Winter’s log, earthdate 201506.30

Well, I’m starting late again – perhaps I should change that to “as usual” though, because it seems like I always start late these days! Anyway, it’s not my fault! The luscious Carmen was running late, and instead of us going to see her in her office, she came here. And talked. A lot. And eventually we got around to discussing the plans and strategies for selling this place. I must tell you, it’s a lot daunting! For those of you who have visited our place and sort-of know the lay of the land, after July 13th, you won’t recognise the place! Nearly everything is going – either into storage for later retrieval when we move, or to be sold (mostly to be sold, I think!) The delectable Carmen and her henchwoman Sharron are determined to turn our home into a display home! We have until July 12th to box up everything and ship it all into storage, while Sharron moves in a “more suitable” lounge suite, cushions, dining room chairs – even a ruddy doona cover, for heaven’s sake! The official photos for the brochures and advertisements will be taken on July 13th, and the place will be advertised in the Leader Newspaper during the second and third (?) weeks of a four week campaign, and three times in the Chinese property guide – if I can, I’ll post the photos here, too, so you can all see what a nice place this is (well, it is a nice place, and the views over the city are truly stunning!) There are only two reasons why we’re moving – the first being that Doncaster Hill is being built out with new High Rise apartments, causing the price of apartments to plummet, and due to the local Council’s greed, stands in real danger of becoming another Docklands. The second reason is that out of the entire Body Corporate committee, Julian is the only one who does the real work of chasing up contractors, organising repair work, and smoothing ruffled feathers when one of the denizens gets miffed about something that someone else has either said, or done, or not done. And as most of the residents here are “elderly”, this happens more often than you’d think! There’s so much work that needs doing, Body Corporate-wise, and we’re both absolutely and completely sick and tired of Julian being “Mr. Fixit” for every thing that’s annoyed someone, doesn’t work properly, leaks, or needs replacing, plus all the paperwork involved. It’s just as well that he retired in 2006, because other wise he wouldn’t have time to get all the Body Corporate work done! *rolls eyes* And now I guess it’ll be “goodbye” to Rifting for a while, at least for me – as we’ll both be too busy packing to play much – except for Sundays – I refuse point-blank to pack on Sundays, and give up our fun day in The Plane of Water! I actually started de-cluttering and packing up my bathroom this morning, and managed to get all the drawers and both cupboards sorted, sifted, and packed up, except for things that I use on a daily basis (toothbrush, toothpaste, mousewash, comb, makeup, etc., etc.) Oh, and toilet paper… I left that in the cupboard, too. Tomorrow my favourite eldest daughter will be over, so I’m not sure if I’ll be packing, being sociable and getting her to help me pack, or whether we’ll sit and watch our favourite shows while Julian continues packing. Tomorrow while he’s picking Lee up and bringing her over, he’ll have to stop off somewhere and get some butcher paper, or tissue paper, or bubble wrap (but preferably all three!) for wrapping “delicate” things in – you know, I don’t even know where you’d buy butcher’s paper these days – or even if that’s what it’s still called! But I have about sixty trillion little ornaments and figurines that I adore and cherish that have been given to me by various people over the years that will have to be wrapped and boxed… the last time we moved, in 2007, we had the Removalists doing the packing and unpacking for us, and they managed to break several of my little treasures, so this time round, I’m going to wrap them myself! Then if any get broken it’ll be my own fault… (Winter looks up at the shelves over her desk, with all their little “treasures”, and heaves a great, weary sigh of resignation) …and this, too, shall pass…

I bought a new font today – $10.00! I used it in the new header – do you like it? The font’s called “Mighty Ditey NF” (“NF” stands for “Nick’s Fonts” – he’s the typographer who created it, and many, many other fonts!) I was looking at a lot of his other fonts today – they’re all $10.00, and there are so many fantastic ones that I’m thinking that I might buy a couple more – if I can decide which ones I like best! They’re mostly Art Deco type fonts too, and I love anything Art Nouveau and/or Art Deco-ish! 🙂 I’ll have another look at them tonight, and see if I can chose one or two…

Weigh-in this morning. Will wonders never cease? I went down one point, from 84.4kg to 84.3kg, or to “where I was the day before yesterday” Which I suppose is better than going up again, but still… And tomorrow, I start back on those horrible little “fluid retaining” tablets again! Oh, gosh! I just realised! Only another 21 days until I see Dr. Y. again! I hope he’ll be pleased with me… I’ve already organised to have my hair done the day before… I do hope I can shed about another kilo before then, and get down into the 83kg zone – I would have much preferred to get down to the 82kg zone, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to be possible 😦

And now it’s almost a quarter past six – hopefully I’ll be able to get this finished before I have to go off on my evening Stair Walk! You know, everyone’s been saying and telling me how wonderful it’ll be when we move, as the house is flat – no stairs anywhere, etc… but I’m wondering how I’m going to exercise! I can’t go for long walks like Julian does – (a) I can’t walk properly in shoes (I don’t balance well in shoes!), and (b) my back gets too sore and I end up staggering and hobbling along, bent over double, like an ancient old crone! No, I need the stairs – stairs I can manage, cos I can do it bare-footed, and there’s a stair rail and wall to use for balance. Julian has talked about a stair-climbing machine, sort-of a cross between a treadmill and an escalator. Yesterday when we went on our abortive furniture hunting expedition, we saw that there was an exercise equipment shop in the same complex, so we went in to ask them about these “stair-climbing” machines… Well, they had just about anything and everything that has ever been invented and used for exercise purposes in there, but no stair-climbing machines – in fact, they didn’t even know what we were talking about! I guess these stair-climbing machines are either only for hospital or re-hab use, or prohibitively expensive…  I suppose I can always get one of those pedometer thingies and walk up and down the long corridor at the new place, but I don’t think it’ll be enough… However, we’ll work something out, I’m sure… 🙂 But anyway, that’s about it from me again for another night! Do drop in again tomorrow night to find out if my favourite eldest daughter and I spent a slothful afternoon sitting on our backsides watching episodes from some of our shows, or whether we spent a comradely afternoon wrapping and packing… you can also find out if I dropped any more weight before the fluid-retaining pills kick into action, as I begin the countdown to my all-important visit to Dr. Y. And I’m sure there’ll be lots of other things to tell you all about, too, so don’t miss out! Until tomorrow night, though, I’ll once more implore you all to bee good, remember that it only takes two people to damage a society: the one who knows and doesn’t talk and the one who doesn’t know and talks. Don’t forget to look after yourselves, to stay warm, and to drive carefully, but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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