Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.07

Well, here I am, a little earlier today (just for a change! 😉 ) It’s been fairly quiet around here – I haven’t put away all the stuff we unpacked the other day, and it’s not because I don’t know where to put it all (and there isn’t really all that much of it, anyway) it’s just that I’m going to have to move a whole heap of things first, and, well, I just didn’t feel like doing that today! I’m going to blame the weather (I mean, why not? Everyone else is! 😉 ) after a spell of unusually warm weather, and then the temperature suddenly plummets, one tends to feel particularly lethargic and slow… the spirit might be quite willing, but the flesh says “Nah-huh! I wanna sleeeep!” When we first moved in here, over a month ago now, we had all this new furniture, with lots and lots of drawers, and heaps of places to put things – so we did, or rather, I did! I luxuriously spread myself out, and took full advantage of all this room I suddenly had! Of course I knew that we still had a lot more to unpack, but that was going to be “later on”, wasn’t it – I’d worry about that later, eh?! 😉 So now it is “later on”, and I have to move the things that I’d spread out over three large drawers, and fit them all into one drawer :/ I was going to do all that first, this morning, and then I was going to get onto Rift and go Dimension Item Hunting. So I re-scheduled the drawer tidying event, and hopped straight onto Rift. And, ummm… I spent most of the morning running around looking for the shard where I had the new “Mathosian Cascades” Dimension, because that was where I was going to start this wonderful Dimension Item Hunt! I thought I’d been working on Greybriar when I bought that Dimension, and I was most  mystified when I couldn’t find it! I’d also forgotten who the designated Dimension Mistress for Greybriar was… in other words, I didn’t know where to start! I could have started anywhere, on any shard, but the problem is you can’t ship Dimension items between shards easily – you have to ferry them across in backpacks and personal banks, and yes, I’ve done it many times, but I needed to know which shard I was going to have to transfer them to, if I started collecting on the wrong one! My original plan was to start on the shard that had the new “Mathosian Cascades” Dimension, collect everything from around that shard, and then go through all the other shards, one by one, amassing Dimension items, and then working out a plan of action to get everything across to the “Mathosian Cascades” shard. It was a good plan, and it would have – and will still – work brilliantly, only… I couldn’t remember which shard it was on! So I went around, from shard to shard, looking for it – and you have absolutely no idea how much time that wasted! :/ Naturally I found it on the last shard I looked at – I’d been absolutely sure that it wasn’t on this last shard, that’s why I left it to last – but of course, it was, and I was quite put out about all this mucking around I’d had to do! Anyway, I got that all sorted out, and then started going through the Dimensions, one by one, collecting items. Each character has around three Dimensions, and most of them were empty – but they still had to be checked! By lunchtime, I’d managed to collect all the “Plants” on the shard (except for the ones actually being used to decorate a Dimension!) Well, at least I know the “Where” and the “Who” now, so I should be able to get through a hell of a lot more tomorrow! (as well as put the “real-life” items in the trolley away!) On Friday I have an appointment at the hairdresser in the morning – I was hoping to get a nice, full, quiet, peaceful day for going to the hairdresser and doing a bit of shopping on Friday, but we finally heard from Clarke again this morning – he wants to come around on Friday afternoon – I presume with all the tile, glass brick, caesarstone and laminate samples, to discuss the bathroom renovation proceedings *sigh* oh well, maybe next week I’ll get a nice, quiet and peaceful day for the hairdresser and shopping – I hate going out, thinking I’ll do a bit of shopping, but have to be constantly looking at my watch because we’re being rushed for time! Speaking of shopping, I ordered those two garments from Autograph online this morning, they’ll be delivered to the Autograph shop at The Pines shopping centre in Templestowe… and guess what?! I’m not quite sure exactly where that “Special” “Any two items for $80” deal comes into it all, because each item was $40, anyway! In other words, If I’d ordered one today, it would have cost me $40, and if I’d ordered the second one next week, that would have cost me $40 as well – or $80 in total over two weeks – so why couldn’t that blithering martinet at Autograph in The Glen yesterday have let Julian bring home a single item, instead of insisting that he wait until the size 14 shirt came in, so as to get the Special deal?! Oh well! All water under the bridge now – they’ve done their dash with me! And also speaking of shopping, I had another look at those Yoga/Pilates slipper/shoe/socks that I found. They do look quite nice, and come in various different colours – but the “ladies” ones only go up to size 9 and a half, and even the men’s ones only go up to 10 and a half! Do Americans have smaller feet than we do, or something? (I’m not sure if they’re American or not, but Amazon sell them, so they probably are…) I’ve looked for them by brand name, and I eventually managed to find a place called Move Active that sells something similar – though they’re really more like the short “barely come up to your ankle funny-bone” socks, so they’ll probably end up walking off my foot – but the ones I ordered are a men’s size 12, so, hopefully not… well, they were only $15, so I guess we won’t have lost a fortune if they don’t work out! And if they don’t walk off my foot, well, I’ll order some more! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Ladies and gentlepersons! Miracles do still happen! 🙂 (of course, they may not be long-lasting, but they do still happen!) I went down four points this morning – from 73.1kg to 72.7kg! Four points! 🙂 I don’t expect to stay down there – I’ll probably bounce back up again tomorrow, but… 72.7kg! Amazing! 🙂 Actually, it’s a bit scary! I look at myself in a full length mirror, and I don’t look like “me” anymore, and I’m worried – what if I can’t keep the weight off? Well, I mean, I will – even if I have to go back on the full Optifast diet every couple of months (I quite like it, actually) and I’ll make sure that we don’t keep things like biscuits… lollies… sweet things… potato chips (read: crisps) in the house – I will eat normally, but smaller portions (not that I used to eat much anyway – just far too much of the wrong things!) and I’ll keep up the exercise – this adjustable height treadmill is exactly what I was hoping it would be, and I think it’ll be good for me! But still, even knowing all the above, I still worry about it all (but I suppose if I ever stop worrying about putting weight back on, that’ll be the time that I will, because it’ll mean that I don’t care anymore…)

So… I have my days all planned and mapped out before me – now let’s see… how many things can go wrong between now, and tomorrow morning? (How many times can the cat throw up on my homework? 😉 ) Well, whatever happens, I’m sure I’ll muddle through it in the end 🙂 Hopefully Clarke will have some good news regarding starting on my bathroom on Friday (and hopefully he’ll help Julian hang our big bedroom mirror – not to mention the one I want hung in the hall, above the Bronzes Table!) Anyway, once again that’s about all I have for you tonight – but drop in again tomorrow night, and find out if I did get all the things that were unpacked a few days ago put safely away in one of my drawers, and if my weight did indeed go bouncing merrily back up again… and whether I managed to collect some more of those elusive Dimension items! 🙂 Until then, though, please at least try to bee good, don’t forget that there’s real power in looking silly and not caring that you do, and remember always to drive carefully, to keep warm, and to look after yourselves… but above all, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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