Winter’s log, earthdate 201506.24

*There’s another update on the “As Seen On…” page tonight – from the Goodreads “Quote of the Day” site…hope you all like it too…

Well, I made that calendar to count the days left until settlement, this morning – it’s really quite pretty, though it doesn’t look all that good in the scan… Julian scanned it for me because all our attempts at taking a photo of it seemed doomed to failure!The flash failed too many times to mention, neither of us could get it quite straight, and neither of us were able to fit the whole thing into the frame without it looking too small. Even the scan is a bit wonky (i.e. not quite straight), the text looks fuzzy, and I haven’t quite re-captured my colouring-in skills yet! Still, here it is, for what it’s worth! 🙂 For anyone interested in fonts, the title and the relevant numbers were done in “Guttenberg MF” which I downloaded when I was doing my search for Art Deco fonts and dingbats the other day. Personally, I’d call it an “Art Nouveau” style, rather than an “Art Deco” one, but I’m only an artiste, so what would I know? 😉

Once again, my favourite eldest daughter wasn’t able to come over – she’s much more better, but Yarra Valley Water were working on the pipes outside – yet again – and the water was off from between 9.00am and 2.00pm. We eventually decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and that she’d be better off coming over on Friday, instead. So this morning, I Rifted – just for a change – and then I created my little calendar and printed it out. It turned out that my colouring pencils weren’t in the square box on the top shelf of the bookcase, after all – they were in a box under my weight-loss graph book and the diary in which I keep track of my Warfarin doses, in one of the drawers next to me. And as you can see, I really must hone my colouring-in skills if the calendar is going to look decent. I think I’d do better with a soft-ish surface under the calendar, too, rather than the bare desk top… and I also need to get myself a good pencil sharpener – most of the pencils in my set have never been used, which means that they’ve never been sharpened – and I dislike the sight of pencils roughly hacked at with a Stanley Knife to create the point! I probably do have a pencil sharpener – several, most likely – but it’ll be easier and quicker to go out and get a new one from Riot, or the nearest Supermarket 🙂 (never turn the house upside down looking for small, elusive objects, when it’s far, far easier to go out and buy another small, elusive object, that you know damn well will run away to join the others, just as soon as your back is turned! 😉 ) Then I went back to Rift. I’ve brought Kresta back from Freemarch, and dusted her down – now I’m looking at another character – she’s only level 10 and has done virtually nothing – so I’m thinking of re-rolling her as another male character (hmm… is this why I’ve been looking through lists of female names, perhaps?!) Tsk! Oh well, the re-roll will be whatever it turns out to be. Hopefully another male…but who knows? 🙂

Oh, regarding the Auction last Saturday! We did get a clue as to why there were so few Asians at the Auction, and so few bidders… According to “Julian-the-Agent”, who’s Asian himself, it was the house number! “24” – apparently the word(s) for “24” in Chinese sound similar to the word(s) for “easy death” or some-such! Isn’t it strange how some people can put so much faith? Belief? in simple word-play, or a superstition… (*plants tongue firmly in cheek*) I mean, I always cross my fingers if a black cat crosses my path, and I make a point of never opening an umbrella in the house – and did you know that if you see a white horse, you should make a wish and cross your fingers? but you mustn’t uncross your fingers until you see a black dog! But that’s different, isn’t it… 😉 (*removes tongue from cheek*)

Weigh-in this morning. Today was another “three times on the scales” for me. The first time, it went up to 85.6kg – up three points to where I was the day before yesterday. I was resigned, though – I’ve known that this bounce back was coming… and it was only three points. However, I stepped off the scales, and back on again for my “confirmatory” look at the scales. They went very firmly down to 85.4kg. Hmm.. Make up your mind, scales! “Come on, one more go to see which one it’s going to be!” said Julian, so off I hopped, and back on again I clambered – straight down to 85.4kg again – so we called “correct weight”, and I dutifully entered it into the graph, and wrote it down in the diary, next to tonight’s Warfarin dose.. so I’ve really only gone up one point today… The rest will pile back on again tomorrow morning. It’s gotta go up again after the big losses I’ve had over the past few days! I just hope it doesn’t ooze back into the 86kg zone… :/

(my coffee cup is empty again 😦 ) Anyway, I’m not quite sure what’s happening tomorrow – I keep getting the urge to go and do some graphic work, but there’s not much to do, now – I can’t use backgrounds on this new blog template – I can make headers, but there’s only so much you can do with the amount of room/space that I have for making headers… I suppose I can make a new Wallpaper-y thing – I’ve been working on a lace-like frame – it’s really quite spectacular, if a trifle “heavy” (I’m working on it! I’m working on it, already! 😉 ) Oh, hnag on a minute, I forgot! Carmen’s “Stylist” is coming over tomorrow afternoon to talk to us about what she wants to do with this place. (Oh good! my coffee cup is full again! 🙂 ) Julian seems to think that I’m going to have trouble with letting pieces “go”. Now, I have tried explaining this to him before, but he just doesn’t seem to “get it”! So I explained it to him again. I have no problem whatsoever, getting rid of things we no longer need or want, OK? But what I do have a very big problem with is his wanting to cart it all off to the tip! You don’t take things that are a bit shabby, but still good and usable, that someone, somewhere would love to have – especially antiques – to the ruddy tip! You sell them, or you donate them to the Salvos, or the Brotherhood of St. Lawrence, or your local op-shop! It just requires a bit more effort than loading them into the car and driving them to the tip! There’s too much waste in the world today! We should all be re-cycling and re-using as much as possible! I’m not talking about ruined or broken things – if they can’t be repaired sensibly, take them to the tip, by all means – but if Julian thinks he’s going to be taking our old “grandma and grandpa” chairs down to the tip, just because they’re old and need re-covering, and he doesn’t particularly like them, it’ll be over my dead – and just as old – body! So bring on the Stylist – if she wants us to “remove” certain items that we want to keep, they can be put into storage. The things that we don’t want to keep can be put aside until we have a full van’s worth, and trucked off to the Salvos, or wherever – fair enough?! However, I might end up having a problem with any rental furniture that the Stylist wants to put in here to impress would-be buyers! …If it’s really nice, I’ll probably want to keep it! 😀 (I think my middle name must be “pack-rat”! 😉 )

And that’s about all from me for today – it’s been a good, if quiet day, and though I may not have accomplished terribly much (apart from my count-down calendar 😉 ) I’m pretty happy with life at the moment. Do call back again tomorrow and see whether my weight is continuing its upward trend (hopefully not!) and what Carmen’s Stylist had to say (and how much “stuff” we have to get rid of, one way or another!) Don’t you just wish, sometimes, that you could insert small musical “emoticons” into whatever you’re writing? A bit like the organ music that they used to play during the old silent movies (and no, I’m definitely not old enough to remember it personally!) I think reading blogs would be a lot more entertaining if blog writers could insert chords, or short passages… Oh well, that’s something for the programmers of the future to create/write/whatever! In the meantime, I’ll simply tell you all to bee good, remember that you’re not obligated to win, you’re obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day; don’t forget to look after yourselves, to drive carefully, and to keep warm – but most importantly… remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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