Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.17

Only twenty-one more Stair Walks…

…After this evening’s Stair Walk, that is! 🙂 Just think! Only seven days to go! A week! 🙂 (Winter jiggles up and down in her chair in excited anticipation) This time next week the packers will have been in to pack up everything that we won’t be using between Monday night and Tuesday morning… but I’m getting a week ahead of myself, aren’t I! I’ve had the house to myself today – Julian’s been over at Stillwater waiting for the pallets to arrive (they’re to put in the shed to keep cardboard boxes off the floor in case water gets in – I told you all about that already!) There’s a hard rubbish collection on in Vermont South at the moment, and I was a bit worried that they might have been delivered early, and then picked up by the Hard Rubbish collectors before Julian got there, even though he’d told the delivery people that if there was no-one home, they were to leave them in the drive, in front of the garage. But, well, I mean we all know how much notice delivery people take of the instructions they’re given, don’t we! (Uhhh… to any delivery-type peoples who happen to be reading this – sorry, I do know that it’s only the bad-uns amongst you that tarnish the rest of you – and I’m quite sure that you put things where you’re told to! 🙂 ) Anyway, the pallets hadn’t been taken by the Hard Rubbish peoples, they were just… quite a bit later than they said they were going to be (try several hours!) But the cleaners were coming too – and they were on time. It took them the full five hours to clean the place – I tell you what, this place will be cleaned twice after we move out – once to satisfy the charming Carmen and the stupendous Sharron that the place is fit to be turned into a doll’s house, and then once again, after they’ve moved all their doll’s house furniture out, and we’ve collected our books… Yesterday even Clarke commented on the cleanliness of the place – he said that you might expect that from renters, who were probably resentful, getting kicked out of “their” house that they’d lived in for years because the nasty landlord was selling it – but that house owners usually had a bit more pride… *shrug* still, not our business – the place is ours now, and it’s clean! Julian thinks he knows how the island bench came to have such big chips knocked out of the caesarstone! Caesarstone is hard and durable – it has to be, to be used in kitchen and bathroom benches and so forth – but I don’t think it’s really designed to have a cast-iron trivet from the stove top dropped on it, which is what he thinks might have happened when they were being carried across to the sink for cleaning. Anyway, Clarke says that the chips, although quite deep, can be fixed – apparently the caesarstone people make up a mixture of the substance, blend it until they get it about right, blob it on like spakafilla, and then when it’s “set”, polish it back to blend in with the rest of the bench (Note: Readers! Please do not use spakafilla to mend chips in caesarstone! Get your caesarstone professionals to do it, as we will – I only meant that from what I was told, that’s roughly the type of method that’s used – OK?!) So the pallets are in the shed, the house is (finally!) clean, and Julian’s just arrived home and brought me a cup of coffee 🙂 So once again, it’s all “Go! go! go!” – tomorrow we’re tap and shower head hunting. My favourite eldest daughter will be over, and we’ll likely be watching… something… and that will be our last day of semi-relaxation for at least a week! Wednesday’s going to be the busy day this week – Clarke starts his work, Julian has just organised for the Flat Pack Assembler to start assembling the flat pack furniture on Wednesday, and he’s just this minute got off the phone from speaking to the Electrician, who will also be starting work on Wednesday! I’m not sure whether or not I should be there – I suppose I can sit in a corner and look decorative or something, or make the guys cups of yukky coffee… or I can stay right out of the way and sit around here making new headers and playing Rift – something that I really haven’t been able to do for ages now (I hate starting to play and then have to drop everything because we’re going out, or I’m needed for something! I’d rather not play at all than be constantly stopping and starting (which is why I haven’t been playing much lately!)) The trouble is, I do want to be over at Stillwater – I want to see what’s happening, and be part of it all – but at the same time I know that most of the time I’ll just be sitting there, twiddling my thumbs… I’ll see how I feel on the day, I think!  Thursday I might stay home – it’ll only be Julian, Clarke, and probably the Electrician. We need to have another, probably double, power point put in the laundry – underneath – the bench, for the clothes dryer to plug in to – there’s a power point above the bench, but I don’t think Julian wants to drill a hole through the bench for the power cord to go through (I don’t want a hole drilled in the bench for the power cord to go through either!) and I need a double power point in my bathroom, close to, or next to the bath. There’s a double power point on the right hand wall next to the vanity unit, but the vanity unit is terribly small, and with two basins there’s not very much acreage left on which to put things like toothbrush chargers, or my nice Dyson hot/cold fan… but they’ll sit very happily on the “capped” bath, if we have another double power point put in! 🙂 The switch for the automatic light in the Walk In Wardrobe has to be installed, and quite a lot of cables have to be thrown for computers and all Julian’s electrical stuff… On Friday the rest of the non-flat-pack furniture is arriving, and I do want to be there for that, because it’ll be (mostly!) me telling them where to put it… er… telling them where it’s supposed to go… I suppose with the main furniture in, Saturday and Sunday will be spent unpacking stuff and putting what we can away… And that’s the rest of our week! Wanna swap with us? 😉

Weigh-in this morning. I was not pleased, and I was certainly not amused! Most of yesterday was also spent on my feet, standing and walking around, and once again, it played havoc with my back – however I’m beginning to suspect a sinister conspiracy at work! You know the old adage that people throw at you about losing weight – “energy in, energy out!”, meaning that the more you eat, the more you have to exercise to counteract what you’ve eaten – or words to that effect. Well, over the last few days I’ve been a hell of a lot more active than I have been for at least fifteen to twenty years – I’m certainly spending a lot of time standing and walking around (not slowly, either!) and although standing and walking around isn’t “exercise”, it is using energy because of the [heavily censored!] pain I’m constantly in when I’m standing and walking – but even not counting the standing and walking around, my “energy in” factor is a lot less than my “energy out”! …So why did I go up a point this morning, hmmm! I went from 78.5kg to 78.6kg! Quite frankly, I think that “energy in, energy out” business is a load of ruddy hogwash!

(grumble grumble) I’m going to have to swallow some more Panadol before I do my evening Stair Walk – I don’t like taking it on top of all the other stuff I have to take, but my back’s really been taking a pounding, and I have more to do tomorrow… *sigh* Never mind – this time in a fortnight it’ll all be over. We’ll be moved, and settled in… and the two of us might get time to stop and have a breather for five seconds. Julian won’t though – I know him too well! He’ll fret and fiddle and fume for the next six months before he’s satisfied that everything’s been done properly, and to his standards! 🙂 And so here we are once more – this is the time of the evening when I say to you all “and that’s about it from me for tonight!” – because it is, 🙂 and you’ll have to come back again tomorrow night to find out what my favourite eldest daughter and I watched, or if you want to find out what my stupid weight did (or didn’t!) and to find out if we found the right taps and shower hose head for Stillwater – let’s just hope that Reece’s Plumbing Supplies are more comprehensible in-store than they aren’t on-line! I went looking for taps and shower hose heads the other day, and yes, they have little teeny pictures of things that might, or might not be what you’re looking for, and yes, you can “click to enlarge” them – but all you get is a slightly bigger image of a teeny little… whatever it is! But until then, please try to bee good, remember to always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully – but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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