Winter’s log, earthdate 201506.12

*There’s an update on the “As Seen On…” page – copied from the little Cat Calendar on my desk – I thought it was sweet 🙂

Well, I’ve had to give in and make the font big enough to see to edit properly… I’ll switch it back just before I Publish it (actually, if anything, I’ve made it too big now! Arrggghhh! Why does writing a simple little blog have to be so fraught!) Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, changing the font sizes backwards and forwards! :/ We had a relatively peaceful day today – Julian did some Body Corporate work this morning, and I Rifted. I created another character this morning – I wasn’t terribly happy with one of the two girls I’d rolled the other day on Laethys, and I knew that feeling as dis-satisfied with her as I did, she wasn’t going to last long in Telara… so I preemptively rolled a new one. This girl’s a Mathosian (i.e. a human) a Mage, and her name is Fyrecat. She’ll replace Darkruby, the High Elf Mage that I created about two days ago. Actually, I might even blow both of them away, and roll the two of them into one – so to speak. I like the name “Darkruby”, but I’m getting a little tired of High Elves… and I’m not really happy playing a Dwarf, so that leaves me with a choice of… well, only one choice, really – Mathosian! But I’ll call her “Darkruby” (unless I can come up with a name I like better in the meantime!) Of course, what usually happens is that I create a character, stuff around for half an hour or so trying to find her a decent name that isn’t already taken, finally settle on a name that I only sort-of like, but that I can live with, name her, and start playing with her. As sure as apples aren’t oranges, within two or three hours I’ll suddenly think of a fantastic name, take a risk that I’ll be able to use it, delete my almost “mint condition” Mage, and create a new one… only to find that the fantastic name I’d thought of is already in use, so I have to either think of a different way of spelling it, finding another new name, or going back to the one I’d used on the recently deleted character. So, playing Rift isn’t easy, you know! It’s not all fun and games and romping through Telara slaying monsters! It’s a lot of hard work – creating characters, finding novel and innovative names for them, kitting them up in their new clothes and getting them ready for their first day of picking up quests and completing them! 😉

Anyway, that’s what I did this morning. Well, for part of the morning. Our cleaning lady arrived and wanted to have a chat (at great length!) so I only got as far as half way through the starting area with Fyrecat before it was lunchtime. After lunch, and a cup of tea, I went off for my Stair Walk, and when I came back I switched into graphic mode. I started out trying to make a new and much brighter background tile – seeing that a certain person, who I thought was my friend, doesn’t seem to be reading the blog anymore (plus they seem to have banned me from their Facebook page – which was not only unkind, but terribly childish and petty. I hadn’t even corresponded with them for a couple of weeks!) (of course, they might even be dead, and some kind relative or other has closed down their Facebook site – how the [censored] hell would I know?) anyway, seeing as I don’t have to be careful about using bright colours that they’d said hurt their eyes, I thought I might switch back to the yellows and reds. However, while I was making a frame for a new header, I thought “If I’m going to stick with this template,” (but which I probably won’t – you know me! 😉 ) “I should probably make up a whole series of them – with adjustable frames, so that I can use them on other templates if I want to!” 🙂 Brilliant thinking, Winter! So that’s what I did this afternoon. It annoys me though, that there are people who make really nice brushes, and fonts, but do really sloppy work, so that lines not only aren’t straight, but seem to wander this way and that, with no rhyme nor reason… With a brush, you can generally “hide” mistakes like that by erasing bits of it here and there, but with a font, all I can so is zoom in, and straighten out the lines, pixel by pixel – second guessing what the creator of the font had in mind when they first made it. It took me all afternoon to create just one single frame successfully – I’d spent about an hour on another one that was just too badly mangled to straighten out, and I had to ditch it. It was a shame, too, as it was a very nice Art Nouveau type of frame. Ah well…

Julian has been swotting up on “The Language, Customs, and Etiquette of House Auctions”, ready for tomorrow morning 🙂 The Vermont South place (i.e. “The Water Feature House”) is Open For Inspection tomorrow morning at 11am, and after that, there are two Auctions in the area – one by the same people who are selling “The ‘C’ House” – that we’re going to watch (and presumably learn from!) though I might wait in the car during the second one… dunno, yet… I’m looking forward to seeing “The Water Feature House” again – and make an assessment of how much work (if any!) has to be done on it to make it habitable (for us!), compared to “The ‘C’ House”. All in all, it promises to be a very interesting day, and there’ll be heaps to tell you all tomorrow night! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Despite all the running around yesterday, I only dropped one point this morning 😦 A bit disappointing that it was only one point (two points would have been nice!) but it was certainly much more betterer than the massive four point drop of yesterday! We’ll see how I go tomorrow morning… I’m well and truly overdue for a bounce-back… :/

We got the results of my Warfarin test late last night – my INR level continues to sit stubbornly at 1.9 – it should be somewhere between 2.0 and 3.0 for me to avoid the risk of embolisms – so they’ve upped my dosage to 3mg of Warfarin per day, every day, and I’m to have another test in a fortnight. I shall cross my fingers…

Anyway, that’s about it from me for tonight, but do drop in again tomorrow night, as there’ll be lots of stuff to fill you all in on (let’s just hope we don’t make a mistake at the Auctions and end up buying a house by mistake! 😉 ) Yes, there’ll be “The Water Feature House” to tell you about, and the Auctions, and what we learnt (if anything) from them… whether my weight went up, or down… or stayed the same. Sunday, of course, will be our “Wading Through Coral Groves” day in The Plane of Water. It’s summer time “over there”, and so the Summer Festivities have started – lots of special quests to do, and lots of special goodies to win, but being the anti-social curmudgeons that we are, we tend to avoid all these Seasonal Celebrations. Of course, we don’t mind if we “accidentally” find ourselves involved in one of those festive quests and just happen to win something nice, nor do we throw out any seasonal tokens that our Minions find under bushes and other questionable places which they then decide to bring home to “Mummy” and “Daddy” – these tokens can be saved up from year to year, and used to purchase pretty new mounts, or pets, or clothing, so it seems a shame to waste them… *innocent, angelic smile* So that’s it, gentle readers, until tomorrow night. Do try to bee good, remember that the more you plan, the less time you have time to enjoy yourself, and don’t forget to keep warm, to drive carefully, and look after yourselves… but most importantly, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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