Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.20

Today I worked pretty solidly on getting my new girl, Ozariah, as far along the road to level 20 as I could. When I started this morning she wasn’t even properly set up – by the time I finished this afternoon, she was level 15. I might even have been able to get her to level 20 – without an experience boosting potion, too – except for the fact that our cleaning lady was here today. Did I ever mention that she likes to sit, have a smoke, and chatter on a bit? Well, she does, and she did. She also wanted to have a bit of a girl-to-girl, heart-to-heart session (she’s trying to get back together with her ex-boyfriend, but her children hate him now) *sigh* So I listened, exclaimed, and offered my thoughts, and nodded a lot. So, five more levels to go tomorrow! 🙂 I should be able to get that done, easy-peasy. I’m also trying (trying” being the operative keyword there!) not to get her quests too far out of sync, the way I did with the last two. I think I’m managing a bit better this time around… the trouble is, I know what has to be done, and where, and I know what I’m capable of doing in the different areas; it’s very hard not to think: “while I’m here, I might as well…” ramp up her Butchering… look for Artifacts around here because I know there are always some – oh look! There’s that quest that I usually do when I’m two levels higher, but I think I can manage it – I might as well do that now, and get it out of the way…. Things like that. My mind runs away from my sense of correct sequencing – yes, I’m perfectly capable of doing certain things, but I ought not to do them because if I do, I get things out of order, and end up with a real quest mess. Sometimes I really, really wish that I could erase everything I know and have learnt about Rift, and start all over again as a rank newbie. Alas, that which has been seen cannot be un-seen, and that which has been learnt cannot be un-learnt (actually, it can, but that’s a subject for another time! 😉 ) I will say that bringing up a Defiant is vastly different from bringing up a Guardian. According to the latest bunch of statistics, 46% of players play Defiant characters, 54% play Guardians, so you’d think that the Guardians would have the advantage, wouldn’t you… Well, they might have the numbers, but the Defiants get all the perks! In the primary Defiant area, Freemarch (where you start out from) there are about 85% more artifacts than there are in Silverwood, the equivalent Guardian area. There are more Rifts to participate in and close, more skinnable animals, more mineable nodes… and this trend continues in all but shared areas, such as Moonshade Highlands, Scarwood Reach, and Iron Pine Peaks. I’ve often wondered why this is – and it’s also the reason that the first thing I do with my Guardian characters is take them over to Freemarch and do the bulk of their early leveling up over there – bother the early Guardian quests, they can catch up on them when they’ve closed three or four baby Rifts, leveled up their Mining, Butchering and Foraging, and picked up a heap of artifacts that they’d never find over in Silverwood!  And it’s extremely easy to avoid the odd Defiant guard or two, to boot!

I suppose I really ought to say a word or three about the passing of Malcolm Fraser today (seeing that just about everyone else is) What can I say? I liked and admired him when he came to power in 1975, and rid us from the profligate Gough Whitlam… but have been somewhat… disenchanted? with him and some of his political views, over the past few years. I just read in what passes for a “newspaper” these days, The Age, that he was considering starting up a new political party advocated scaling back, if not severing, our military ties with the US. Say, what?! You know, I really, really don’t like the Yanks Americans – I don’t like their policies or their politics, I don’t like their gun laws and their lack of control over those laws, and I don’t like their (almost blanket and universal) hypocrisy – other than those few, minor things, they’d probably be fairly decent people, if it wasn’t for their atrocious accents and their totally woeful spelling! But cut our military ties with them? Uh-huh! I don’t think that would be a terribly good idea right now… However, tonight is not the night for a Winter Rant – a great leader has passed, and I’m sure the world is a poorer place for his passing.

Weigh-in this morning. A lot much more betterer this morning! 🙂 98.6kg! Down four points. Right, well of course this means that tomorrow I’ll probably be back up again, but hopefully it’ll still be within the 98kg zone! Oh, and I’ve been wondering where I can find the time to fit in a fourth Stair Walk, and I think I might have found it! I walk before breakfast, (mostly) before lunch (but sometimes it’s after lunch), and at around 5 o’clock… We usually watch television until 9.30pm, and then we come down here to the Den to fiddle with our beloved computers. But I was thinking tonight that on my way back down to the Den, I could make a slight detour via the fire escape and quickly fit in another Stair Walk before bed… Good idea? Yes? No? Indifferent?

So anyway, That Was My Day That Was – look in again tomorrow night to see what’s been happening around here – will I have managed to get Ozariah up to level 20? Will my nail polish still be intact? I’m still quite curious as to where I got the idea that you shouldn’t file your nails before removing your nail polish! I had to file them once before without removing my nail polish, and the sky didn’t fall in, nor did my nails burst into flames, or anything… I had to file them again this morning when I snagged a nail – and again, nothing dire has happened… maybe it is just an Urban Myth that I was told way back when?! Anyway, there’ll be lots to fill you in on tomorrow – especially about what my weight decides to do… so until this time tomorrow night, bee good, sleep tight tonight, and …. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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