Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.12

A true Rift day today – for once! 🙂 Zorcha is now level 18 – I could have got her to level 20, but by then my eyes were starting to cross, so I gave it a rest for a while. This morning, before my Stair Walk, I tried on my two new pairs of slacks – the one I got from Autograph was too big. The material they’re made from wasn’t at all “stretchy”, so I decided to get the next size up – just in case I needed the “stretch” that wasn’t there – and I got them in size 22. Big mistake! They’re going to have to go back and get exchanged for size 20, after all. The other ones, from My Size, in deep bottle green with a black swirly design, fit fine… except that they were too long. They went off today to be shortened, and should be ready tomorrow. Good! And both pairs have pockets, for once! Yay!! So I went off for my Stair Walk in my other slacks… After breakfast, I Rifted, and himself started “tidying out” some of the drawers and cupboards in the hall and dining room. Some of the things my mother had secreted in boxes and baskets inside the drawers and cupboards, pre 2006, elicited exclamations of “Good grief! Is that were those got to!”, as well as a lot of “What the hell is that!”, and “Why on earth did she keep those?!” A lot of things were thrown out, and a lot of things were saved for posterity (that is, let the kids throw them out when it’s their turn to go through all this stuff!) And guess what! All of a sudden we have a couple of empty drawers, just waiting and begging to be filled with more junk…er stuff! Oh, and we found out what happened to the Plan A present! Although addressed to our address here in Doncaster, Australia, it was shipped off to…. get this… Toronto, Canada, where it was (thankfully) “returned to sender” Honestly, how can you mistake “Doncaster, Australia” for “Toronto, Canada”? The two places don’t even start with the same ruddy  letter! Personally, I think the shipping company should send it on to us at the correct address, Express Post, and Free! Still, at least we know what happened to it, so I suppose that’s something… At the moment I’m trying to find a nice coffee table that will match our new entertainment unit and side tables. There was a matching one available, but (a) we didn’t like it all that much, (b) it was a bit too long, and (c) it wasn’t wide enough. Why is it though, that when you specifically ask Google to look for “coffee tables”, they send you links to bookcases, dining room tables and chairs, entertainment units, and just about everything else you can think of that isn’t a coffee table?! It annoys me… I’m longing for the day when you can just say to Google (or whatever search engine they’re using in the year 2566) “show me coffee tables, in light Tasmanian Oak, available in Melbourne Australia, and preferably in Doncaster!”, and it’ll show you all the coffee tables made of light Tasmanian Oak, available in Doncaster, Melbourne (Australia) and nothing else! How can it be so hard? The search engine only has to look for four words: coffee, table – hmmm… I can see a snag right there! The word “table”, following the word coffee… I suppose you could fix that problem by running the two words together, making it “coffeetable” – yeah, O.K. it only has to look for three words: “coffeetable” (all one word, no confusion, right?), “Doncaster”, and “Melbourne”… hold on, another snag! There are places called “Melbourne” and “Doncaster” all over the world – it’d probably be more straightforward to simply put in a post code, and a mileage/kilometer limiter… That would make only two words the search engine had  to look for, and a mileage/kilometer limiter, making it “coffeetable”, “3108”, and “25km” Once it coughed up the information on all the coffee tables within a 25km radius of Doncaster, then you could do a text search for the words “Light Tasmanian Oak” – and viola, as the French say – you’d find the right coffee table for you -Light Tasmanian Oak, not too far away, etc., etc. – in no time at all – no hassles, no stress… just… lots of lovely coffee tables to choose from! 🙂 Roll on, 2566! 😉

Weigh-in this morning was… disappointing. I [insert very rude word here, please] stayed the same 😦 100.3kg Despite the third Stair Walk per day. Despite finishing off those ruddy pills. Despite all my best efforts. I stayed the same. *gloom* Well, I suppose, at a pinch, that I can use the excuse (or reason) that it takes a couple of days for the effect of the pills to wear off, or the fact that maybe doing this third Stair Walk per day is swapping “fat cells” for calf and thigh “muscle cells”… but while the former might have an element of truth in it, I don’t really believe the latter… because my legs don’t feel any stronger, and climbing those last eight steps on the way back up still hurts my left thigh muscle, a lot! :/ I hope I go down a bit tomorrow – but I probably won’t… I’ll probably stay the same… or go up again… 😦

Anyway, stay tuned tomorrow night, when I’ll probably have got Zorcha to level 20, and stated on my next “willing volunteer”. I’m also trying to decide what to do about my nails for Sunday (the dual “Big Birthday Bash” for both me, and himself, who missed out on his last month, because the lift was out) By Sunday, they’re really going to need doing again, so I suppose I could do them on Saturday afternoon (or even tomorrow) but then I’ll get myself all out of sync… (but is that so terrible, anyway? Why not just start a new “sync” to attune myself to?) Ah! Decisions, decisions! Be sure to find out what I decide to do, in tomorrow night’s blog, because it’s too soon to make a decision in tonight’s! 😉 There’s also the problem of what colour to use… I could use this one again – it’s a very nice sort of sparkly rust – or I could use the new Willow luscious ripe raspberry red, which would also look good… Well, you’ll find that out tomorrow night, too, I guess. I’ll also be able to fill you in on what tortures my weight will have inflicted on me tomorrow morning – I’ll either be rejoicing, or sobbing uncontrollably… one or the other… So, once more until tomorrow night, gentle readers, bee good, don’t buy any one-owner bridges, and above all, stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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