Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.11

Today, at long last, I did manage to go shopping! 🙂 I just had time to see to my Auctions and sort out my Minions, and we were off to The Glen. Finally! With my Autograph and My Size Birthday vouchers neatly folded in my handbag, our first stop was the rug shop on the ground floor near the David Jones entrance. They had some interesting rugs, and there was a lovely “Florentine” style rug in gold tones that would have looked lovely, but I wanted something a bit more… contemporary. While Julian chatted up the rug merchant and told him what we were after, I started flipping through those tall rug display frames – the second one in caught my eye straight away for the lounge room… Definitely not a colour we’d normally choose, it was in tones of grays with what can only be described as “off-black” (sort of like an off-white, only black?) Alright, perhaps it was more of a charcoal colour, only maybe a bit darker, here and there. The design is divided into nonsymmetrical and spaced squares, with delicate, almost branch-like squiggles on one side of the square, and a netting or lace-like tracery in the other side, and each square is slightly different from all the other ones. Sounds a bit weird when you’re trying to describe it, but the overall effect is very pleasing. It’s subdued, but not depressive, and although it’s in tones of black (or charcoal) and grays, it comes across more as a true “neutral” colour. Considering the fact that I want the curtains, lounge suite, and wall hangings (once we create the wall upon which to hang them, that is!) to provide the colour in the room, the neutral grays in the rug are the perfect foil. We need the next size up from the one they had in the shop though, so unless they have one in stock elsewhere, we’ll have to wait about a week for it – but that took care of the lounge room rug! Next, still wanting something more colourful and contemporary, we looked for a rug (or rugs) for the hall and spare room.  There was a gorgeous rug, in reds, golds, and darkish, sage greens, in a semi-abstract, semi-patchwork design which I thought would not only look good in the hall, but also in the spare room. The hall is an awkward shape – it’s sort of “L” shaped – and narrower down one end than the other – it would need two rugs, one larger, one smaller. They had one of these red, gold, and darkish sage green rugs in each of the sizes we wanted, so we got those, and have ordered another of the smaller ones for the spare room; it should be here in about a week, too. Julian has already put the two rugs down in the hall, where they look extremely nice. It’s funny, you know – when I was at school, I wanted to go on to uni and study ancient history and do Archaeology. Dad wanted me to do Architecture, but I didn’t have the mathematical skills (I was always totally and utterly hopeless at Maths! The only thing I did well was, would you believe, long division. I thought long division was fun…) So, not being able to do Architecture, I was shunted off to R.M.I.T. to do Interior Design – once again, I didn’t have the Maths, but I would have done reasonably well if I hadn’t become ill, and had to spend the next three years in various hospitals. But I do have a good artistic eye, and a flare for colours, and as Julian describes himself as having “the colour and fashion sense of Stevie Wonder”, I became the family’s Interior Designer – and Dad got at least a part of what he wanted for me (whether or not I was interested in it!) So the rugs are now organised. Then we went on to Autograph and My Size, where I used my Birthday vouchers (and quite a bit of cash) and got a couple of pairs of slacks with pockets in them (honestly, where’s a girl supposed to keep a tissue these days? in her hair?!) a couple of T-shirts, and a long sleeved jumper. Now I have to start looking at coffee tables – we went to Laura Ashley to get their latest catalogue, but (a) they didn’t have any, and (b) they had one of the coffee tables I was interested in there. I liked it in the catalogue, but I didn’t like it “in the flesh” – besides, it was too small… Now the Great Coffee Table Hunt is afoot! We still need to get some scatter cushions for the spare room, too… But that was about the extent of our shopping trip today – quite successful, I thought! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. A little bit better again – down to 100.3kg and… and… we did get back from our shopping spree before 3 o’clock – we got home just before two o’clock, and  I was like into the apartment, shed my feet (shoes), and out of the apartment again at almost exactly five to two, and around to the fire escape stairs for my (admittedly late! Lunch is usually around 1-ish) pre-lunch Stair Walk. I was finally able to sit down and have my lunch and a cup of tea at about a quarter past two, so I did remember to do my SW today! 😛 I wonder if my weight will behave itself again tomorrow?

So not much got done on Rift today – I did get Zorcha up another two levels, to level 14, but call in again tomorrow evening and see what’s been happening with my newest trainee. There’s still no sign of the Plan A present – himself will have to start chasing that up or maybe it’ll turn up tomorrow! My favourite eldest daughter had her first class for the trimester today, something to do with Television Production, I believe, which she seemed very cheerful about – but she’s had to change her day for coming over to either Monday or Tuesday. At the moment we’ve made it Monday, but I’d really rather is was Tuesday… still, it’ll work itself out, I’m sure. I don’t think anything very much is happening tomorrow, but there’ll be news and gossip for you, even if I have to make it up as I go along! 😉 I’m also a little trepidated as to what my weight will do tomorrow – it’s been good for two days in a row – does this mean I’ll go up again tomorrow, or stay the same? I’ll tell you tomorrow night whether the third Stair Walk is having a positive effect or not! So until tomorrow night, bee good, don’t walk in the rain, and… stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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