Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.21

It was a reasonably hum-drum sort of a day today – I was positively itching to get Ozariah to level 20, but I had to wash my hair – it’s (hopefully) being coloured on Monday, and Josh (friend and hairdresser – aren’t I lucky! 🙂 ) wanted me to wash it ahead of time so that the natural oil from my scalp can help protect it during the colouring process – something like that, anyway. Surprisingly, it’s actually not looking too bad – I’m usually hopeless at doing my own hair – I’m short sighted, so I can’t see what I’m doing unless I get about two and a half inches from the mirror – which means that I can’t maneuver the hairdryer and/or brush properly… and if I wear my glasses, they get in the way too. So today I just combed it, and left it, using just a teeny smidge of a sort of a “conditioning serum” from Scruples to make it sit down flat. It worked very well, too, for about the first quarter of an hour, and then my hair decided that gravity was proving too strong to resist, and it fell in my eyes. As I’ve more or less been banned from using hair spray normally, I squirted a little on my fingers (as I’d been told to do), and smeared that on as well (don’t worry, it was only a teeny bit, and it didn’t get on my scalp! (it makes my head itch!)) It seems to have worked – I did that this morning, and it’s now ten o’clock, and it hasn’t fallen in my eyes again, yet (just wait until tomorrow morning when I’ll have slept on it! It’ll be all over the place by then! 😉 ) All in all, I didn’t get a chance to get on to Ozariah until after lunch. At first, I was determined that I wasn’t going to use an experience boosting potion on her, I was just going to drag her up the five levels to level 20 in the couple of hours I had left to play – I could do it, of course I could… but… I got distracted, as usual, filling in blanks, doing a bit of “farming” (Butchering, Foraging and Mining) along the way, instead of concentrating on questing, questing, and yet a bit more questing – the quickest and surest way to get experience points and go up levels. After an hour and a bit of basically wasting time and not really moving upwards, I decided to bite the bullet and buy one of the experience boosters after all… and to stick to straight questing, as much as possible. Well, in the end I got her up the last two and a half levels in about twenty five minutes – Yayyy! Level 20 at last! I took her back to Meridian, dusted her down, emptied her bags, and decided who’d be the first off the rank to be taken to level 40. I was going to take them, one by one, up to level 30, and then take them , one by one, to level 40, and so on, but I’ve changed my mind – I’m taking them all (one by one) up to level 40 first, then I’ll take them to 50, and finally 60 and 65 (hopefully with a little bit of help from some of Julian’s characters) Persha’s the first on the list, so I had Ozariah mail her her water breathing necklace, and I’ll start working her some time on Monday – because tomorrow is Sunday, and as you all should know by now, Sunday is our “Trouncing Terrible Trolls in Telara for Fun and Profit” day! 🙂 It’s about time that Persha was leveled up, anyway, as she’s our Apothecary (she makes potions and dyes, and things – very handy! Every Guild should have an Apothecary! 😉 ) and she needs to start learning a few new recipes… Anyway, by the time I’d done all that, it was time for my late afternoon/early evening Stair Walk, and after that I went and sat in the lounge with my feet up and read until dinner time.

I received the April My Size online catalogue this morning (which is a wonder, really, as I’m only getting between 26 and 46 pieces of mail a day – Julian explained it all to you in a comment, a few blog posts back!) and I sat and went through it (the catalogue, that is) and made a note of … well, a few… pieces I was interested in. When himself went out to do the shopping this afternoon, he went to The Glen, where there’s a My Size shop. I told him they probably wouldn’t have much in yet, because the things I’d marked were from the April catalogue – and it’s not April yet… but they were, so he got them all! Bang goes my classic excuse of “But I don’t have a thing to wear!” 🙂 Perhaps I should start eating a bit more – I don’t want to fall out of them too quickly! :/  Which brings me to…

Weigh-in this morning. I’m dreading tomorrow! Why? Because I went down another two points this morning, to 98.4kg. This, of course, is good! I really wish I could do it every morning, but the piper is going to have to be paid, somewhere along the line. Dieting and weight loss are not a smooth and steady downward course, unfortunately – there’s bumps and lumps as well, and I greatly fear that another such bump (or lump) is about due. Probably tomorrow. Or the day after… or soon, anyway. I think (I hope!) I’m deep enough into the 98kg zone to not go back up into the 99kg zone again, but one never knows, especially with this exasperating body of mine (not to mention the scales, which, I’m quite convinced, hate me!)

So come and look in on us again, this time tomorrow night – and be regaled with tall tales and true from the legendary land of Telara – the monsters we fought, the princesses we rescued, the phat lewt we won, and the number of times we died – or should have died, but didn’t! 🙂 Find out if I had time to re-do my nails, which are looking a tad ragged. And I’ve worked out why I keep snagging the nails on my right hand! It’s not from typing, it’s from Stair Walking! You see, when I’m coming back up the stairs, I hang onto the stair rail with my left hand, and run my right hand along the (very heavily textured) wall, for extra balance. The wall is so heavily textured that I have to wear a fingerless glove on my right hand because the wall literally “sandpapers” holes in my palm. And it appears that it also snags fingernails that aren’t pared or chewed down to the quick! Hmmm… I may have to get a full leather gauntlet for my right hand… We shall see… I expect that I’ll also be able to fill you in about my weight, and whether the ominously looming bump (or lump) has risen menacingly up beneath my feet, to trip me up on my weight’s erratic downward course. So until tomorrow night, gentle readers, I shall once more bid you to bee good, don’t be cheeky, and above all… to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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