Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.19

My goodness! What a busy day! It started off quite normally – I knew I had to go and have my Warfarin blood test at some stage of the day, but I didn’t know when…  After breakfast we muddled around here until nearly lunchtime, and by then I’d finished sorting out my Auctions and Minions, so we got ready to go over the road for the blood test – we did have various other shopping bits to do, too – I needed a new candle for the bedroom, because the last one had “run out”, and I wanted to see if Inglot had any new nail polishes (they didn’t) We decided to have lunch at The Shingle Inn – well, Julian did, I took one of my bars with me, but I did have a long black with a small jug of skinny milk to keep the Shingle Inn people happy 🙂 Before we left home, I’d had the idea that perhaps when we got back, instead of taking the lift upstairs from the garage, shedding my shoes, and then doing my Stair Walk, I could catch the lift to the ground floor, let myself into the fire escape, and walk all the way up to the fifth floor – instead of just walking down two flights, and back up two flights. I thought I’d work harder (that is my legs would have to work harder) climbing up all those levels, instead of wasting the energy walking down two flights, and only up two flights back – if that makes any sense to you… But alas, that was not to be. While I was in Priceline, and Julian was dropping off some dry cleaning elsewhere, impatient me decided I wanted something from an upper shelf. I looked around, but there was no-one around that I could ask to get the items for me, so I flipped up the footrest of the wheelchair, and got up to get them myself. That worked just fine – but then I stepped backwards, didn’t I, and cut the back of my heel on the excruciatingly sharp edge of the base of the chair. Ouch! I figured I’d probably managed to break the skin this time (it wasn’t the first time I’ve done this – caught my heel on the ruddy sharp edge of the chair base) This time I’d done a really good job of it, and I was bleeding quite a bit by the time we got up to Dorevitch for the blood tests. The girl doing the blood taking was quite insistent that it had to be bandaged, which she proceeded to do after taking the blood samples. As my heel was (and still is! As I said – I did a really good job of it this time!) quite sore, and the bandage goes right around my heel and under my foot, I decided that perhaps I’d better not try to climb up five flights of stairs – that it might be more prudent to just do my two flights down, two flights back up… which I did, as soon as I’d shed my shoes upstairs.

We got home around 3-ish, I suppose, and I sat down to get Embercat to level 20, something I’d been trying to do for the last three days, but kept getting interrupted or distracted. This time I got myself an experience enhancing potion, just in case I didn’t manage to make two levels in the hour and a half I had left to play before my afternoon Stair Walk… and with the help of the potion I made the two levels in about 30 minutes! So, one girl left to go to get to level 20, then I plan on taking them all to level 30. Ondine was next in line, but for some inexplicable reason I didn’t really like her much… maybe it was the name… She was only level 8, so I decided to er… re-roll her, so to speak. I forwarded all her money on to Hialeah, and deleted her, then created another Defiant girl called Ozariah (the name had to start with an “O” because it makes it easier when sending and receiving stuff from other characters) I’ll have to get himself to pull her into the Guild later tonight… anyway, she’s still in the very, very beginning stages – I’ve only just set her up, so now I have the delightful task of pulling a level 1 all the way up to level 20 in as short a time as possible – I’ll get onto that tomorrow 🙂

While we were getting ready to go over the road this morning, the downstairs doorbell rang. Parcel delivery! Yay!! Maybe it was the Plan A present, at long last! Sure enough, it was the extremely well travelled item, from Arizona, to Toronto Canada, to Arizona again, then another city in the US, finally to Sydney, and then here. It took just over a month! Do you want to know what it was? 🙂 It was a bracelet – one of those “gap in the middle like a torc” ones, in silver! It has a rolled edge on each side, then two flat curb chains just inside the rolled edges, and a thick, rounded filigree scroll down the middle. It’s quite lovely, and I’m absolutely thrilled with it! 🙂 (and very relieved that it finally turned up!)

Later this afternoon we received the results of my Warfarin test – not quite so good this time! I’ve been taking iron supplements since just after my last blood test because Dr. Y. told me I had to, and maybe they’re making my blood slightly thicker, which is not at all good for me, so my rat poison dosage has been increased, and instead of going back for another test in a month, they want me back next week! Well, along with the Warfarin test, I also had a blood test for iron levels today, so maybe I won’t have to take the iron supplement much longer.

Weigh-in this morning. I’m completely convinced! The scales hate me! They did it again – down to 98.9kg. (actually it wavered down to 98.6kg…98.9kg… 98.9kg! Yayy!) Hop off… hop back on… 99.0kg 😦 What’s with these scales? I hate it when they do that to me! Still, it was down another one point – if this “one point down” business is going to be the pattern, then tomorrow I should, to all intents and purposes, be down to 98.9kg – unless I stay the same… or go up… and with my stupid body, either and/or all of those possibilities is likely to occur! Grrr!

So tune in again tomorrow night – find out if my cut heel has become infected, or if it’s all better… and find out how I go with Ozariah – will she have been inducted into the Guild? Will she be well on her way to level 20, or will I have been distracted from the task, yet again? What will my weight do? Which way will it surprise us all – by going upwards? downwards? or will it really cheese me off by staying the same? These questions and many, many more will be answered right here, this time tomorrow night! So until then, once more I shall bid you all to bee good, have fun, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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