Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.22

I can’t believe it… we move in a month and three days! It’s less than a month until the new furniture arrives, and this time next month, we’ll have had the keys to the house for two days! It’s getting closer… 🙂 We went to see the ever-confident Carmen this afternoon, to work out a new schedule for the sale of this place. I find myself a trifle indifferent to it all – by that time we’ll have moved out, lock, stock and barrel, and it’ll be up to the competent Carmen and the skillfully shrewd Sharron to transform this place into the stylish, well-appointed doll’s house that in their experience, they know “sells” places like this. I’ll be very interested to see what they do to a completely empty apartment, because I didn’t think much of the way they styled it before – though maybe I’m just prejudiced because I absolutely hated that horrible, horrible lounge suite so much! I can’t possibly convey to you just how relieved I was when it finally went! So now we have a new set of dates for when the photos will be taken, and when the Open For Inspection days will be, etc.,, which Julian has custody of at the moment, but which I can find out for you easily enough if you’re interested. My favourite eldest daughter didn’t come over today as planned – she’s coming tomorrow, instead (because we had the appointment with the cosmopolitan Carmen) I’m looking forward to next week though, because hopefully by then things will have quietened down enough for me to actually get a complete day without any kind of interruptions! You know what I did this morning? I dithered, again! It wasn’t worth starting anything in Rift, and I was too distracted to work on any graphics – so I sat and played solitaire, and did some online jigsaw puzzles, and basically “twiddled my thumbs”! A gross waste of boring and totally unproductive time, which I loath! I need to be busy, to have some goal, some sort of purpose – and at the moment I don’t seem to have one… I’m just sort of drifting from one temporary time filler to the next (HA! And I used to think that sitting and playing Rift was unproductive and a waste of time! Now I don’t seem to have the time to even do that properly) Once we manage to find some suitable furniture for Julian’s office, we’ll just be ticking the days off until settlement, and I can get back to my main unproductive time-waster, Rift, and my secondary unproductive time-waster, graphics, which will at least give me the illusion of “keeping busy”. Speaking of Office furniture, does anyone of you out there have any ideas as to where find decent office furniture? (this is not an rhetorical question!) We do want something a bit better than the stuff you can get at Officeworks – and there’s an office furniture place near the corner of Whitehorse and Springvale roads – we went there yesterday, but they have next to nothing suitable. Silly us, we thought we were being smart, furniture shopping around the end of June, middle of July, when we could take advantage of the “end of financial year” sales – but we failed to consider the fact that if you want to take advantage of these sorts of sales, you have to hop in early, before anything decent has been snaffled up! So I really don’t know where to go next. We don’t really want much – but we do want something stylish, elegant, contemporary, and “executive” looking. I wish they’d invent a sort of a plug that you could insert into your brain, and just project an image of what you wanted to find into a search engine – or a piece of music that you can’t remember the name of! Plug in and “think” a short bit of melody for the search engine to analyse, then it’d be able to find the music, the name of the music, and who wrote it – all in less than a split second! Wouldn’t that be fantastic?! Ditto with art… I used to have an image of a snowy, tree-lined lane, with a black cat walking away from you, down the middle of this lane, its tail making a question mark shape as it strolled away from you… I know I still have this image… somewhere on our file server, but I can’t find the blessed thing, or even search for it online again… because I don’t know what it’s ruddy-well called, or who the ruddy artist was! Of course, if I wanted to spend the rest of my life looking for it, I could search Google images for “cats”, or “black cats”, or “cat + lane”, or any such combinations, and if I lived to be three hundred and fifty or something, I might stand a chance of accidentally stumbling across the right image… I tried doing that once for about half an hour, but gave up in disgust when I started getting images of horses, birds, people, flowers, and “things”… just about anything and everything – without a cat to be seen anywhere! Oh, for the age of Cyber Punk! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Quite astonishing – I wish it had been yesterday! 🙂 I went down four points, from 82.4kg to 82.0kg – of course I’ll bounce back up again from that – that’s a massive drop in two days! But as I said… at the moment, I don’t care all that much – I have three whole months to get down to 70kg – that’s three whole months to lose ten kilos… hopefully I’ll be able to do that. By the way, I was… erm… wrong last night – I can’t, and don’t, lose ten kilos a month. I lose one kilo approximately every seven to fourteen days, give or take a few hours here and there… which is really a lot more reasonable, n’est ce pas? 🙂

So tomorrow my favourite eldest daughter will be coming over. Late. Because Julian has a Physio appointment at 11.30am, then he has to pick Lee up and get her back here, and then I think she has an appointment later in the afternoon, so I don’t know how much time we’ll have for our usual episode watching afternoon. Hopefully we’ll get a couple in, but whatever we do, it’ll be nice to see her and catch up with all her news 🙂 I’m not sure what I’ll do during the morning – probably do a bit more dithering. I bought a new font this morning, so I may try fiddling around with a new header, but no promises! 🙂 I’d like to see if I can create a new header, but my pantry of ideas is empty – I seem to have run out of ideas and inspiration… I might try making some Super Blade Pro presets – I seem to remember that you can make quite nice patterns and achieve some cool effects with them… I’ll see what I can come up with, anyway 🙂 And actually, that’s about all from me for tonight – it was a very quiet day, and as you can see above, I really didn’t do a lot… Do call back again tomorrow night – there’ll be heaps to tell you – and maybe show you, if I haven’t lost my touch with Super Blade Pro (I haven’t used it for a long time, but I think I still remember what to do! 😉 ) And I’ll also fill you in on whether my weight bounced back up again or not, and what Lee and I watched during the afternoon, if anything (we’ll probably be able to watch a couple of episodes of “The 100” – I hope so, anyway!) But until then, please continue to bee good, remember that enthusiasm is the electricity of life… (so go and turn on some lights! 🙂 ) Don’t forget to look after yourselves, to drive carefully, and to keep warm… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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