Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.18

Yes, tonight is tonight, not tomorrow morning 🙂 I did manage to spend a bit of time with Rift today – got Embercat up another couple of levels – she’s level 18 now – only two more levels to 20 (it’s almost like counting down my weight losses!) I did get a bit caught up this morning though – first with writing last night’s blog, and also with making a few minor adjustments to the text size on that wallpaper thingy I made yesterday. Kompozer, the “free” WYSIWYG* editor I’m using for editing the HTML for the wallpaper’s page, is truly abysmal – it makes the excruciating HTML that Front Page (the previous WYSIWYG editor I used to use) look like sophisticated coding! At least with Front Page I could actually follow it enough to go in and correct its clumsy mistakes – trying to make head nor tail of Kompozer’s HTML is like trying to make sense of jigsaw pieces with no identifying colours or pictures! Well, OK, it’s not quite as bad as that, and one day, when I’ve got a lot of time on my hands and I’m feeling bored enough, I might (might” being the keyword!) have another look in and try to sort it all out. The problem this morning was the text size – it was a bit too small. Now when you’re entering text size you can generally put in a number, like – very simplistically, “text size = 4”, and when you’ve finished with that size you just put in “/text”. With Kompozer, all you have is a small capital “A”, meaning make the text smaller, followed by a bigger capital “A”, meaning make the text larger, but instead of the sizes going up in increments of one size, it goes up in increments of two and a half sizes, so you either have text that’s too small, or text that’s too big. Now I know I can change that – I can put in the “text size =” value and make the text exactly the size I want – but it’s almost impossible to know where to put it because there’s so much – pardon the French – “merde” (look it up, if you must!) – in the way that it’s very difficult to know where the real HTML is, and what’s just leftover junk from where you changed something that the program didn’t overwrite, but just added on to the end of the line. In fact, there aren’t any lines, per se, just a lot of what appear to be truncated bits of HTML. If you do try to organise it into coherent lines,  as soon as you enter the preview pane to see if what you’ve done looks alright, the edit window where you were working reverts back to the crazy and disorganised truncated lines.  The point being that it can certainly be tamed and edited correctly – but who’s got the time and the enthusiasm to wade through all that mess! It works the way it is (even if the text is a little larger than I wanted) so that’s the way it’ll stay… for now…

We tried a new tea after lunch today – we get our tea from Tea Leaves in Sassafras – we used to drive all the way up there, but it’s easier to shop online now. They have some really great flavoured black teas – have a look at the teas they stock from the link above – we’ve tried most of them at one time or another, but we usually get our favourites, plus one or two small ones just to try. We tried one of the “little” ones at lunch time – we’ve had it before, many years ago, but decided to see if it had improved any. It hadn’t. It was the Chilly Chocolate tea – the chocolate was still too bland, and you still couldn’t really taste any chili. I don’t think we’ll try it again… The one I’m drinking tonight is Granny’s Apple Pie, and although they have another Black Apple tea, this one is quite nice. We might get it again, but I don’t think it will become one of our “staples”, like the Ginger Berry, Honey Ginger, Cranberry, and Almond (Almond is my absolute favourite! But then, I love anything with almonds in it, and I especially love almond essence!) So if you’re into flavoured black teas, Tea Leaves is the place to get them from – oh, and they also sell coffee, too! If you’re into flavoured coffees, they have some really really nice ones (including Almond, and Amaretto!)

I stopped Rifting about 3.25pm because I had to go and do my nails – I was sorry to take off that lovely, luscious, ripe, red raspberry one, but it was getting very tatty around the edges (it was only the one coat…) and now they’re a beautiful, glistening, scintillating kingfisher-peacock blue! I hope all this typing doesn’t wreck them…. Remember that Photoshoot thing wot we got from the Vets? Julian rang up and booked yesterday – we’re still not sure if we’ll go through with it though… I hate being photographed because I always look horrible in photos – I only know of three photos that I actually look quite nice in – one has gone for good, one is hidden away in a box here somewhere, and one has been lost (thank goodness!) So I dunno… we may go through with it, we may not – it’s in April, anyway.

Weigh-in this morning. Was quite exciting, at first! I got on the scales, and they went down to 98.9kg! Then as I always do, I hopped off, and hopped back on again, just to see if it was “correct weight”… You know what? The wretched scales went back up to 99.1kg! Only one point down from yesterday 😦 I tried it a third time – to see if it would relent and go back to the 98.9kg that it came up with first. Nope, it was firmly set on 99.1kg. *sigh* Well, there’s always tomorrow… :/ well, at least I didn’t stay the same, and I went down, and not up… 🙂

So that’s about it for tonight – stay tuned for the next installment of “Life Chez Nous” 🙂 I’m not too sure what’s happening tomorrow, apart from my Warfarin blood test first thing in the morning. I suppose that once again, it’ll be up, weighed, dress, sprint for the stairs, back, change, over the road, have my blood taken, come home, breakfast, resume life as normal… other than that… I dunno… However! The mysterious Plan A present still hasn’t arrived, so it might come tomorrow! And I’ll certainly be getting some Rifting in – and… who knows? I may shed 24kg in one foul swoop! Highly unlikely, unfortunately – but never fear, there’ll be lots of news waiting for you this time tomorrow! So until then, bee good, stop doing that! and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

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