Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.21

Only nine more Stair Walks…

*Here’s an interesting, and I’d venture to say, not terribly well-known semantic fact that arrived in my email this morning from – the difference between “presume”, and “assume”

I discovered something this morning! Everything looks the same – dark – at six o’clock in the morning, and your eyes are still shut! Well, that’s what I saw when the alarm went off this morning and Julian told me it was time to get up… Dark. So, as I said yesterday, it was a very early morning for us today – and as I had suspected, I didn’t have time for my “before breakfast” Stair Walk – in fact, we didn’t even have time for breakfast! We took breakfast with us and had it when we got to Stillwater. Nor was I able to do my lunch time Stair Walk – and not wanting my evening Stair Walk to feel left out, I decided to give it a holiday too! I do feel very guilty about it, really, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. We arrived at Stillwater just before seven thirty – Paul, Clarke’s offsider, was already there waiting for us, but of my little fishies, there was no sign – I think the clever creatures were still asleep in their little “caves”! 🙂 The first thing I did when I got inside was take off my shoes – the second thing I did was turn on the heater… and the third thing I did was go off and brush my teeth! That’s right, I hadn’t even had time to brush my teeth this morning – I had to take my toothbrush and toothpaste with me, or live with furry teeth for the day! Then we had breakfast, and we were in the middle of eating that when the Miele people arrived with the new dishwasher and the new clothes dryer. They were very grateful that we’d tried our best to set things up so that everything would install properly first try, and mostly we had… there was a small drama with the dishwasher though – one of the connectors? valves? something-or-other was too long and tangled up with the pipes – Clarke was dispatched to the nearest plumbing supply place to get a right-angled one, and then everything fitted and worked perfectly. Julian didn’t have all that much work to do over there today, and of course, all I could do was sit around and look decorative, but we’d both brought our Kindles so we sat there reading, most of the time. I sat on one of the two “emergency” folding chairs that Julian had bought the other day, and while they’re very good “emergency” chairs, they’re not exactly comfortable to sit on for hours at a time – so I ended up sitting on one of the chairs from the outside table, which was much more betterer, but still not ideal. The hall table, dining room table and chairs, and the lounge-suite arrived just after one thirty. Naturally they brought in the hall table first (naturally, because I was hanging out to sit on something comfortable, like a lounge-suite!) The hall table has two drawers in it, and much to my surprise, when I opened the drawers I found that they were lined with some sort of short, fuzzy, “velvety” material – not unlike the way Julian’s head feels just after he’s had a haircut! 😉 I think it’s supposed to stop things from sliding around if you slam close the drawer very firmly. The dining room table and chairs are “on loan” for the duration until the ones we’d ordered are finally ready. As a “loan” setting, they’ll do, and the chairs are quite comfortable! Finally, “la pièce de résistance”, the lounge-suite, was carried in! Well, the dining room table and chairs are dark brown (and so are the one’s we’d ordered) and the lounge-suite is grey, but it really works out well, because the kitchen cupboards are… dark brown, and the drawers are… grey! 🙂 I think I was sitting on the new lounge-suite before the delivery men had left the building! It came with two loose leather cushions, too – and the whole thing is really very, very comfortable! All of the bed room furniture wasn’t going to be delivered until later in the afternoon, so after lunch, Julian drove me home, and so, here I am! Home a bit earlier than I’d anticipated! 🙂 I processed my Minions, which I wasn’t able to do this morning – hopefully they’ll be ready again for me this evening. Then Julian rang me to tell me that the bedroom furniture had arrived and that he’d sent me some pictures of it all – and I think that just to nark me because I hadn’t waited around for the delivery, the chests of drawers were put on the wrong wall! Oh well, they can be moved easily enough… When I left, Paul was still fussing around with the Walk In Wardrobe door architrave, and Clarke had gone off to pick up the sliding en-suite door – it had to be made-to-measure because it was so much wider than your normal, run-of-the-mill “standard” sliding door – anyway, next time I’m over there, hopefully both doors should be in place 🙂 Julian fired up the cable modem this morning and has managed to get things set up in all the “important” rooms, so we’ll be able to play Rift as soon as our computers get there! (er… as well as surf the net and stuff like that…) Would you believe that I just received another one of those damn Windows messages, telling me that I had to re-boot now – or did I want to do it later? I said “Later”, but this time (as soon as this blog’s online) I’ll re-boot my machine so that I don’t get caught like I did last time! Tomorrow we’ll be off shopping for a new doona set – I mean, we can’t have a brand new house, and a brand new bed, and brand new bedroom furniture, without having a nice brand new doona cover on the bed, can we! 😉 and we’ll also do our final load of washing here… I’m not too sure what we’re doing on Sunday – we may start ferrying things over to Stillwater – things we don’t want the packers and removalists handling, like computers, precious breakables, etc. Possibly clothes… On the other hand, Julian may prefer to have our last Rifting day over here! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. *sigh* Same old, same old… When I get down to this lower end of the kilogram zone, I seem to linger there… it’s almost as though my body doesn’t want to let go of my fat! And yet, up in the higher reaches of the same kilogram zone, my weight goes down faster than the first cold tinny at a butcher’s picnic! Go figure – it doesn’t make any sense to me! Anyway, I went down one measly little point today – from 78.4kg to 78.3kg – and who knows what I’ll weigh tomorrow (or the next day) because I didn’t do my Stair Walks today! 😦

I got my Warfarin blood test results back last night. My wretched INR has gone down again (maybe it’s getting confused with my weight?! Listen, body, get it right! We want my INR up, and my weight down – got it?!) It was sitting happily at 2.4 – it’s back down to 2.0 now, so they’ve upped my rat poison Warfarin dosage (again!) and it’s much more complicated this time – I’ve had to write it into my diary so that I don’t forget, or get the dosages muddled… Anyway, I have no idea where Julian has got to – he should have been home by now – or at least rung me – maybe Clarke came back with the door after all, so he’s stayed back to see it installed.  And once again I guess it’s time for me to say that that’s about it from me tonight – I don’t think I’ve forgotten to tell you anything – the fishies were out in their pond this afternoon – I guess they must have still been asleep this morning (I don’t blame them! At that hour, I wished that I was still asleep!) but don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow to find out all the latest progress and news from chez nous – will my weight have suffered from a lack of Stair Walks today? Will the two doors be hung? Have the two chests of drawers been moved to the correct wall? All these questions, and more, will be answered here for you tomorrow, so don’t miss out! 🙂 But until then, please bee good, remember that what you do today can improve all your tomorrows, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully – but most of all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao all! 🙂