Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.23

Well, I’m starting nice and early, for a change! 🙂 It’s just going on 3.30pm, and I’ve watched one episode of “The 100” with my favourite eldest daughter, and spent a lot of time trying to get this header right. Yes, it’s (yet another!) new template, and the reason that this header was so unbelievably [censored] hard to get almost right (because it’s still not up to my standards, but I was running out of time (and patience!)) was the fact that, as usual, the dimensions given for the header were justplainwrong…!! The only way to get everything working properly, and in proportion, is to do it line by line, uploading new versions all the time. This time I only bothered to upload 22 different versions – raising a line here, adjusting a pixel there… The text is still far too big (but then, I’ve only made it three sizes smaller than the original, so I guess it’ll need to come down a few more notches… tomorrow! :/) I’m not sure what the blog text itself is going to look like – I’ll have to have a look at that when I’ve finished writing – but at least that’s easy to fix! The header though will just have to wait until tomorrow – hopefully I’ll fluke it on the first or second attempt, otherwise I might just abandon it and go looking for something slightly more amenable…

Tomorrow our cleaning lady will be here, and I have my next Warfarin blood test. I must remember to get a new candle tomorrow morning, too, as the one I’m using at the moment is down to its last centimeter of wax… soy… whatever it’s made of. The candles I like best are the “Aurora” ones, which I get over at Shoppingtown – they seem to smell the nicest, and last the longest. Some scented candles smell nice when you sniff the unlit candle, but don’t seem to put out much scent once they’re lit – these ones smell beautiful, lit or unlit! I always used to get their “Wild Pomegranate” scented one, but I couldn’t get that last time, so I got their “Gardenia” one instead – and now I think I like the Gardenia one better than the Wild Pomegranate, so I’ll get another of those. Hmm! I just went and had a look at the link I gave you (above) and I think their website is a little bit broken.. because I know that they definitely have more than eight different scents in their small candle range. Anyway, they have lots of nice smelling stuff, so it’s worth going and having a sniff… or a browse! 🙂

I did manage to find quite a few more Office furniture places last night, which I passed on to Julian – it seems rather odd – quite a few of them seemed to be for online shopping only, because they don’t say whether they have a showroom or not – but who would go and spend a lot of money on new office furniture without going and looking at it first! You can’t really tell much from a somewhat unimaginative and one-dimensional photo! Well, we wouldn’t, anyway – if we can’t physically see the product, no matter how wonderfully “Australian made” it is, we won’t buy it – end of story. Anyway, he has yet to follow up on those places, so hopefully his new Office furniture is not too far away now! 🙂 I’ve also been thinking that it’s probably time for us to start going through our wardrobes and underwear drawers – I absolutely do not want to cart armloads of stuff that doesn’t fit, and/or will never be worn again, over to our new house. We need to sort everything into “keep”, “throw”, and “clean and donate” piles – and then throw out the stuff in the “throw pile” (even if I do end up weeping tears of blood doing it!) and ditto with the stuff in the “clean and donate” pile – goodness knows, I must have donated several years worth of really good size “XL” clothing to St. Vincent’s during the past year that I’ve been losing weight – the dry cleaning of which cost a large fortune, too! Now I find I’m having to get rid of all my size “L” and size “M” things as well! I know himself will disagree with me, but the sooner we get onto it the better – we only have a month left before the move is upon us, and that time will fly past quicker than I’ll down my first mouthful of chocolate cake when I reach my goal weight! Note to the curious: Yes, one of the first things I intend to have when I reach my goal weight is a mouthful of chocolate cake. However! I doubt very much if I could stomach a whole slice of chocolate cake – even a small one (disturbingly, just the thought of eating a whole, small slice of cake, chocolate or otherwise, makes my stomach churn! :/ ) Another of the first things that’ll go in my mouth is a potato chip… I just want to taste one again… *drool* End of Note to the curiousSo, while we can relax a bit, now that the sale of this place has been put off until after we’ve moved out, we can’t afford to slack off! There’s still a lot to do! Remember! tempus fugit! I think we need to contact the sparkling Sharron, and ask her whether or not she wants us to leave the books behind (to populate the bookcases here – bare bookshelves don’t make a good impression on prospective buyers – or so we’ve been told, anyway!) and we won’t have any bookcases in the new place for a while, anyway. So if she doesn’t want them, we should start packing them. You know, it’s not going to be all fun and Rifting until the day before settlement – there’s heaps to do, but for now, anyway, there’s no pressure or urgency – we can afford to do things fairly slowly and do fun things as well. I just don’t want to wake up on the morning of August 20th and think “Oh no! We still haven’t sorted the clothes, or packed the books!”, or whatever… and even so, there’s still no mad hurry – but I want to be spending my time in my new home, not coming back here to do things I could have, and should have, done earlier 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Just as well the pressure is off for the nonce! I stayed the same, at 82.0kg, which is hardly surprising, seeing as I went down such a lot over just two days… and besides… I’ve hit the sweet spot – between “XX”.3kg and “XX”.0kg, where my body teases me and hovers up and down around those two weights for days at a time – just to see me get depressed! We’ll see what happens tomorrow – I’ll probably go up to 82.6kg or more!

I’m glad our cleaning lady is coming tomorrow – Flipper is a very old cat, and her arthritis prevents her from grooming herself as well as she should, but even so, it’s amazing just how quickly those “rafts” of shed cat fur accumulate in corners, under tables and desks, under beds, and even in my bathroom, where she never goes (unless carried in by “Daddy” to say good morning to “Mummy”) And that’s yet another reason to be thankful that the apartment won’t be going on sale until after we’ve moved out – once cleaned properly, the place will stay “cat fur free” for the duration! 🙂 I’m hoping my Warfarin dose will have stabilised again by now – by about this time tomorrow, I guess I’ll know! Not that it makes much difference – a tablet is a tablet is a tablet, and if it stops me getting more blood clots in the lungs or elsewhere, I’ll eat them by the handful! Anyway, that’s about it from me for tonight – do drop by again tomorrow to find out all the latest news and gossip from chez nous – will my weight have gone up, or stayed the same again, for the third day in a row? And will my dose of rat poison be the same? Will there be a different template and header for you to feast your eyes on, or will it be the same as tonight, only with the header text a bit smaller? Who knows? 🙂 even I don’t know yet! But you will, tomorrow night! 🙂 So until then, bee good, don’t forget that it’s faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes your life worth living, and remember to drive carefully, to keep warm, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly – remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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