Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.09

“Well, Happy Birthday, me!” said my stupid body, and promptly added an extra three points to my weight total! Gaaaa! So I’ve had to do a third Stair Walk today – it should have been before lunch, but I didn’t remember until I was half way through (my lunch) so I went after lunch instead… tomorrow, I’ll remember. But anyway –

Apart from that weight gaining business in the morning (I knew those fluid retaining pills were going to catch up with me sooner or later! Thank heavens that tomorrow’s the last day of them for a while!) today was a very nice day – Josh, my hairdressing friend came over and did my hair for me, even though he had heaps of work to do at home; Julian’s “Plan A” Birthday present didn’t arrive in time (even though it was ordered over a month ago), so he went and organised a “Plan B” Birthday present – which also didn’t arrive in time, so he had to fall back to “Plan C” Birthday present, which was most gratefully received! It was a box of Estée Lauder products – moisturisers, eye creams, etc. I used them tonight – they feel absolutely delicious on your skin! Mind you, I don’t really think they’ll make me look any younger, but they do make you feel good using them 🙂 I have no idea whatsoever as to what the “Plan A” and “Plan B” presents are, or where they’re coming/had to come from, but no doubt I’ll find out soon enough (maybe even tomorrow! I hope so!) Ah, yes! Tomorrow! Himself has to play Taxi for my favourite eldest daughter again tomorrow – she has an appointment to see her GP – and he has a Body Corporate meeting tomorrow night – but I received a Birthday present voucher from Autograph, and one from My Size – and one from Zierra shoes (even though I haven’t bought anything from them for about ten years! I hate shoes!) As you can imagine though, the ones from Autograph and My Size are burning holes in the pockets I never seem to be able to get in slacks, and although I’m not the teeniest bit interested in Zierra’s shoes (shudder!), they do sell quite nice handbags as well! 😉 So that’s what I’m hoping to do tomorrow, when Julian gets back from his Taxi driver role – go shopping! Maybe at The Glen – there’s a largish rug shop there, as well as the other three shops mentioned above, and I want to start looking for a new rug for the lounge room, now that the new furniture is in place. We could also go to Target for scatter cushions for the sofa bed, too, while we’re there… Hmmm… I don’t know if the reason that I like shopping so much is because it gets me out of the apartment, or if it’s because I just like spending money! 😉 I think it’s the former…

I did Rift for a bit this morning – I organised the Guild Bank Vaults, now that we’ve got a third one, there’s lots more room (something tells me that it won’t be long before it’s chock-a-block too, though! A fourth Guild Bank Vault will cost 3000 platinum, so I think it’s probably a good idea to start saving for it now!) and I’d just finished doing that when I remembered that I was going to do my nails this afternoon, so I’m afraid poor old Crystalsong didn’t get much of a run around today. I didn’t use the new Willow Byron Bay luscious raspberry red nail polish today, I used the Inglot “breathable” red nail polish instead – dunno why, I just wanted to, is all… I’ll use the Willow Byron Bay one next week (it is a really glorious red!) Before I went and did my nails, however, I went and created the new Pisces emblem/icon/symbol (I can never remember what it’s called!) in the blog header – I didn’t really like the other one – it just looked “half baked” to me, somehow, so I made this one instead. It’s actually a combination of two fonts, a “buton” dingbat font for the background, with the same Pisces font as I used for the old one that I didn’t like, only smaller, for the top bit. I think this one turned out not too badly – I’ll probably let it stay for the week 🙂

Weigh-in this morning – well, the surprise is spoilt – I’ve already told you what a disaster it was! You’d think, wouldn’t you, that on an important day, like my 39th Birthday, that for once my body could do something nice for me, like losing a few points, or even staying the same – but no, it put on three points, taking me from yesterday’s slim and svelte 100.5kg, back to fat and slobby 100.8kg! 😦 Well, only one more day on those wretched pills, then maybe I’ll be able to shed some of this fluid that I’ve been jealously and greedily hoarding for the past nine and three quarter days! So, it’s finally arrived! The “Three Stair Walks A Day” era has dawned! Actually, it’s a lot easier and quicker than trying to organise myself to do exercise exercises (if you know what I mean!) According to himself, it takes me approximately 8 to 9 minutes, from the time I exit the apartment, to the time I re-enter it (“we probably should time it,” says himself – what a good idea! We’ll do that tomorrow morning, ‘K? 🙂 ) so it’s really no hassle to get up before lunch to do a third SW – I don’t really mind it at all (in fact I quite like it, as long as the lobby doesn’t reek of sour, acrid burnt garlic, or whatever else is causing the foul stench in there sometimes!) – it’s just the fact that it’s been more or less forced on me that rankles! :/

So anyway, call back tomorrow night and hear all the latest from moi-même – did I go shopping? Did we find a new rug for the lounge room? (or the spare room, or the hallway) Did I manage to find a pair of slacks with pockets in them? Why don’t I look in Target for clothes, now that I’ve dropped a bit of weight – they do have a Big Girls section… (good point! I might look there, if we go in to look for scatter cushions – kill two birds with the one stone, so to speak! 😉 ) and also – how are the new Estée Lauder products working out? Do I look any younger yet? (well, I can tell you the answer to that, right now, tonight! The answer is “No! But they sure do feel nice! 😉 ) and what about my weight? Will my body decide to apologize, and go down five points, to make up for it? All these questions will be answered for you, right here, this time tomorrow night – you won’t want to miss out on the exclusive exposé! So until tomorrow night, bee good, don’t eat too much, and please, stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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