Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.14

“Beware the ides of March” – that’s tomorrow… it’s the day of our Big Double Birthday Bash – should I be wary of girls (not Greeks) bearing gifts? 🙂 I hope not… Himself has decided not to BBQ tomorrow, we’ll do the usual Nandos chicken tenders, chips, and a nice home-made semi-Greek salad, with some sort of fancy cake standing in for a Birthday Cake… (?? what? Oh! No, I meant that he’s not going to have a BBQ tomorrow, not that he was going to BBQ the day! (honestly, some people! ruddy pedants!)) Everyone’s going to have to excuse me around 1.30pm while I go for my midday Stair Walk, but I’m sure they’ll be able to get along without me for about eight to nine minutes… As usual, I’ll have mineral water, while they have champagne, and I’ll have my usual Optifast bar (Berry Crunch tomorrow! 🙂 ) for lunch and dessert combined. This time next year, however, I expect to be hoeing in with the rest of them! It sort of brings a new facet to the nostalgic Jewish saying “Next year, in Jerusalem!”, doesn’t it! 🙂 “Next year, when I’ve finished my diet!” hmmm… Actually, I expect to finish my diet this year – maybe around August? September? Whenever I hit 75kg, and stabilize myself on that, anyway. Dr. Y. wants 75kg, so he’s going to get 75kg! 🙂 (ain’t I a good little patient! 😉 ) So because we’re not going to be able to have our usual Telara Bounty Hunting Day tomorrow, we had a bit of a play there today instead. Before we started though, I noticed that my favourite eldest daughter had linked to an article on Fiona Patten and The Sex Party on my Facebook Timeline. It seems that Ms. Patten has decided that her party has come of age, and should maybe discard the “Look At Me!” name, and opt for something a little more… credible? Or maybe a little less “smutty joke sniggerable”? (what’s wrong with “sniggerable”?! If the word doesn’t exist, it should, it says what it means – and besides, it does exist now, I just made it up and added it to the dictionary! *blows raspberry at screen*) I think a lot of people have been telling Ms. Patten the same thing – “Change the name of your Party to something a little less sniggerable, and more people will vote for you!” Have any of you readers ever visited The Sex Party site, and had a look at their policies? If you haven’t, you should. I don’t agree with everything they advocate, but for the most part they’re sensible, thoughtful, and what’s more, achievable! They’re for all sorts of things from gender equality to the right of the (genuinely) suffering, and who have no possibility of a cure, to Euthanasia. You wouldn’t allow your dog, or cat, or rabbit (or bird) to suffer needlessly, with no possible hope of recovery, would you! So why would you let your parent, or child, or relative? (but that’s another subject – please don’t get me started on it!) Ms. Patten says that she’s neither a Libertarian, nor a Civil Libertarian, but she’d like her Party to be the Liberals – the Actual Liberals – unfortunately, that name has already been taken – by the good ol’ Liberal Party – but I do have a suggestion for a name that might suit her Party… “The Progressive Liberal Party” – or, if they want to be a little more grandiose, “The Progressive Liberal Party of Australia”. I shall inform my favourite eldest daughter tomorrow of my Party name suggestion, and she can pass it on to Ms. Patten at their next Party meeting… (Please Note: This was not my official March Rant – in fact, it wasn’t even a rant – I just wanted you all to bear that in mind for when something arouses my ire enough for me to  publicly Rant about it, O.K? Thanks… 🙂 )

Back to Rifting. Well, we are still mowing the mobs down like grass before the scythe – knocking down mobs four levels (and often higher!) above our puny level 43 – it just takes a little longer, that’s all. Himself died once – I didn’t – and we did face some pretty hairy moments, especially around the base of the Flatyard where it was pretty much “stacks on the mill” when we ran into concealed, or “stealthed” fighters – once they jumped out at us, all their friends and relations seemed to come pouring out of the woodwork at us! That was pretty tough going, some of the time – but we survived 🙂 We even went up a level, and had we been playing the full day, we probably would have gone up a second level as well. Oh well, there’s always next week… After we finished off for the day – I had to do my nails, remember? – I did just that… I did use the new Willow deep, luscious, ripe, raspberry red nail polish, and I must say that it does look pretty! It’s a gorgeous red, and I didn’t even have to put on a second coat! (though I may have to after I finish typing this – typing is sheer murder on nail polish! I do hope it lasts! Maybe I should have used a second coat (worry,worry,worry)) I’ll see how it looks tomorrow morning…

Weigh-in this morning. Well, it was a big drop, and I was expecting it… I went back up to 100.0kg, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been (that’ll be tomorrow, I suppose… back to 100.5kg or something 😦 ) Still, I did make it down to 99,9kg, so it is possible… I shall try terribly hard to be brave, and not worry about it too much… (worry,worry,worry)

So, call in again tomorrow night – find out how the BDBB went, and did my nail polish last the night? What sort of Birthday Cake did we have, and what did we get for Birthday presents from the kids? I expect to get back to Embercat tomorrow, if only briefly, so hopefully I can take her run to level 20 a little further. And, of course, I’ll let you know what happens with my weight – I was terribly tempted last night  to not tell you that I’d gone down to 99.9kg – I felt it was almost like tempting fate, and, well, apparently it was… but four points is a lot to drop in one foul swoop, so I just have to grin and bear it (why do I have to grin?! I don’t feel like grinning, I don’t even feel like smiling! What I feel like doing is flinging myself down and screaming “It isn’t fair!”, and banging my fists and heels on the floor! That’s what I feel like doing. All this “grinning” and “bearing” things has got whiskers on it!) But you’ll find out all about it tomorrow night 🙂 So, until this time tomorrow, bee good, have some Birthday Cake, and… stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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