Winter’s log, earthdate 201506.10

Oh, this is not good… I was just thinking “I’m soooo tired! I’ll just go up to the lounge room and read for a bit… (and maybe have a snooze as well, seeing that I got up at 4.30am!)” …and then I looked at the time. Alas! Too late for a read or a snooze – it was time to start writing this! All day I’ve been alternating between Rifting, and blog-template searching – as I fell asleep doing one, I’d switch to the other until I started falling asleep doing that, and then I’d switch back again, and so on and so forth… and if anyone had been keeping tabs on this blog, they’d have noticed that I’ve changed the template and the graphics here a total three times… and I’m still not satisfied with the results! However, I have learnt one thing today – how to make a cup of coffee using the Nespresso machine thingy! We’ve had it for over a year (I think!) and I’ve only ever made a cup of coffee with it once, when I had someone telling me what to do, every step of the way, and I’ve never used it since! I’ve never needed to – Julian’s always made the tea and the coffee, whilst I reclined in regal and indolent splendour! So this morning when Julian called from the airport to say they’d be boarding soon, I asked him how to make myself a cup of coffee. Well, he told me, but he used too many technical terms, like “jiggle the bottom bit”, and “press the button at the back of the machine”, and I…. thought “when Lee rings me to tell me she wants to get all her characters into the Guild this morning, I’ll get her to talk me through it!” which was indeed a brilliant idea! It was a lot easier to follow someone’s instructions when I was actually standing in front of the machine, rather than trying to imagine it from my desk in the Den! However, the main reason why I’ve never really learnt how to make a cup of coffee – apart from the fact that as I said, Julian’s always made the teas and the coffees – the main reason I’ve never learnt is not because I’m stupid, or slow, or lazy (though I fear that I do qualify for the latter!) but because my back has never been able to hold me upright long enough for me to walk to the kitchen, make a cup of coffee, and carry it back to the Den again. Actually, that’s not strictly true – I can walk around the house, and I can walk up and down the stairs, and so forth, but usually by the time I get from the Den to the kitchen, I’m pretty much bent over so that I’m staring at the floor. This is not helpful when you’re carrying a full cup of coffee. I’m not too bad on the stairs, because I’m hanging on, and partially leaning on, to the stair rail – and I’m not too bad between two rooms, because it’s not far enough for me to start folding in the middle – ditto if I’m using a stick, because it gives me something to lean on. But lately I’ve been finding that since I’ve lost weight, it is a lot easier for me to get around, and I can stand on my own for a lot longer than I used to be able to. I still tend to start folding in the middle after only a short time, and my back’s still sore enough for me to have to stop and lean on something whenever possible. But I am a lot better than I was – I’ve made two cups of coffee today so far, and I’ll make myself another one when I get back from my evening Stair Walk! I think I’ll probably need it – I won’t get dinner until after eight o’clock – and neither will poor little Flipper, who woke up about half an hour ago and discovered that “Daddy” still wasn’t home! She’s only just stopped caterwauling and gone back to have a bit more sleep, in the hopes that “Daddy” will be back by the time she wakes up again 🙂

I’ve just had a phone call from Julian – he’s at the airport and should be boarding in about ten minutes or so, so he’s on his way home 🙂 I have a feeling that we’ll be having another early night tonight – I’m completely bushed, and I’ve just been lolling around all day doing nothing – but he’s had to be polite and diplomatic to relatives we’re not terribly enthusiastic about, at their son’s funeral (memorial service really – he was buried last Friday) and then he had to deal with his mother, who is beginning to get very frail and debilitated, which is starting to make her a bit crotchety. I think we’ll both be a lot happier when we’ve had a good, full night’s sleep! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. I don’t know whether to discount it as being too early to weigh-in properly, or what! I stayed the same – I suppose I have to count it, because I didn’t go up, however I don’t have to always weigh myself at that time, because I didn’t go down, either! So… continue as I was, at 88.2kg (I know – really boring! :/ )

So I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow – it’s getting close to the weekend, when himself wants to go and “observe” an Auction taking place, so he’ll know what to do when we do turn up at an Auction with a view to buying – or we could get a professional (? is that the right term?) bidder to go in and bid for us (we’d be there of course!) because they know Auction “etiquette”, like exactly when to put a bid in, and how not to get carried away and maybe end up paying more than you intended, in the heat of the moment. And I think the Vermont South “Water Feature House” is Open For Inspection again tomorrow – or is that “The “C” House” that’ll be open? I fergit! Maybe they both will be! We’ll have to scurry if they’re both open – Real Estate Agents play this little game with eachother, you see – the houses they have Open For Inspection are all open …. at the same ruddy time! What’s more, the average length of time that a house remains Open For Inspection on any particular day is 30 minutes (give or take a few loquacious would-be-buyers and/or Real Estate Agents! 😉 ) Anyway, I expect that tomorrow will be largely taken up with preparing for the weekend, and maybe some more house hunting, seeing that the finances appear to have been all sorted out now.

And that’s about all I have for you tonight – but I’ll be back tomorrow to fill you all in on weighty subjects, and whether one or both of the two houses we’re interested in was Open For Inspection, and if having inspected it/them for a second time, are we still just as interested in them? If you’re very lucky (or very unlucky, depending on your viewpoint) I might even have a new blog template with matching graphics to show you! Wouldn’t that be a surprise! 😉 But until tomorrow night, I’ll beg you once again to please bee good; remember that life is not so bad if you have plenty of luck, a good physique and not too much imagination, and also remember to take care, keep warm, and drive carefully – but above all, stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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