Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.06

Well, today being Tuesday, I had my favourite eldest daughter over, so the only thing that we did a lot of was watching episodes of “Arrow”, and “How to Get Away with Murder“, starring Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating, a defence lawyer who uses some extremely unorthodox (and quite often downright “dubious”!) methods to win her cases. I have to admit that “How to Get Away with Murder” can be very confusing, as most of the time there’s just so much going on that it’s hard to tell who’s happening to what, or which is happening where… but still, it’s not a bad show 🙂 My new height adjusting treadmill arrived this morning, and I’ve had two strolls on it (it arrived after I’d done my first walk this morning) As I think I said yesterday (or the day before – I fergit which, now!) it has ten different manually adjustable heights (just keep pressing the “+” button) or three automatic height adjusting buttons, “3”, “6”, and “9”. So far, I’ve used the “+” button (repeatedly) the “3” button, and the “6” button. Using the “+” button is terribly s-l-o-w! The machine doesn’t suddenly jump up to the height you want, it goes “whirr, whirr, wheeze, whirr” as it slowly cranks itself up one notch – then rinse and repeat for however many notches of height you want to go up. Pressing the “3” button gives you the equivalent of pressing the “+” button three times. It goes through the same  “whirr, whirr, wheeze, whirr” business, only for a bit longer. Since I started experimenting with the height adjustment buttons I’ve been mostly using the “6” button, which as you can probably surmise, takes the machine up to twice as high as the “3” button, makes twice the number of “whirr, whirr, wheeze, whirr” noises, and takes twice as long to get there. But for all that, it does work, and it does make me work harder! Not a lot harder, I mean I’m not exhausted and/or dripping with sweat when I finish my fifteen minute stroll, but harder, none-the-less, which is exactly what I wanted! 🙂 The first time I used it I wore my usual two pairs of running socks, but they were the very short, “barely come up to your ankle funny-bone” short, and I hadn’t been walking for more than about two minutes when I realised that I was walking the right hand socks off my foot! The left one was OK, it was only the doubled up socks on my right foot that ended up with the top of the socks half-way under my right heel, and the toe part of the socks flapping merrily in the breeze! Hmm! I am definitely going to have to do something about my footwear with this new treadmill! I was looking up “exercise shoes”, and “yoga shoes” yesterday, and I found some quite nice yoga and Pilates “socks” – they look a lot like Ballet Flats, but have a bobbled non-slip sole and a reasonably wide elastic band over the top of the instep – of course, they don’t appear to have my size… Why am I not surprised? (I take a size 11 1/2 shoe! Yes, I have very big feet! They have been the bane of my existence since I was a toddler, and just one of the millions of reasons that I hate shoes so much!)

Unfortunately, it’s “that” time again – back soon! (Sorry!)

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

Right, here I am again… where was I? Oh yes, hating shoes! 🙂 However, the hunt for something to wear on my feet whilst climbing the treadmill will continue, because although I don’t think I’m in any danger of tripping on the flapping sock, it is very distracting (not to mention uncomfortable!) It’s probably because the incline causes me to put my feet down at a different angle, which presses the sock up towards my toes (?) as I step forwards. This evening I wore two pairs of slightly longer socks, and while they weren’t terribly comfortable, at least they didn’t try to walk off my foot – so until I can find something better, they’ll have to do.

Oh, apropos of the saga of the missing shirt and the lost and then found again top – there was a different salesperson in Autograph when Julian went to pick them up today (along with two missing packets of my pills from the Apothecary) the two missing packets of pills came home, but the shirt and the top didn’t! It turned out that amongst all the shirts in the shop, there wasn’t another size 14 – it would have to be ordered in for me, and would take about a week. And because they have a “Special” on at the moment, where you can buy two of anything (shirt, skirt, top, scarf – whatever!) for $80, the salesperson wouldn’t let Julian bring home the top that all the fuss was about in the first place, until the shirt came in so that she could sell them both at the same time at the special price. Julian rang me, and I’m afraid to say that I really blew up! I told him to cancel both orders, they could keep their ruddy missing and then not missing top, and the damn shirt that they didn’t have in my size (but if the woman yesterday hadn’t been so ditzy had given it to me when I asked for it, they wouldn’t have sold out of that size!) I won’t be going back there again… we’ve had trouble with that particular Autograph store in the past – and every time you go in there’s someone different – so from now on, I’ll order what I want online, and pick the items up from the Autograph at The Pines shopping centre! Stuff it all – because of one stupid salesperson they’ve lost two sales, and our continued custom. I’ll only go into the store at The Pines, to pick up something, or if I really have to, to try something on. Then I’ll come home and order it online! Grrr! I get cross, all over again, just thinking about it – it’s not as though Julian didn’t have anything better to do than go up and get stuffed around, either! Sorry… :/

Weigh-in this morning. Yay! A miracle happened! I went down a point! I went from 73.2kg down to 73.1kg! But don’t worry, those ‘orrible little fluid-retaining pills will make sure that I go back up again tomorrow 😉 I’m actually beginning to wonder if I should try to get under 70kg… looking at myself last night I could see all my ribs! It wasn’t a very pretty sight, and I quickly looked away again… the thing is, my stomach, backside and thighs still look big – but then again, that might just be excess skin… But I am going to go down to 70kg – I’ll re-assess how I think I look then…

I’m not quite sure what’s happening tomorrow – Julian says he wants to spend the day in the Office – I know I have some things to put away from the boxes we unpacked the other day, but that shouldn’t take very long, so with any luck, I might even get a bit of Rifting in! 🙂 Well, maybe not “Rifting” as in questing, killing monsters, gaining notoriety, earning platinum and garnering experience, but more like running around like a chook with its head cut off, looking for all my elusive and reclusive Dimension bits and pieces! :/ Oh, wot fun! 🙂 Hopefully, on Thursday we’ll be back to unpacking boxes in the morning, and Rifting in the afternoon – or vice versa 😉 And that’s about all I have for you tonight – I’m sorry that this is not only a bit shorter than usual, but also a lot later than usual – never mind though – as they say in the Classics: “Better late than never”! 😉 Do drop by again tomorrow night to see what we got up to – did I Rift, or did I search for and locate any of the missing Dimension items? Did those wretched pills put my weight back up, or did I stay the same again? Have I managed to walk the socks off my right foot again, and how am I really faring with this new-fangled hill climbing? 🙂 Find out tomorrow night, right here! Until then, though, do bee good, remember to dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully, but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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