Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.08

What a (Telaran) day! Well, we didn’t just scoot off to Ember Isle, though having finished the quests in Moonshade Highlands, we were sent off to the Droughtlands… where it seemed to be a matter of: we’d glare hard at the mobs, and they’d fall over dead! Just too easy! So after about five minutes of this glaring at mobs, them dying, and us collecting the loot, we weren’t sure what to do. We debated about Ember Isle, but we really didn’t have any way of getting there (yet) so we tried Shimmersand, the area you go to when you’ve finished in the Droughtlands. We didn’t have a “breadcrumb” quest to go there, either, but I know where the Shimmersand starting quests are, and we managed to pick them up, no problemo! Unfortunately, it was Invasion Day in Shimmersand, and they were level 50+ invaders! Why the goodness they want to put level 50+ invasions in a level 43 – 49 area, I have no idea – maybe it’s supposed to be what we’ve just been grizzling about – as a “challenge”, for uppity little Mages who think they’re really hot! Well, it was a challenge, alright! 😦 I died… I got charged at by a level 56 mountain, and sustained more than flesh wounds. I was not amused! Anyway, these gruesome little “challenges” don’t last all that long (thank heavens!) and we made sure we did all the quests that stayed out of the invasion paths first! Once the invasion segment was over, it was quite good, actually – we’re level 42 now – we were level 41 when we started, so we did go up a level – and although the mobs were between level 50 and 56 – some of them Elite (that is, extra rough, tough, and hard to kill) we managed to hold our own against them with relative ease! Sure, it took a little longer to knock them down when we were fighting solo, or more than one mob at a time, but all in all, I can see us getting bored with this fairly soon. Mind you, we are coming up to a very complicated and reasonably hard set of quests (which are all Orange, by the way – one step away from the supposedly impossible to finish and still live “Red” quests) They’re the lead-up to the Flatyard quests – personally, I think these lead-up quests are harder than the Flatyard ones, but that’s just me (I actually have a lovely Dimension set in the Flatyard “area” of Castle Fortune – it’s called “Palazzo del Destino” – go have a look at it sometime – it’s on the Laethys shard) We’ve got the initial quest to go there, so we’ll be having fun with that next week. Himself died once today, too – when we first got to the area just prior to the Flatyard beginnings – but it’s better than being bored! 🙂

Now that the lift is back in action, the new entertainment unit is in, and the spare room only needs a rug and some scatter cushions, the time has come for me to start making…. (dramatic music, please!)  …A List! Yes! This is the year of the new me… and the new apartment! Well, not a “new” apartment – we’ve decided not to move – but if we’re staying here, then I want this apartment to get a face lift. Or a paint and curtain lift – but definitely changed for the better. We want to do a lot of things that will require some structural changes – f’rinstance, we’re horribly short on wall space for picture hanging , etc. yet in the lounge room, we have one whole, entire wall that’s curtained off all the time. Why? Because the window behind the curtain looks directly into the apartments across the pocket-handkerchief garden, and the balcony outside that window has some rather unattractive air conditioning compressors glaring through the window at you if you open the curtains. I want to wall off that window, inside and out, leaving only one small section of window on that side of the room. It’s such a waste! All that expanse of curtain, all that wasted wall space – I want it back! And I want to change the curtains in the lounge room – but – we don’t know what we want to replace them with! Drapes? Been there, done that, didn’t look as good as we thought they would. Roman Blinds are an option, especially now that we can have them remote-controlled, so as not to have to cut the sides of our hands hauling on those thin “strings” to lower and raise the curtains. Venetians wouldn’t work… and over the years we’ve used different Curtain Manufacturers (Victory, Luxaflex, Kresta, Laura Ashley, to name a few) and they’ve all made very bad and totally inexcusable blunders – two curtains for the same window (pull across drapes) one side with the pattern upside down? Two windows the same size – one set of blinds several – not inches, but feet – too small? That sort of thing. And because I want a new coffee table for the lounge room, tonight, my darling husband asked me “what was I looking for in a coffee table!” I just looked at him, tight-lipped. That was when I told him I was going to make “A List” (he always whimpers when I threaten to make “A List” 😉 ) Actually, we do need a list, in order to organise everything, but more importantly, so we can tell the builder exactly what we want, without dithering and saying “I thought you said”, and “No, you misunderstood! I don’t like fluorescent lime green!”

You may have noticed the little Pisces symbol on the header… that’s because it’s my Birthday week – I knocked it up just before I started writing this blog tonight. No, I will not tell you how old I am – all you need to know is that I’m “Old Enough” 😉 And amongst my family and friends, whoever is having a Birthday will have their Zodiac sign posted in the header for their Birthday week too – I can’t remember who’s next, I’ll have to look it up…

Weigh-in this morning. Well, still no pre-prandial Stair Walks on the horizon for me – yet! I weighed in at 100.5kg, only one point down on yesterday, but at least it was down. And, only two more days of those horrible fluid loving and retaining pills to go… Unfortunately, unless a miracle occurs, I won’t make “double figures” by my Birthday, but hopefully I won’t be too far off it!

So call back tomorrow night and see what we’ve all been up to – will I have made my List? Probably not, but I’ll certainly be thinking about it. My gold nail polish is still hanging on – and who said that you can’t file and shape painted nails? I think it must be an urban myth, because one of my nails had a snag in it this morning, and it was catching on everything – so I sighed, and filed it down anyway, without removing the polish first, as I’ve always been taught to do – it worked perfectly well, and didn’t damage the polish (well, not too much, anyway!) Oh, next Sunday, we won’t be “Tripping the Light Fantastic in Telara” – because we’ll be having a double BBB! Julian missed out on his Big Birthday Bash because the lift was out, so we’ve decided that we can both have our Big Birthday Bash in the one foul swoop! As usual, I’ll have mineral water and an Optifast bar for lunch. Everyone else will have champagne, Nando’s chicken tenders, chips, a nice leafy green salad (home made), and Birthday Cake (of one sort or another) – but that’ll be next week’s news! Tomorrow night you’ll get all the latest about everything going on chez nous, almost as it happens! 🙂 So until then, bee good, have a glass of champagne for me, and above all, stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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