Winter’s log, earthdate 201506.03

I can’t believe it’s the middle of the week already! Where does the time go?! Just between you, me, and the bedpost, I think the time gets frittered away doing little bits and pieces of things, but never actually doing anything thoroughly and completely! F’rinstance, last night I thought that I wasn’t going to be needed for house hunting duties today – but it turned out that I was. So I shelved my plans for some more “tidying up” of Cersie’s Bank Vaults and bags, and turned to the Realtor site again – back to Domain, this time. I found twelve and “a bit” more-or-less suitable places – the “a bit” part being a totally unsuitable house which had the weirdest kitchen bench* I think I’ve ever seen – I kid you not, it looks like something out of a Sylvester and Tweety cartoon! I’d found it the day before yesterday, but couldn’t find it again to show Julian – but I came across it again today so I saved it for him (and for all of you, too) Sifting through 12 pages of houses took until nearly lunch time, when I hastily re-organised my Minions. I dithered about whether or not to do some more work on my Desktop-Wallpapery-thingy, and in the end decided against it. I was going to set up that new blog (more a journal, really) that I mentioned last night, before I got cold feet and decided not to. So I’ve started it – there’s not much there at the moment – I’m using the same template I’m using here, but with different colours, and obviously, a different header. When I’ve got a bit more posted in it, I’ll make it available to some of you. The reason I’m starting to write it is because over the years, quite a lot of people have said to me “You know, you really should write the story of your life”, to which my standard reply was always “What for? Who’d be interested in my life, anyway?!” and I’d laugh it off. Now, however, I’m beginning to think that maybe I should write these things down – I don’t really care whether the ubiquitous “anyone’s” interested or not, hopefully my family and friends will be, though, and anyway, even if just for myself, I’d like to get my story told before I’m too old to remember most of it! And so, that’s what the journal is about – my memories. I’ve done the “About the Journal” page (which made me more than a little emotional, remembering my early years at school) and the first part of my life that I can’t remember the first 3 years of, but have had to go on what I remember that people have told me about those years. I hope it will end up being a bit like a musical comedy – funny, bitter, sad, despairing, happy again, bored, and judgmental (mostly of myself! I am not really a very nice person…) But we’ll see… the proof of the pudding, and all that… 🙂

I did get quite a bit of Rifting in after I called it a day on the journal – I got Incantessa up to level 15, and have maxed out her Butchering. Unfortunately I’m w-a-y behind in Mining, so I’m going to remain over in Freemarch for the interim because that’s where all the best Mining and Foraging’s at! My Hairdressing appointment isn’t until the afternoon tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get a chance to level those two Skills up tomorrow morning. Before I started here this afternoon, I downloaded and installed a (supposedly) Microsoft Word “look-alike” program called SoftMaker Office 2016 – it’s supposed to be better than Microsoft Word (which certainly wouldn’t be too hard!) but I haven’t really had a chance to have more than a very brief look at it so far. Julian just came down to the Den to tell me that he’d been speaking to his mother in Adelaide, who told him that a cousin (I think? Mother’s brother’s son’s son?) has just died from complications with the medication he was on for his Diabetes. His wife gave birth to their second child only a few months ago, too – and he was only 29… it’s terribly sad – I’d only met him a few times so I didn’t know him terribly well, but from what I saw, he was a really nice young man. I’m not sure if Julian will be going to the funeral, but he probably will. That’s sort-of stuck a bit of a fly in my ointment – my mind just keeps turning to Jamie, and the last time we saw him… This blog might be a little shorter than it normally is, tonight…

Weigh-in this morning. I went down too much! Four points – I really hate dropping so much in one go! It only means that it’ll all pile back on again, tomorrow or the next day! However, this morning I went from 88.8kg to 88.4kg. As I said – it’s good… but it’s bad! Especially at the moment, while I’m taking those wretched pills!

Julian’s been hard at work on the finances for the house hunting and buying project – and we got a letter yesterday saying that I had quite a significant amount in unclaimed monies from one of the banks – I knew nothing about it, and have no idea where it’s from, or what it was for, but if it’s mine, I want it! So Julian investigated, and sure enough, it’s sitting there in unclaimed funds waiting for me to come and give it a good home. We’ve dug up all the necessary papers we’ll need for that, and I can pick it up from the bank tomorrow. We also found that there are some unclaimed funds for my mother’s Estate that we didn’t know about, thanks to the churlish behaviour of the Solicitor who was originally a co-Executor with me, but who stepped down from that role to take charge of Estate matters. The stupid old goat didn’t even have an email address – everything had to be either faxed to him and transcribed by his secretary, or sent by snail-mail and transcribed by his secretary – no simply sending a file, or a spreadsheet! Needless to say, the secretary made quite a lot of typos and mistakes, which is just not on when you’re handling an Estate the size of mother’s! To give her credit, the secretary was very good, and certainly knew her stuff, it’s just that there was far too much transcription which needed complete and scrupulous accuracy, for a single human, no matter how good, to cope with. In the end we had no choice but to sack him, and I suppose he thought that he’d take his “revenge” by not forwarding on important documents. So we have three lots of not insignificant sums of money to collect tomorrow, on our way to the Hairdresser. And that’s about it from me for tonight – drop by again tomorrow night to learn all the latest news and intrigue from chez nous – there’ll be lots to tell you all, I’m sure. However, until then, bee good, remember that cats do not like change without their consent, and that you cannot let a sleeping cat lie – as soon as you sit down, they’ll either want to go out, come in, or sit on your lap! Above all though, please remember to drive carefully, keep warm and dry, and to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*Don’t click on the video thingy, click underneath that where it says “Photos (10), then right-arrow/sift through the photos until you come to the kitchen bench one – you can’t miss it!

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