Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.19

Only fifteen more Stair Walks…

I suppose I really shouldn’t let the occasion pass unannounced, because this is an important milestone for me, and I have accomplished a lot (I think, anyway!) 🙂

This time last year, on August 19th, I began my journey into “Slimdom”. On that day, I weighed in at 134.7kg, and my then goal weight was around about 90kg. I’d fussed and fretted for months over different methods of reaching that weight – which to be totally honest, I probably used more as a means of “procrastination”, rather than “consideration”. I considered several types of bariatric surgery, from the most extreme (the irreversible physical removal of most of my stomach!) as well as the less invasive and traumatising lap-band methods. I halfheartedly thought of getting a “personal trainer”, in order to force myself into exercising (that didn’t work terribly well and only lasted about month – my arthritis is too bad, and I’m too slothful to exercise unless someone’s standing over me with a whip – and even that doesn’t always work! 😉 ) I’d considered meal replacement methods in the past (many years ago before one could Google such things) but always discarded them, thinking that as soon as you started eating normally again, the weight would simply go back on. No-one – or should I say no weight-loss specialists (and I had been to a few!) ever bothered to explain to me about ketosis – why didn’t I ask questions? Because I didn’t know that there were questions to ask! I’d never even heard the term “ketosis” before, let alone how it worked! Still, water under the bridge! In the end, after Julian (not my GP, who should have!) told me about ketosis and how it worked, I decided to go on the Optifast VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) – with modifications. It’s not advisable to stay on the full VLCD (where you replace all your meals with Optifast products) for long periods – it’s largely designed to “kick-start” your weight loss program, and you should have regular medical check-ups while you’re on it (which I do!) Julian had researched ketosis very thoroughly, now it was my turn to research Optifast and their VLCD. They have a really excellent website which explains everything you could ever want to know about Optifast, ketosis, VLCDs, and medical issues; they sell their product online (you can also buy it in specialist Chemist shops, and no, I am not getting paid to give Optifast some good press!) They have fruit and vegetable lists, meal planners, recipes, diet planners – heaps of stuff. From those lists, I worked out my weekly meal plan – I took their recommended daily calorie “allowance”, and chopped a fair bit off it (well, it was imperative that I lose weight as quickly as possible!) I grabbed one of their breakfast suggestions, and replaced my lunch and dinner choices with Optifast alternatives. To round out the daily calorie intake I’d allowed myself, I also added a diabetic jelly to my dinner, as a “dessert”, and to provide some extra fibre, three prunes. It’s a good diet – well, it works for me, and it’s also working for my favourite eldest daughter, although she’s chosen quite different options from mine. And here’s another thing: no-one ever tells you that even if you do get hungry at first, your stomach shrinks quite rapidly so you no longer do feel the need to reach for something to eat. I was a bit different though – I didn’t eat because I was hungry, or because I craved something, I ate because it was there, in front of me – and because I didn’t care whether I was fat or not. It looked nice, I knew it tasted nice, so I ate it. Simple as that. I’ve learned a lot over these past twelve months – I’ve learned to care, for starters! I’ve learned that if it’s not there, you can’t reach for it and eat it. I’ve learned that it’s no hardship being on the Optifast VLCD, in fact, if anything, it’s just too easy! I’ve learned that I can do more and move around more easily, despite my arthritis, and I don’t mind exercising too much – though I still feel a little resentful about having to drag myself away from whatever I’m doing, to go and do my thrice daily Stair Walk – but I’m a lot more philosophical about it than I used to be, because I can actually see how much more I can do now, and I don’t want to go back to the way I was! Ever!

In these past twelve months I’ve gone from 134.7kg to 78.4kg – in other words, I’ve lost 56.3kg! I had almost decided to take my goal weight down to 60kg, because looking in the mirror, I figured that it’s going to take more than another 8kg to get me looking slim (especially around my thighs and calves!) but my favourite youngest daughter reminded me that when I have the excess skin removed (which I must – it’s too uncomfortable!) I’ll be a lot lighter and thinner (but I knew that anyway! 😉 ) so I’ll compromise, and go down to 65kg. Then I’m going to have to go on a maintenance diet until my body gets used to eating more and I finally plateau out at a stable weight, hopefully somewhere between about 62 and 66 kilos…

Weigh-in this morning. I lost one point – going from 78.5kg down to 78.4kg. I don’t think the earth would shake and cause a tsunami if I dropped it on the ground, do you?! 😉 *sigh* Oh well, maybe I’ll do better tomorrow… :/

This morning Julian had to be over at Stillwater very early because everyone was starting early, and our outdoor table was being delivered. Everyone turned up except for the electrician – Julian rang me a little while ago to say that he still hadn’t turned up! *grrr!* The flat-pack assembler has finished all of Julian’s office furniture – I can’t wait to see what it looks like! 🙂 He’s now starting on our table-desks in the Den… Clarke has only had to take the plaster down from one side of the wall for the en-suite door, and apparently that’s all going well. The mirror place rang Julian just before he rang them – Julian was going to ask them “please don’t deliver it until next week!”, but they got in first saying that it’s been delayed, and they won’t be able to deliver it until next week! 🙂 (“curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice) Oh, and I’m actually going to be having my bathroom “done” a little earlier than planned! Clarke has had a cancellation and asked us if we’d like it done then, so work will be stating on that in six weeks, so it’ll be done before Christmas! 🙂 I’m still not sure if I’ll go over tomorrow – I’ll talk to Julian about that tonight… I sort-of feel that there’s little point in going if I’m just going to be sitting around twiddling my thumbs all day – and I actually did manage to get some Rifting in over here today – I wouldn’t object to a reprise of that… Oh, I almost forgot! The phone (one of those old-fashioned land-lines 😉 ) at Stillwater is now functional and operational! We have a dial tone, and Julian actually rang me on it the time before last 🙂 However, for those of you who have received our new number, don’t bother ringing it until we’ve moved in, unless you want to talk to Julian or Clarke! 🙂 So anyway, that’s about it from me again – a great big milestone in my Weight’s Steaks… er Stakes, I’m pretty chuffed, actually, and it looks like great strides are being made over at Stillwater (apart from electrically, says Winter darkly!) I tell you, that ruddy electrician had better have a good excuse, or a note signed by his mother (preferably both!) But do call back again tomorrow night – find out if my weight is celebrating the Important Milestone in grand style, with caviar and champagne (i.e. it’s gone up!), or if it’s busily carving off more chunks of fat and getting on with the job (i.e. it’s gone down!) I just hope it doesn’t decide to rest on its laurels! (stayed the same!) I’ll also be able to fill you all in on the Progress at Stillwater, and how much is still left to be done – so stay tuned! 🙂 In the meantime, please endeavour to bee good, don’t forget that wisdom has never made a bigot, but learning has. Always remember to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully – but most importantly, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂