’t see her at all last week – her husband had the week off for their wedding anniversary and they went away  for a bit of a break – but she’ll be here tomorrow, which will be good 🙂 No doubt we’ll watch some more of the television series we’re into at the moment – The Librarians, Arrow, and whatever else sounds good 🙂 I’ll let you know all about it tomorrow night! The Cable Man is coming tomorrow too, so Julian will finally get all the wherewithals to set up a proper network here – once he gets the electrician in to connect all the “dots”, that is 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Not good, but it could have been (and probably still will be!) a lot worse! 😦 I went back up a point, from 65.9kg back up to 66.0kg. Only one point, but still… I wasn’t very happy about it. And after all, I was expecting it – I mean I did lose an awful lot of weight in a matter of days… Maybe tomorrow will be better… One kilo to go….

I just popped my head in to see how my bathroom is going! The plaster will be going in tomorrow, and Paul’s cleaned up the room, re-concreted the two shallow holes that were still in the floor from where the two extraneous hand basin pipes had been. He’s even vacuumed the floor! (with a big, hefty industrial vacuum cleaner, not our little “in-house” one! 🙂 ) They took down the entire ceiling which will be completely re-plastered – there would have been too many visible patches where it would have needed repairs, which would have spoilt the look of the room. So! Paul’s hung sheet stuff all over the gap in the wall where the door will be going, to keep the dust, and more particularly the smell of the dust, from invading the rest of the house (it’s bad enough in the treadmill room next door!) My bench seat is finished, and everything is, so far anyway, running to schedule! I just can’t get over how big it looks without that stupid bath in there! 🙂

Tomorrow… as I said, my favourite eldest daughter will be coming over, which will be really good. Steve will be coming down from the Black Stump again next week, and if he can find the gear in his garage, which at the moment he says is like a huge 3D slide puzzle, he’ll bring some things to try to clean up our fish “puddle” for us (ahhh! Coffee has arrived!) On Thursday, weather permitting, we may do the name changing things that we were going to do today, but which I decided – for no specific reason – that I didn’t want to do today (never do today what can possibly be put off until the next day, or preferably, the day after that! 😉 ) Friday, I’m off to the hairdresser again, with perhaps a name-changing visit to Medicare, as well as maybe a little bit of shopping on the side, afterwards 🙂 And once again, that’s about it from me for tonight! Do call back again tomorrow night though – find out whether or not my weight continued to go up, what my bathroom looks like with the ceiling and walls covered in plaster again, and what my favourite eldest daughter and I watched on the television 🙂 There’ll be lots more news tomorrow night, and probably none of it about Rift! Wouldn’t that be a nice change! 🙂 But until then, do try very hard to bee good, because you wouldn’t want to get onto the wrong list! Do remember that a vocabulary of truth and simplicity will be of service throughout your life, and don’t forget to drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep cool – or warm – depending on the weather… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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