Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.05

Well, I knew that today was going to be busy, and I wasn’t wrong! Mind you, I could have started a little earlier, and I could have been a little quicker – but I didn’t, and I wasn’t, so it was a bit of “rush, rush, rush” this morning. We left for The Glen as early as we could, and actually managed to get a good parking spot on the ground floor, close to Coles, and the downstairs Chemist. I think it was a great shame when they stopped calling the places “the Apothecary” and changed it to the terribly common and mundane “the Chemist” – “the Apothecary” sounds much more nicer and grander, don’t you think? So from now on, I shall refer to the shops that dispense medication (amongst other things) as “the Apothecary”! Anyway, we each had a prescription that needed to be filled, so we dropped them off first, then went upstairs to Autograph. Well, they had a few interesting tops that I liked – a blue shirt with long sleeves that you could roll up and hold in place with a tab and button – I liked that one so much I got the lady to cut the labels off so that I could wear it home… I also said “I’d like to get two of those, please!” Apart from that, there was a rather nice “almost aqua” coloured top with three-quarter sleeves in cheesecloth (if they ever get them in purple or black, I’ll get another one (or two) because the only other colour they had was white, and I look utterly dreadful in white!) There were another two fairly nondescript ones, and another one that the nice lady couldn’t find – so she took our details with a promise to let us know if she could get one in for us. I also bought another, smaller, pair of jeans… I got the ones I’m currently wearing in size 18, because jeans are always as stiff as last week’s cold omelet, and tight. They do soften up a bit after their first wash and you’ve worn them a couple of times, but silly me thought “better safe than sorry!” and got the larger pair. Well, of course they were washed as soon as they came home, and I’ve worn them a couple of times, and guess what?! They’re slightly too big around the waist! I think my problem is that I still can’t get used to the fact that I’m not as big as I used to be – I can’t seem to bring myself to actually believe that I’m a size 14 now, not a size 24! The ones I got today are a size 16, and they fit rather nicely, much to my totally stunned amazement! I’m a bit of a funny shape – I’m now size 14 on top, size 16 on the bottom – so I should be pretty much set for at least a couple of months until I shrink a bit more… Well, we finished off there in Autograph, and I came home thinking that I had two shirts – the one I was wearing, and the second one that I’d told the lovely lady that I wanted – a couple of other tops, and the jeans. We’d barely got out of the lift when the forgetful lady called Julian to tell us that she’d managed to find the top she was going to try to get in for me, right there in the shop! We didn’t go right back to pick it up because we were already running very late, we still had to pick the prescriptions up from the Apothecary’s, and we needed to get a few things from the supermarket – we will go back to get it though, probably tomorrow, after the new treadmill with the adjustable incline has been delivered. Anyway, the next thing we know is that my favourite youngest daughter called to say that she was on her way from the doctor’s appointment in Mitcham, so we raced into the Apothecary to pick up the scripts… *sigh* isn’t it always the way! Right in the middle of a running late panic attack! The Apothecary didn’t have two of my three packets of pills! The one they had will last me a short while, but I guess we’ll just have to pick the rest of them up tomorrow too, when we go to get that top that the nice lady couldn’t find, but then did. We managed to beat Kate back to our place, but not by much, but whilst I was hanging up my new tops, I discovered, much to my chagrin, that the somewhat vaporous nice lady had neglected to include a second blue shirt with my order! So that’s a third thing we’re going to have to pick up tomorrow! …May I scream now, please? 😉

Kate duly arrived, and we sat and chattered over an extremely welcome cup of coffee. She’d actually had an appointment to see my hero, Dr. Y., who has ordered a few tests for her and will see her again later in November. When she told him that she was my daughter, he was apparently most impressed with me – she said he had the biggest smile on his face while talking about me – so maybe I won’t be quite so hard on him about the matter of these horrible, terrible pills I’m taking at the moment – after all, it was only my constant grizzling and moaning about the other ones that made him change them over… (so it’s probably all my own fault – as usual! 😉 ) Then we talked about her work situation – sometimes one is quite taken aback by how slack and disorganised a business can be, and still remain viable! The place has just changed hands, and so far, no-one from the new management has bothered to find out what her qualifications actually are, and they’re under utilising her on the reception desk, answering the ruddy phone! She’s had close to fifteen years experience as a Customer Relations Manager, for crying out loud, and she’s answering the phone and switching people through to the other departments! I almost said “like a coolie”, but that’s a no-no word these days, isn’t it, so I didn’t (but I did think it – sorry!) Then we talked about my favourite subject at the moment, next to exercise machines 😉 vegetable gardens! We’ve worked out a plan of action – there’s a very large nursery-slash-gardening supplies place not too far down the road from us on the left – just past Bunnies, Officeworks, and the Waste Refuse Transfer. We’ve printed out a photo of Julian’s mother’s raised garden beds in Adelaide, showing the sleepers and their layout, and we’ll go to this very large nursery place and ask their advice about what sort of sleepers to get, how much soil we’ll need, what sort of drainage to provide, and all that sort of thing, and we’ll get it all delivered for the three of them, Julian, Kate and Terry to assemble and set up. Then we can start planting! (at long last! 🙂 ) One thing I will mention here – apparently Julian’s idea of the veggie garden layout and mine are totally different from eachother! He envisions them as running parallel to the back fence – I have always envisioned them as lying perpendicular to it… because… I don’t know! I just think it would look better, and we’d be able to walk right around the raised beds and reach every part of them easily – if they’re parallel to the fence, we’ll only be able to walk around three sides, and it’ll make working in the middle of the back of the bed awkward – well, that’s what I think, anyway. After another cup of coffee, Kate went home, and I came in here to start this evening’s narrative 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. More of the same – and by “same”, that’s exactly what I did! I stayed the same! I went from 73.2kg to 73.2kg, despite the fact that I’m now walking for fifteen minutes, not the usual twelve! Ah well, the new treadmill with the adjustable incline arrives tomorrow – though it too probably won’t make much of a difference whilst I’m still on these rotten pills! 😦 Five days down, five to go… :/

So now it looks like we have another busy day again tomorrow! Not only is the treadmill arriving, but we should probably also go and pick up the two tops from Autograph (though the somewhat absent-minded lady has said that she’ll hold the top that she managed to find for three days, but… what if she forgets, like she did about my second shirt?!) and the two extra packets of pills from the Apothecary…  Apart from that, I’m not quite sure what’s happening tomorrow – I’d really like to unpack a few more boxes; I know Julian has some paperwork to take care of in the Office, and I really need to make a move on re-collecting and re-collating all the Dimension items that have become so hopelessly muddled up on Rift… so I’m spoilt for choice, aren’t I! 🙂 Truth be told, I’ll probably end up doing none of those things, and just sit here frittering away my time doing jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and playing solitaire! And with that shamefaced admission, I shall bid you all a very good evening, as that’s about all I have for you tonight 🙂 Do look in again tomorrow night though, to find out just what we did do – did we trek back to The Glen, to pick up the missing pieces? What happened with the adjustable inclining treadmill? Were we able to unpack any more boxes, and did the paperwork get done? Find out the answers to these all important questions right here, tomorrow night! 😉 Until then, however, continue to bee good, remember that if you care about what other people think of you, you will always be their prisoner! Don’t forget to drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep warm – but above all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.05

  1. You may well end up doing none of those things, because your favourite eldest offspring is going to be over at yours tomorrow. TV watching, ahoy!


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