Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.25

Why can’t Word Press get their (free) Header sizes right? I’ve just spent nearly an hour trying to make the header for this theme! Actually, it only took me about twenty minutes, but when I uploaded it, naturally, the size was completely out, and I had to waste my time trying to guess what size it was actually supposed to be! Grrr! Not impressed (again), Word Press! What I’ve put up can stay up for tonight, but it’s not what I wanted, and I’ll have to re-do it tomorrow 😦 when I should be busy getting Persha up her last ten levels to level 40!

Yes, that’s right, I got Persha up from level 22 to level 30 today (with a little bit of help from an experience booster potion or two 😉 ) but even so, not bad going, especially as I broke off for a while this afternoon to draft a letter to my favourite eldest daughter about the Optifast VLCD* that I’m on, and how to handle morning and afternoon teas (which, of course, I haven’t been having for months now!) It was only going to be a short note, with a few quick tips and work-arounds, but it sort of grew, and grew, and after more than an hour of writing I realised that what I was really doing was writing a dietary version of the Encyclopedia Britannica, and if she was going to finish reading it before she died of old age, I’d better stop writing, like right now! So I saved it, and will copy and paste it into an email for her tomorrow. I only open my email once a day, first thing in the morning, and I refuse to leave it open or check for new mail again until the following morning (unless I’m expecting something important from friends or family) because it distracts me, and wastes my time, when I’m already too busy wasting my time and distracting myself on Bored Panda, Rift, Photoshop, or Facebook 😉

Now, on to the new Healer-Mage “Build” I’ve been trying out. I abandoned the new character that I’d created on another shard to experiment with, and bought Persha a couple of new “souls” (please don’t ask – I don’t really understand this business with creating a “Build” on a soul myself!) and gave her the new “Build”, to see how it’d go. All I can really say is that, well, it works, in that she can still go around killing mobs with the greatest of ease, but from habit, I’ve been putting nearly all my points into the Warlock and Necromancer parts of the “Build”, and very little into the Chloromancer (healer) part. I did say “from habit”, but I’ve looked at what abilities and spells I’ll get with the Chloromancer part of the “Build”, and really, they’re more “Support” spells and abilities, that would only be of use in a group that needed a healer. So I don’t know – it sounds really great in theory, to be able to have a Healer-Mage “Build”, but in practice, it’s a bit of a fizzle. One thing I neglected to say in my post about “Builds” last night is that each “Build” consists of three elements. You’ve heard me refer to my (pretty regular, got it down pat sort of thing) Warlock-Necromancer “Build”, but what I’ve never mentioned before (and I suppose I should have – sorry!) is the third element of my “Build(s)” You could always have pretty much anything in your “Build”, as long as it pertained to your “Class”, but points generally only go into one or two of the three elements you have, otherwise as you level up, you’re not going to have the points available to put into the high level spells and abilities that you’re going to need to be able to bring down the higher level “Elites”. So, in selecting my third element of the “Build”, I usually pick something that will give me an advantage in the very early levels – for instance, choosing an Elementalist will give you a slightly more robust “Tanking” Pet than the wimpy, skeletal Pet that your Necromancer starts out with. But you never put any points into the Elementalist part of the “Build” because once you get to about level 20, you no longer need this Elemental Tanking Pet – by then, as a Necromancer, you get a pretty powerful one of your own. In fact, by that stage, you really don’t need the Elementalist part of the “Build” at all, so putting valuable points into it is a waste. So, what’s with these new combinations? How do you allocate your points? With this Healer-Mage “Build”, do I put points into Chloromancer, to make a better healer? Doing this is going to considerably weaken either my Warlock (and I’m going to really need those D.O.Ts as I level up!), or my Necromancer – and you have no idea just how handy a spell like “Feign Death” is! (You’re standing there, getting killed by something. Discretion being the better part of valour, you cast “Feign Death”, go “Arrggh!”, spurt something that looks like blood, and fall over, apparently “dead”. The mobs think “Oh look, she’s dead!”, and lose interest in you, wandering off to look for something else to kill) It’s commonly called “Playing Possum” 🙂 So… I’ll leave Persha with that particular “Build” for now, but I really can’t see any point in it. So much for “innovation”, and new “Builds”… :/

Weigh-in this morning. Not too bad – I would have liked a bit more though… I went down to 98.2kg – one point down on yesterday. *sigh* I feel like a child waiting for Christmas – it never seems to get any closer – it’s always “a whole ‘nother year” away….

So drop by and catch up with all the news this time tomorrow night! 🙂 I didn’t re-paint my nails today, I thought I’d give them another day in the fresh air, and with some nice, nourishing, cuticle oil… and I think they actually do look a little better for it, too! But they will get done tomorrow – I’m going to give that Estée Lauder Chrome Violet one another go – it seemed a bit thick last time, and dried too quickly (and didn’t last long! Only a day or two! Very disappointing!) but as I said, I’ll give it another go… it is a beautiful colour… and you’ll find out tomorrow how it went. You’ll also find out – no! Indeed, you’ll be able to see for yourselves – how I go at concocting another header for this blog (I’m not even sure if I’ll stick with this colour scheme – it’s not “locked in” yet!) and you’ll even find out how my Warfarin blood test tomorrow morning went. I usually only go back once a month for a test, but I think the iron supplements I’m taking put my blood thickness out of whack – it’s only a week, and I have to go and have another test! 😦 (still, it’s better than getting more blood clots in my lungs again!) As for my weight – well, surely you’re not interested in that little factor, are you? You are? Oh well, I guess I’ll tell you how that went too 😉 …And I think that’s about all from chez nous for tonight, so until this time tomorrow night, I shall, as usual, exhort you all to bee good, don’t be lazy, and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

VLCD* = Very Low Calorie Diet