Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.13

Yet another Rifting day 🙂 As I said I would, I got Zorcha up to level 20, tidied her all up, posted off the waterbreathing necklace to Embercat, and off we took. Oh, and I think I might have said several posts ago that it was Carnival time in Telara? Well, during Carnival time, they have all sorts of rides and competitions – you can race toy horses on a miniature track, bounce on balls, have your fortune told – all the fun of the fair! Prizes consist mainly of gold tokens, which you can save up, year after year, until you get enough to claim a reasonably good prize. But apart from that, when you’re out doing your normal gathering things – Foraging, Mining and Butchering, you not only get the normal gains from all your hard work, but you also get extra stuff – Pumice, with your ore, Helium Blossoms with your herbage, Ultra Thin Hide with your… well, ordinary hides – and, if you follow the Parades around, whenever they pass crowds of cheering people, crystals are dropped which you can pick up. The Defiant’s are red, and are called “Resolve Cores”, the Guardian’s are blue, and are called “Might Cores”. Defiants can’t pick up Guardian’s crystals, and vice versa (so it’s no good going behind enemy lines to try to get some – you’ll get yourself killed by the Parade Guards!) However, they can be passed on to your other characters, whether they belong to the same faction or not – I just made the mistake of sending all of Zorcha’s “Resolve Cores” on to Embercat, who’s a Guardian. Never mind, I’ll just send them back – I did it more as an experiment to see if I could send the Pumice, Blossoms, and Ultra Thin Hides across – which works just fine.  You can take these items to a caravan just outside the capital cities and exchange 40 of any of them for glass beads, which in turn you can exchange for things like costumes, mounts, Dimension items, etc. from the World Event Shop (it’s not really as complicated as it sounds!) So I spend most of the day doing that, and, would you believe it? Embercat’s quest log was in almost the same sort of bad shape as Zorcha’s was!  Green “baby” quests mixed up with higher level Yellow quests – so I’m busy untangling that, at the moment, too! I only have another two girls to level up to level 20 after I finish with Embercat – Ondine, a level 8 Defiant, and Hialeah, a level 15 Guardian, who’s currently Auctionator, and Mistress of the Guild Bank Overflow. I’m not sure whether to level Hialeah up or not though – all her bag space is rapidly being eaten up with the GB overflow stuff… I suppose I could palm it off to someone else to “mind” for her while she levels up (it’d only take me a day from level 15) Yeah, I might do that, after I finish with Ondine. Then I have to take them all up to level 30 🙂 Himself and I have decided that because we won’t be able to have our usual Sunday fling in Telara because of the BDBB (Big Double Birthday Bash), we’ll try to get some gaming in tomorrow, instead. We won’t be able to play all day, but we should get a bit done 🙂 (and I have to do my nails tomorrow, too! I’ve decided that I will try out the luscious, ripe, red, raspberry Willow nail polish)

Aside from all of the above, it’s been a pretty quiet, boring day – my slacks have come home, an inch and a half shorter (I hope I guessed the amount to be shortened right!) but I’ll save them up for Sunday – and maybe Monday – but I think they’re “dry-cleanables” only (that is, I wouldn’t dare wash them at home, in case they shrank!) and I wouldn’t want to spill tea on them or anything! 😉 so tonight’s blog is going to be kind of short… (Oh, stop cheering! *annoyed look*)

Weigh-in this morning. Drum roll, please! I weighed in at…. 99.9kg! Double figures! It is possible, after all! Miracles do still happen! Mind you, it was a drop of four points, which is a lot, so I do expect it to be back up again tomorrow (says she, secretly hoping that it’ll go down a bit more… 🙂 ) So… there really is light at the end of the tunnel – and just maybe it’s not an oncoming train… So as I said, I expect to be up in the 100kg zone again tomorrow, but it’s only a matter of time until I’m firmly entrenched in the 90kgs (or 99kgs, anyway)

So tune in again tomorrow night – see if we Rifted, and if we were silly enough to try another Nightmare Rift, or if we continued to mow ’em down like dry grass before a scythe in beautiful Downtown Fortune’s Shore (Shimmersand)  – and I’ll also let you know what the L.R.R.R Willow looks like on, as opposed to in the bottle. I suppose you’ll probably want me to tell you how my weight went, too – and how much I went back up into the 100kg zone (at 99.9kg it really can’t go up without going back into the 100kg zone, can it?! Hmmm Unfortunately, I don’t think my scales can measure weight to two decimal points… Shame….) Well, there it is – or rather, there it was – My Exciting Day in a nutshell!  by Winter Thyme 🙂 (sounds like a good title for a book, or a movie, or maybe a play… poetry, anyone?) So until this time tomorrow night, bee good, take care, and… always stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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