Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.23

You know, I really do have to try to organise my life better! I was going to Rift this morning, and then after lunch, get right into this – but as usual, things got a bit mucked around 😦  I went off to do my usual morning “climbing up the mole hills” (let’s face it – the treadmill doesn’t give me that much of a hill to “climb” – it really is more like climbing itty-bitty mole-hills!) and walked for fifteen minutes instead of 13, but still at 3kmph (I was told to “build up slowly”, which is [insert expletive of your choice here] boring! *glower* *sigh*) and came back to breakfast… Julian had a bit of Office work to do, and I had a bit of Rifting… I took care of my Minions, and as I’d got Tallissia up to level 32 on Laethys last night, I decided to do a bit of an audit of who I had, where they were, and most importantly, what they were. I have Primalists on my three “main” shards (that is, the shards which have Guilds and Guild Banks) I think I have a “test” Primalist on a fourth shard, and the rest are all Mages. Now you all know how neurotic I am about certain things, and shard “population” happens to be one of them. I like everything to be “in balance” on a shard, f’rinstance, if I have six Defiants on a shard, it means that I must have  – have to have, six Guardians to balance them out (did I ever tell you I was quite neurotic? 😉 ) so that I ended up with six neat Guardians down one side of the screen, and six neat Defiants down the other side of the screen. But with the introduction of this new Class, the Primalist, and the generous extra character slot that we’ve been given, Trion have gone and mucked me up completely, turning my neat and tidy little shards into chaotic wastelands! For reasons best known to Trion, Guardians are on the left, Defiants are on the right, so if I add an extra Defiant, she goes on the bottom of the right hand side, which would be totally fine with me, except… Trion have decreed that the left hand column of characters must be filled up first. This means that the character that had been at the top of the right hand Defiant column gets shunted across to the bottom of the left hand Guardian column, creating seven characters going down the left hand side of the screen… but only six down the left hand side. It also means that I have a Defiant – and usually my main Defiant character because I try to keep them at the top of the column – underneath six Guardians, which believe me, is not a good look! Such was the case on Hailol this morning, and I sat and looked at the mess, and wondered how I could get around it… If I created another Guardian, she could “push” my Defiant back onto her own right hand column… I didn’t really want another Guardian, I wanted to have a Defiant Primalist, so with a dint of transferring characters between shards here and there, I was able to (a) bring my Defiant character back to her own column, and (b) create my Defiant Primalist. This all took a while, so I didn’t really get much actual playing in! Julian also had to do a small bit of shopping, so I continued on my merry way, thinking that I’d play on until lunchtime, do my lunchtime mole-hill climbing, have lunch, and then get on with the blog… Julian was later back than I was anticipating, so I got on with my walking bits anyway. After lunch, I thought I’d play a little longer, as by the time I’d finished all my “re-organisation” of the shard and set up my new Defiant Primalist, I’d barely got her to level 8! Oh, her name’s “Jadepearl”, by the way 🙂 So I played until 3.30, and then started writing… I’d barely started to write when Julian called me into the Office – he wanted my advice! He wasn’t happy with the layout of the room.  He had his desk along one wall, and his matching filing cabinet and bookcase along the wall to his right – but allowing for the opening of drawers and cupboards on both the desk and the filing cabinet meant that there was a huge, ugly, and messy gap in the corner between the desk and the filing cupboard. What to do? In the end we decided to put the desk and the filing cabinet next to eachother along the desk wall, and to leave the bookcase pretty much where it was. This has eliminated the huge, ugly, and messy gap, and it now remains to be seen whether or not the desk, which is currently on the left hand side of the filing cabinet, is better there, or if it would be better on the right hand side of the filing cabinet ! (Julian is a southpaw!) I’ll go up and have a look in a little while, to see how it’s getting on – the Office is a rather strange room, directly to your right as you walk in the front door. The Office itself doesn’t have a door – it’s almost completely open to the corridor, but there are two flush pillars – just less than a meter wide? on each side; each pillar has a long “slot”, about 24 centimeters wide, cut through it, starting about 30 centimeters up from the floor and going right up to about 30 centimeters down from the ceiling – so you can see, it’s a very “open” room – he might find that  he feels too “exposed” to anyone or anything coming in through the front door, which is now practically directly behind him. Anyway, if he does, it’s easy enough just to swap the desk with the filing cabinet, but time will tell… 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Much more betterer! I went down four points, from 69.7kg to 69.3kg – and now the real game begins in earnest! How much can I get down to by November 10th!? That’s when I see Dr. Y. next… I’ll try to get a lot further, and my stupid body will taunt and tease me by being recalcitrant and not cooperating! I have 18 days… It would be really wonderful if I could get down to Maintenance weight – 65kg – by then, and I will try, but I don’t think I have enough time left, unfortunately! :/ Maybe if I spent all day, every day, on the treadmill? Nah… it’d probably only aggravate the arthritis in my feet, and make me miserable… imagine trying to slurp down a bowl of tomato and chili soup whilst walking uphill – even if it is only a mole-hill – at 3kmph!? Oh well, it was a thought… 😉

I’m not quite sure what’s happening tomorrow, but we’ve got to make sure that we leave Saturday completely free! Julian has a guy coming in to throw? drop? a heap of computer networking cables (CAT 5E cables, so I’m told…) around the place – our wireless network is running OK, though it does drop out from time to time, but it could be a lot better – and Julian’s been trying to get this done since before we moved in! If the computers have to be down for the duration I think I might just find a comfy spot somewhere and sit and read (note to self: remember to get Julian to charge up my kindle before Saturday!) I was browsing through the latest Innovations magazine yesterday, and in the past I’ve always just skipped the clothing section because they didn’t go up to my size – but I did look at the clothing last night because quite frankly, My Size and Autograph are starting to get a bit big for me! Because of all the excess skin on my arms, I’m too embarrassed to wear short sleeves, so I need to get either three-quarter sleeved, or long-sleeved, tee-shirts. Remember I tried on a couple of size 14’s in Target the other day? Well, there were some really nice tee-shirts in the Innovations magazine, in really pretty colours, so I’ve ordered one in (just in case it isn’t the same sort of size 14!) to see how it goes… They’re a damn sight cheaper than Autograph and My Size, too, so I hope it does fit! If it does (fit) I’ll get one in lavender, and one in navy blue… 🙂 Anyway, once again that’s about all I have for you tonight! Drop by again tomorrow night to see if I’ve persuaded my weight to be nice to me, for once, and how far I’ve managed to get Jadepearl along – Primalists really are a powerful Class! I was zapping monsters three levels higher than I was this morning with no problems (i.e. I haven’t died yet! 😉 ) Until tomorrow night then, please bee good, don’t forget that the quieter you become, the more you can hear, and remember to look after yourselves, to keep warm – or cool, depending on the weather, and to drive carefully – but above all, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂