Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.08

I was greeted by a very nice surprise this morning when I went to process my Minions – the new patch had been installed – “Rift 3.4: Into The Wilds!”, and with it, the new player Class: The Primalist! Wot we’ve all been waiting for, for months! 🙂 We can even “buy” new character slots, for those of us who’d filled up our alloted 12 character slots, but who wanted to try out the new Class – naturally I bought them both 😉 and as soon as my Minions had been fed, watered, and sent on their merry way again, I jumped straight in and rolled a *gasp!* Primalist, and not another Mage! I have no idea how I’ll go with her, and it’s just as well that as with all the other Classes, there are different “builds” you can choose from – for instance with Mages you can be a Warlock, where you work with destructive spells, a Necromancer, where you work mainly with DOTs (Damage Over Time) spells, or an Elementalist, and work with the elements and elemental – all Mages, but all different builds. From memory, with the Primalists you can have a Berserker build, doing melee damage to a number of enemies at the same time, a Typhoon build – much the same as the Beserker, only ranged, a Titan, which is pretty much your common or garden-type Tank, a  Dervish, a single-target melee fighter, a Preserver (read: Healer) and the one I chose, a Vulcanist, a single-target ranged fighter. More builds have been planned for future patches, but I think these will be plenty to work with for the moment! And I’d only just created Tallissia when Julian came in with all my name change papers! It’s all set to go – we’re not going to mail them in, and then sit around chewing our nails for a couple of weeks – we found out that as well as posting them in, or taking them to the Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, you can also take them to your nearest “Justice Centre”, and there’s one at Box Hill, and another at Ringwood! Now all I have to do is decide whether I want to put “Winter” first, or add it as a second name, along with my current name, which I’ve hated and detested ever since I was old enough to form sentences, so this would be the ideal opportunity to get rid of that detested middle name for once and for all, and change it from “Luisa” to “Winter” (for some unknown reason the name “Luisa” (with no “o” in it – it’s “Luisa”, not “Louisa”!) has always made me shudder!) But perversely, I don’t want to do that – I dunno, it sort-of makes me feel uncomfortable and “disloyal” to my parents… No, I think I’ll go along with my original plan, to keep my original name as is, and just tack “Winter” in front of it. Hopefully, next Monday?

Anyway, by then it was almost lunchtime. Julian went over to Doncaster to get the last of the papers we’d need from the safe – apparently you only need the credit report if you’ve been convicted of fraud, or been declared a bankrupt at anytime in the past, which I haven’t, so we don’t have to jump through those hoops! While Julian was doing that, I went for my hill climbing exercise in the Games Room, and at long last I’m doing some exercise that actually does make me feel as though I’m working! Let’s just hope it pays off! 🙂 Julian returned, we had lunch, and then I waltzed off to put away the stuff we’d unpacked the other day – as I said earlier – there wasn’t a lot of it, really, and it only took a couple of minutes to move three drawers into two, leaving me with two drawers free. When we first moved here, we had the packing ladies back the next day to un-pack a lot of things, and I’m really not sure why, but anything labelled “bedroom” that they weren’t sure where to put, they put on the nice, very high, shelf that runs around three sides of the Walk In Wardrobe, above the hanging rail. Which I can’t reach. In fact I can’t even see what’s up there! Today I got Julian to get everything off that shelf – there were lots of ornaments, which have now been moved in here, and papers, and (another) pair of binoculars (I’m beginning to think that my parents had a bit of a “thing” for binoculars!) and lots of miscellany – a packet of shoelaces? A very large, unopened and still in its sealed, original cellophane wrapper, bottle of my mother’s favourite perfume, “Crêpe de Chine” by Millot – probably worth a fortune today, and one of these days, if I’m feeling really reckless, I might even open it to see if I still like it. Unfortunately it was discontinued years ago, but I serendipitously found that bottle right at the very back of a dusty old shelf in an Apothecary’s shop one day and immediately pounced on it for mother – she hadn’t been able to get it for over ten years! No, I have no idea why she never opened it, and I suppose I never thought to ask her… Anyway, so I finished putting all of my stuff away – Julian still has a pile of stuff for the Office sitting on the floor in the top front spare room, though! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Well, either that new adjustable incline treadmill is working very well indeed, or miracles are still happening! I went down another three points this morning, from 72.7kg to 72.4kg! Perhaps I won’t mention those terrible pills to Dr. Y. when I see him, after all! (though who knows how much more I might have gone down if I wasn’t taking them! – so maybe I will still mention them!) I shouldn’t get too optimistic or excited though – my body will probably wake up tomorrow morning and decide to reverse the process and push me back into the 73kg zone again! I hope not! Cross your fingers for me, please everyone! :/

Tomorrow morning I’m off to the hairdresser – and maybe have time to do a little bit of shopping (I’m not even sure what I want – I certainly don’t really need anything… I don’t think… though maybe… hmm… ) then we’ll have to race home because Clarke is coming over about my bathroom – and hopefully he’ll finally help Julian hang the bedroom mirror! With a bit of luck I might have some good news for you all tomorrow night, about when they’ll be starting on the renovations! 🙂 And with even more luck, we’ll be able to take those name change papers to either Box Hill or Ringwood (I think Box Hill is probably closer, but the parking is likely to be horrendous – Ringwood might be easier to get to…) I’m not sure what’s happening this weekend, but I can tell you one thing! 🙂 On Sunday, Julian and I will either be taking our two level 65’s through into The Wilds – we did the breadcrumb quests last week – or we’ll be starting off a couple of new characters as Primalists, in order to get a “feel” for the new Class! It might be that a Primalist isn’t for me – I prefer to stand back and do damage while my pet goes in and does the Tanking (fighting up close and personal-like!) for me – that’s why I picked the Vulcanist for Tallissia, though you don’t get a pet 😦 Oh well, we’ll just have to see how she goes… and if the worst comes to the worst, I can always re-roll her as a Mage (I mean, why waste that empty character slot, hmm? 😉 ) I don’t think that there’s much more to tell you all, so I guess that’s about it from me again for tonight! Don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow night though, to see if I have any good news about the bathroom renovations, and to find out if my body decided to rebel again and go backwards (that is, go up!) There’s sure to be heaps of interesting news though, so make sure you don’t miss out! 🙂 Until then, do at least try to bee good, remember that whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect… and don’t forget to drive carefully, to keep warm, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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