Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.10

It was an interesting day today – after breakfast I started Rifting, and himself went off to perform Taxi Duties for my favourite eldest daughter. The water to the block of apartments also went off – we’d had notification that the water would be off today between 9.00am and about 1.00pm, so we had casks of drinking water, buckets of flushable water, and hospital strength hand sanitizer on hand, so that was no problem. I worked really hard with Crystalsong this morning, and by the time himself got back I had her up to level 19. Now, I really feel terribly guilty… and ashamed… I didn’t do my pre-luncheon Stair Walk today, as I had previously stated that I would. You see, my “Plan B” present arrived, just after lunch, and before we’d had our lunch time cup of tea (most important, that cup of tea – can’t possibly do a Stair Walk on a tea-less stomach, no-way, no-how, no sirree! That’s mah story, and I’m-a stickin’ to it! 😉 )  and in all the excitement I simply forgot about my cup of tea, and, unfortunately, my Stair Walk.  The mysterious package contained a cordless, Bluetooth, mechanical keyboard! I really like mechanical keyboards – I know it’s showing my age, but they “feel” real, if you know what I mean. They have a nice, solid feel to the keys, and ye olde fashioned “clunk-clack” sound when you type 🙂 So far there’s still no sign of the “Plan A” present, but this keyboard is really great – it feels almost as good to the touch as the Estée Lauder face creams feel on your face! (I used them again this morning, and this evening my face still feels lovely and soft!) 🙂 Julian says that the keyboard does “sleep itself off” after about half an hour of inactivity, so I thought that it might be something to watch out for when I’m Rifting. But after playing a while this afternoon it turns out not to be the case – I’m forever hitting the space bar to jump over things, or hitting the “Y” key to mount and dismount from my trusty surfboard steed, so the keyboard doesn’t go to sleep while I’m playing, after all! 🙂 If it does (sleep itself off) all I have to do it hit a key and wait about 5 seconds, and it’ll wake up and start working again, like this evening, when I came back to the Den. It’s a really nice keyboard – thank you sweetheart! 🙂 So, as I said, in all the excitement, I completely forgot that I was supposed to do a Stair Walk after (or before) lunch – je suis désolé! 😦 So, anyway, getting back to Rift, I finally managed to sort out and clean up Crystalsong’s mad mix up of quests. The unfortunate side of which is that she’s almost too “old” for the quests she’s still got left (they’re all green now, and on the verge of going grey, which means that she won’t get any experience for doing them – but if she doesn’t do them, she won’t get the “breadcrumb” quests to go on to the next areas. It’s complicated…) I’ve taken her back to Sanctum, cleaned out her bags, and sent her waterbreathing necklace off to Zorcha, the next one in line to be taken to level 20. “Lucky” Zorcha has also had the somewhat dubious honour of being made “Dimension Mistress”, which means that she’ll be responsible for all things to do with Dimensions, from building, furnishing, and maintaining them, to receiving unwanted Dimension good and items from the rest of the Guild. She’s gunna need a whole lot of the biggest bags obtainable – which means, I suppose, that I’ll have to make someone an Outfitter as soon as possible, and train him or her up quickly so that they can start making Empyrean Bags (which have 28 slots, as opposed to the 24 slot Lanzan Bag) The only thing is, to buy the materials to make these bags costs a lot of platinum – unless you’re a high enough level to go out and farm them yourself (about level 65? I have no-one on Hailol anywhere near that level – yet!), it’s really cheaper to buy them ready made… I’ll see how the money goes. What I should have done is get Jademoss, my level 65 Outfitter on Laethys, to make half a dozen or so Empyrean Bags and give them to the “courier”, who could have transferred them over to Hailol… ain’t hindsight wunnerful?!

Weigh-in this morning. A bit better – I didn’t quite lose those three points that I gained yesterday, but I lost two of them. I’m back down to 100.6kg – not quite where I wanted to be at this point in time! And that was after I did my lunchtime Stair Walk yesterday – which I forgot to do today (O.K., I was rather distracted, alright?!) so one wonders what my weight will be tomorrow, seeing as I didn’t get that extra bit of exercise today. *sigh* Maybe I should write it on the back of my hand in biro – or better still, waterproof marker pen: “Don’t forget to have your pre-lunch Stair Walk today!” Come to think of it, I might not even be here around lunch time tomorrow…

Anyway, stay tuned tomorrow night for more interesting and amazing news from chez nous – we didn’t go shopping today because himself had to drive my favourite eldest daughter around, and the doctor was running behind (she always does – she’s a very good, and very popular Doctor!) so by the time he got home, we had lunch, and the parcel arrived, we didn’t have time to go shopping 😦 Well, we could have gone shopping, but it would have been very rushed, because himself had some work to do (read: a lot of work to do!) for the Body Corporate meeting this evening – and I really, really hate being rushed when I’m shopping for things like rugs, and clothes, and scatter cushions – it takes all the fun out of it! So we’ll go tomorrow (casts ominous look at Julian) won’t we, dear! So, if I am here, I’ll do my pre-lunch Stair Walk, if we’re out, I’ll do it as soon as we get home, as long as we get home before three o’clock – after that, it’ll really be too close to my après-midi Stair Walk at 5.00pm… However, I will be able to tell you if we found a rug for the lounge room, and if I managed to find myself a pair of slacks with pockets, for once, and what other adventures we had at The Glen (there’s a Laura Ashley there, too – I want to get one of their latest catalogues, to see if they still have semi-decent coffee tables…) So until this time tomorrow night, bee good, try to contain your impatience for the answers to all of your questions – all will be explained to you in due course, and… stay safe! 😉 ciao, all! 🙂

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