Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.09

Such a busy day – and I’m starting quite a bit later than I would normally. Actually we’ve been out most of the day – I had a hairdresser appointment at 11.30 this morning, so I wanted to leave early so as to have enough time to go to the Jewelers to get my watchband made smaller before I went to the hairdresser, and then do “a bit of shopping” afterwards (why do men always shudder when a woman says that she wants to “do a bit of shopping”?!) I was going to wait until I’d reached, and stabilised myself, at my goal weight (only another two kilos to go!) before I had my watch or my rings re-sized down, but my watchband had other ideas, didn’t it, deciding that it didn’t want to wait for me to lose any more weight – that I was now thin enough for it to try to escape by sliding down my arm and over my hand – so I decided that if I didn’t have it made smaller now, I stood a good chance of losing it altogether. It turns out that what I’d thought was a normal watchband was in fact a bracelet that had been adapted to be a watchband – or so the jeweler said, anyway. It wasn’t easily shortened either, as it didn’t have “pins” holding the links together like a normal watchband does, but it had to be cut, and filed, and welded – or something (whatever! It was expensive! Next time I’m going to get a Swatch watch with a plastic watchband!) Sadly, my plans for today were somewhat stymied last night, with Clark calling and arranging to come over this afternoon, at about two o’clock – presumably with tile samples etc. (and to help Julian hang that wretched bedroom mirror!) Thinking sadly that ‘never mind, there was always Saturday to “do a bit of shopping”…’ I agreed to sacrificing my pleasant, unhurried, afternoon of wandering around the shopping centre, looking for anything that I could suddenly decide that I couldn’t live without… As it turned out, by the time I’d been through my email this morning, processed my Minions, done my treadmilling, and put my makeup on, it wasn’t all that early, anyway, but with (a lot of)  luck, we might have had time to go to the jewelers after the hairdresser, and still be back in time for Clarke. Julian had also had a call from our erstwhile next-door neighbour in Doncaster, saying that his computer had “blown up”, and because his usual technician was overseas, could Julian fix it for him, please? *sigh* Well, we were just about to walk out the front door when Clarke called – he was on a “mission of mercy”, on his way to his son’s school to pick him up and take him home, because he was so busy throwing up that he couldn’t concentrate on his lessons. Julian and I looked at eachother. “That’s fine, Clarke!” said Julian “as a matter of fact, that probably suits us better – we’ll see you tomorrow, about the same time?” So that was good – I could have my nice, quiet, unhurried day wandering through the shopping centre… looking at “thingz” (and mostly deciding that I didn’t really need them, afterall! I did buy some Chanel mascara in DJ’s, though…) I had my watchband smallerated, Julian got himself a new leather watch band (because the old original one had died!) We went to T2 – I’d been through an online list of their flavoured black teas, Tisanes, and Iced teas, and written down all the ones I thought would be nice to try. I’d written them in one of my sacrosanct desk notepads, the ones that no-one is allowed to tear out a page, or a part of a page, not even me, so I copied them all down onto an index card to put in my handbag… only I left it behind, didn’t I, and there I was in T2, wracking my brains trying to remember the names of some of them, because T2 no longer have a printed list, or a “menu” of all the teas they stock, for customers (and more to the point, would-be customers!) to browse – I wonder how many sales they’ve missed out on because potential customers didn’t know what was available? Pretty slack, if you ask me…. Anyway, we bought a few of the flavoured black teas that we hadn’t had before, a couple of their Tisanes, and two of their ready-made iced teas in bottles. Actually, I tell a bit of a lie there, because one of the teas mentioned at random by the young sales-boy, had a name that I remembered from years ago, that we had tried, and liked a lot  – “Chilli Kiss”, so we got a box of that, too. Then we had a quick whizz around the supermarket and got a few staples, plus some more Flipper-food – and that was that – we came home! I was literally gasping for a cup of coffee, and once I’d gulped that down, I raced off for my belated lunchtime treadmilling. I admit that part of the reason I started this so late was because I allowed myself a whole hour of Rift before starting this – sorry, but the new patch came out the other day, and  since then I’ve only had about two hours total trying it out – which isn’t really long enough to do anything but construct – and set up – two new Primalist characters, so I still don’t know exactly what they do, or how to play them! I do know that as a Vulcanist is supposed to be a “ranged” character – that is, a character who either stands back and casts spells at things, or stands back and shoots arrows and/or bullets at things – but out of the two I’ve created, they have no ranged weapons, only a dirty big hammer! I might let Julian go and do the Saturday Shopping on his own so that I can have a bit more of a play with them, because Sunday we’ll be playing with our “big girls”, actually in The Wilds (a brand new area that opened up with the expansion patch)

Weigh-in this morning. Was a big disappointment – but more-or-less expected, after the two big losses that I’ve had over the last couple of days… I went up one point, from 72.4kg to 72.5kg (*sob!*) But tomorrow’s my last day of those wretched fluid loving and retaining pills, so I’m expecting things to improve within a couple of days (after they work themselves out of my system!) I expect that I might even go up again tomorrow – let’s just hope it’s not too much!

Oh, remember I told you that I’d ordered a pair of those funny looking yoga/Pilates sock things? I ordered Men’s size 12 (the very biggest they have!) thinking that surely I’d fit into those! I mean I take a Woman’s 11 and a half – a Men’s size 12 has got to be bigger than that, doesn’t it?! Well, they arrived this morning. I took one look at them and immediately thought “I’m never going to fit into those!” And I didn’t. They were about three sizes too small for me. They’re labeled “Men’s 10 – 13” – but if they’re “men’s”, it has got to mean “fairy men“, because they’re so teeny! Stretched out to their fullest, I could barely squish my foot into one! I didn’t bother trying the second one on! So that was a failed experiment, but I find myself in a state of bewilderment, thinking of a great big, muscular bloke, gracefully going through all his yoga movements and postures, or balancing on one of those Pilates “half balls” that my favourite youngest daughter keeps telling me about (she does Pilates!) with his poor, aching, squished-up “size 12” feet wedged painfully into these teeny-weeny (but very pretty!) sock thingies! Look, I know I have ginormous (and badly deformed) feet, but this business of getting something that I can put on my feet is starting to get ridiculous! :/ 😦 The hunt for footwear continues… But anyway, that’s really about it from me for tonight – do call in again tomorrow night, to find out what Clarke had to say (if he doesn’t suddenly remember that he has a kid’s sports day that he can’t get out of!), if I managed to get any further into the Primalist build on Rift, and whether my weight has decided to behave itself or not (it’d be a first, if it did! 😉 ) You can bet your sweet bippy that there’ll be lots of things happening around here tomorrow that you’ll want to know about, so stay tuned! 🙂 In the meantime, do try to bee good, never forget that kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see, and always remember to keep warm, to look after yourselves, and to drive carefully… but most importantly, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂