Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.03

Seventeen days to go…

Here I am, a little later than usual – I seem to have been having a bit of a problem with my eyes – it’s only been noticeable for about a day, but the reflections on my screen from our “strip lighting” under the bookshelves has been driving me insane! We’ve had these lights for well over a year, and while the reflections have always been noticeable, and at times a bit annoying, they’ve never bothered me to this extent before! Anyway, I’ve turned them off for now, and you know what? I can see the ruddy screen again! Maybe I’m shrinking again (I do feel lower in my seat that I used to be… or maybe it’s just that the chair has sunk, and needs to be raised again…) Anyway, we didn’t go out to look at mirrors and/or shower stools today – once again, the weather was just too vile! Instead, we stayed home and went through the wardrobe… 😦 there’s not much left on my side of it now! Once upon a time, my stuff used to well and truly spill over into Julian’s side of the wardrobe (and which he grizzled copiously about, too!) but now, he has nearly three times as many clothes as I do! Of course, a lot of my clothes are languishing in the Dry Cleaning basket… There are also a lot of things from our chests of drawers that we cleaned out on Saturday that are now sitting in the Dry Cleaning basket, waiting to be cleaned and pressed before going off to either St. Vincent’s, or into a suitcase to come with us to Stillwater. So as you can probably imagine, the Dry Cleaning basket is quite full – overflowing, in fact – with more than half of the items to be cleaned (like Julian’s ties!) sitting perched precariously on top of it! They were supposed to have gone off today, but “someone” forgot them… I’ll make sure they go tomorrow… And I did learn one very hard lesson from culling my side of the wardrobe again today, and that is that I must not save clothes up as “best” – all too many of the tops that went off to St. Vincent’s today had never even been worn – they still had their labels and price tickets on them! Oh, what a crying waste! Still, I suppose that they’re going to make some very lucky women think that all their Christmases have come at once!

I did go looking for picture and mirror framing places – and there were heaps of them too, so I was quite pleased that there were so many to choose from! They all had different names, and (supposedly) different sites… but when I went to actually look at the sites, they all linked back to the same ruddy place! That stupid place I was grizzling about last night – the one that only showed you one corner of a bare frame, as if they expected you to know what it was going to look like, full size, and with a large mirror in the middle of it! I followed four of the apparently different sites, and they all led back to that useless place, so I gave up in disgust, and continued going through my trusty notebook, collating all the nice-sounding names for Rift characters… I have about half the notebook left to go… 🙂 We were also going to sift through our “desk drawers” in here – these chests of drawers that sit under our desks won’t be coming with us, so everything in them will have to be sorted, culled, and packed… If I hadn’t been looking forward to dealing with the Medicine Cupboard, I’m most definitely not looking forward to dealing with these drawers! They are so full of junk, you wouldn’t believe! Paper clips… broken pens, or dried up biros… used stamps on torn off corners of envelopes… a couple of packs of playing cards, minus a few, just so as to make them totally useless (but I can’t throw them out, because hey! I might find the missing cards, somewhere in all this mess, mightn’t I!?) Lots and lots of totally useless junk, that I can always find an excuse for keeping… pack-rat that I am! :/ 😉

Tomorrow my favourite eldest daughter is coming over, so I suppose we’ll be watching episodes of whatever’s left to watch – I think we’ve caught up with “The 100”, and there won’t be any new episodes of “Orphan Black”, “Agents of Shield” or “Person of Interest” until their next season(s) come out, and of course Julian and I are hanging out for the next “Game of Thrones” season to be released on disc, and also “Elementary”… I think Lee said she was going to bring “Arrow” (based/about “The Green Arrow” comic books) I can’t say that I know anything about it, or the character of Green Arrow – it’s not a comic that I ever followed, really (not that I ever really “followed” any comic series – though I do confess to reading a few Superman and Batman comics, occasionally…) still, it’ll be interesting to see what I’ve been “missing out on” 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Well, I did think it was too good to be true, and sure enough, it was. The new pills seem to be causing fluid retention, after all – I went down 3 points yesterday, from 80.5kg to 80.2kg… and went up three points today, from 80.2kg to 80.5kg – exactly what I was the day before yesterday (and the day before that, too!) It makes me wonder why the hell my body bothered to do that! Stay the same for two days, go down three points, and then the very next day, go back up those three points that I’d just lost! Ridiculous! And very disappointing! But! I started taking two anti-fluid tablets today, instead of just the one! Let’s see how my weight likes them little green apples! (well, they’re not green, they’re a sort-of yellow, and they’re not apples, they’re pills – but – they are little! 😉 ) I’ll let you know what transpires tomorrow!

I need coffee…

Because my favourite eldest daughter is coming over tomorrow, I doubt very much that we’ll be able to do anything about the drawers in here – ditto Wednesday, as I have a hairdressing appointment – and I’m pretty sure that the cleaning lady is coming on Friday – so it’ll have to be Thursday. That should work out alright, because I think that Julian is going to book in the professional packers for next Wednesday (that is, Wednesday next week) No, he’s just brought me a cup of coffee and tells me that he was thinking of getting in the “pp’s” this Thursday – working on the premise that they can be packing “other things” while we go through the drawers in here. They may not be able to get it all done, but they should be able to “break the back of it”, and get as much done as possible, then come back the Monday before we move and get the rest done (hopefully!) I’m now starting to get worried that we’re not going to be ready on time – there’s still the headache of the ruddy mirror, the shower stool (I wonder if they sell them in Howard’s Storage World? They have lots of bathroom stuff… I just went and had a look – well, they do, and they don’t (have them) They do have a version, but they look much more flimsy, and don’t look as good… and they’re more expensive that the other one we were looking at… so…) Look, I can’t help all this worry! I’m neurotic – surely you know this by now! :/ Anyway, once again, that’s about all from me for tonight – but do drop in again tomorrow night, if only to find out whether taking two anti-fluid pills instead of just the one has made any difference! As a bonus, you’ll also be regaled with tales of what Lee and I watched, and what I thought of “Arrow” (if she remembers to bring it, that is! 😉 ) Hopefully the new clothes dryer will have been ordered (we talked about it at length the other night, and we really only have a couple of choices. We know what they both look like, so we don’t feel the need to actually go out and look at one!) and maybe even the shower stool… but… you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow night to find out, won’t you! 🙂 So until tomorrow night, please try to bee good, remember that one of the blessings of a good friend is that you can afford to be stupid with them; don’t forget to keep warm, to look after yourself, and to drive carefully – but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂