Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.18

Only eighteen more Stair Walks…

Depending on what time we actually leave here… but officially, only eighteen left. It’s half past three, and I’ve only just come back from my “lunchtime” Stair Walk! My favourite eldest daughter didn’t come over today as planned, she had a bad cold was not feeling at all well! As much as I love both my daughters, I think this would be a very bad time for Julian and me to catch whatever cold bug it is that she has, so there was a “slight” change in plans. We’d also had a call from the people we’d bought our new lounge-suite from – ours was still stuck on the wharf and would not be able to be delivered on Friday after all. Our dining room table wasn’t ready yet, either! We were not impressed. They did have a grey lounge-suite of the same style and aspect (with the “chaise” on the right hand side, so that it would go along the wall)… So, off we went to look at that first. They didn’t actually have the grey one there – but it is in stock – so they showed us the leather swatch instead. We also asked about getting a matching extra lounge chair, because quite frankly, I don’t think we’ll have enough sitting spaces if everyone’s over for Christmas or a Birthday… They did have plenty of the dark brown (The colour we’d originally ordered) lounge-suites, 2 seater and single-seater chairs in stock, only all the couches had the “chaise” on the left hand side. Well, the guy’s a damn good salesman, I’ll give him that – because going on our floor plans and dimensions, he very nearly talked us into getting one of the left-hand “chaise” couches and a two-seater chair – and if the room had only been a meter longer, it would have been almost perfect! We had to go to Stillwater anyway, to re-measure the dishwasher and clothes dryer cavities, because Julian hadn’t been able to find them over here – so we told the guy that we’d measure up the lounge room and let him know if we’d take the left-handed lounge-suite and two-seater chair or stay with the grey right-handed one. We spent quite a while at Stillwater, measuring up the lounge room, marking out where the table would go, and how far out the lounge-suite would come. There’s a marble-topped sideboard (currently living in our hall here – people who’ve been here will know which one I’m talking about – the one that had the two bronze busts on it) that has to fit comfortably between the lounge-suite and the kitchen bench, without impinging on the dining room table area. The lounge-suite, together with a small side table, measures 4.1m – we’d have 2 meters left for the sideboard. It would all fit, but it would be a very tight fit… There wouldn’t be much room between the “chaise” of the couch and the dining room chairs, and the sideboard would be almost on top of the kitchen bench – something that I didn’t want because I want the sideboard to act as a “demarcation” line between the kitchen and the lounge room. So we rang the guy back and told him we’d take the grey, right-handed “chaise” lounge-suite – which will be delivered on Friday, as ordered – and we’ll wait to see how much room we have to play with before we buy an extra single or two-seater chair. A “loan” table will also be delivered with the lounge-suite on Friday, until ours is ready. Then Julian measured the dishwasher and clothes dryer cavities, and we headed off to Harvey Norman. Both the dishwasher and the clothes dryer we’re getting are by Miele, so we only ordered them at H.N. – Miele themselves do the deliveries and installations – and just as Julian was heading out again this afternoon we got a text message from them saying that they’d be delivered on Friday… and delivery times for Vermont South are between… 7.30am and 10.00am! Aarrgghh! *sob* It looks like another very, very early morning for us on Friday, if we have to be there at 7.30, “just in case”! 😦 However, from Harvey Norman we then headed off to Reece, Burwood branch, to see about getting my two swivelly taps, the kitchen tap, and a new shower-hose head because I don’t like the one that’s there now. Julian’s is one of those big, flat “it’s raining again!” hanging from the ceiling-type shower heads, and although he’s not waxing with enthusiasm about it, he says he’ll see how it goes before changing things… We managed to get pretty much the same type of kitchen tap, only without the hose inside it (they only leak water into the kitchen cupboard, anyway!) and I got a reasonably nice shower-hose head. The “water leaking” part is fairly small, and it does three pulse-type thingies, which I forget what they are now – the main thing about it is that it’s not heavy like this one here, it’s quite light! The one here is fairly solid and heavy, and as soon as it gets wet and I get soapy hands it tends to slip around in my hand so that it’s pointing every way except the way I want it to! I’ll be interesting to see if I have the same problem with this lighter one… Unfortunately, they didn’t have my swivelly taps there – apparently they’re kitchen taps – all the swivelly bathroom basin ones are goose-neck ones, and we can’t use those in my bathroom (besides, they wouldn’t match the rest of the plumbing hardware in the house!) They did have two of them at their Rowville store though, so that’s where Julian was heading out to before. He’s just rung to say that he has them, and was on his way home – however he was going to stop off at the Vet’s to get some more pussy-biscuits (read: kibble) for Flipper, and to discuss with them the best way of boarding her overnight there from Tuesday morning until Wednesday morning, and they can do their usual checkup of her at the same time (she also has some “wool-mats” under her right ear that we might get them to cut out for us) As soon as Julian gets home it’ll be coffee time – and it even looks as though I might be able to go for my evening Stair Walk at around the usual time (we’d been thinking that I’d have to do it after dinner, which I hate doing!) I don’t think I’ll go over to Stillwater tomorrow – I definitely need a break – or should I say “my back” definitely needs a break! (well, it feels broken, anyway!) I’ll go on Thursday and Friday – or maybe just Friday – I haven’t decided yet. Julian still needs to ring the man who was going to “install” the mirror, to tell him that he won’t be needed to hang it – with the plaster coming off the walls between the bedroom and the en-suite, there won’t be any where to “install” it!

Weigh-in this morning. I knew it – always…. always… when I get to this point in a “kilogram zone”, I slow right down to almost zero movement – unless it’s upwards, of course! I zig-zag backwards and forwards – it drives me nutz! This morning I went down the point I went up yesterday – from 78.6kg back to 78.5kg – where I was on Sunday! Stupid! :/

So I’m not sure what I’ll be doing tomorrow – with any luck, I might even get a bit of Rifting in! Who knows? 🙂 Moving day is looming on the horizon, and as well as being excited about it, I’m also starting to get a bit scared… and full of “what if’s?”I have to start looking for some sort of Treadmill, too – I won’t have these handy-dandy stairs for much longer! I don’t have a clue where to start looking, or even what I’m looking for – but once again, I’m sure that “it’ll be alright on the night!” 😉 Julian is arrived home – coffee is on its way! Julian has made Flipper a date with the Vet – she’s being dropped off on Monday night, and picked up again on Wednesday morning. She’s going to be furious with us, but she’s also going to be confused and frightened by her new surroundings – hopefully, with us coddling and making a big fuss of her, it will help to not only calm her down, but also to get over her annoyance with us for sending her to the Vet’s for the night in the first place! And with that, once again it’s time to say “and that’s about it from me for tonight!” 🙂 But do call back again tomorrow night, and get a blow-by-blow description of all the things that happened both here and at Stillwater during the course of the day. Like what my weight decided to do, or not do, and how the work on the en-suite door is progressing at Stillwater, and lots of other bits of gossip and news as well. Until then, though, please continue to bee good, don’t forget that it is not who is right, but what is right, that is of importance, remember to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully – but above all, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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