Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.07

Well, I worked my poor fingers to the bone this morning – I’ve almost sorted out Crystalsong’s weird conglomeration of quests, but not quite. I still have two “green” quests to finish off before I can move on to the three “yellow” ones – which will probably have to wait until next week now, as I won’t have time to do anything more tonight (by the time I finish this, and then attend to my Auctions and Minion Offerings, it’ll be almost midnight!) and tomorrow is our “Pillaging and Burning In Telara, For Fun and Profit” day… Still, Crystalsong is now level 16, so that’s not bad going, considering that I’ve been working through the “greenies” which don’t award quite as many experience points as the yellow quests do. The gentleman who was coming to help move and re-set up the giant TV arrived early this morning – most annoying, as we were just about to have our breakfast! We ended up having quite a late breakfast because it took a while to get everything set up and working properly (and I must say that it did look a right mess until later this afternoon when we finally had a chance to clean it all up!) After breakfast, Julian shot off to do the shopping as quickly as possible because the other gentleman caller we were expecting today, the guy who was going to give our old entertainment unit a good home, was coming at 2.00pm – thank goodness he wasn’t early! He was on time though, and once again, it seemed to take forever for the two of them to wrestle the unit downstairs and tie it securely into his… ute? van? I dunno, “vehicle”! Once himself came back from that we had a cup of coffee, then, with me “supervising” 😉 he started putting everything from the old entertainment unit away in the new one. By dinner time, it was all put away, the floor was swept clear of all the little bits of cat fluff from underneath the old unit, and all the little polystyrene crumbs from the packing that had been around the new one. It all looks very nice now! The lounge room rug is going back into the lounge room until we get a chance to go out looking for a new one, after which it will (probably) go into the spare room (or the hall!) and the new one (or two!) will go into the lounge room (and/or the spare room) We must go to Target and get two or three scatter cushions…

I also messed around with graphics a bit while the guys were busy wrestling with unwieldly cabinets – I’m now into my fourth day of messing around with recalcitrant graphics. I’m starting to get annoyed. I have to say, though, that even after all this time, I haven’t lost my touch with removing unwanted watermarks from “Free” and “Royalty Free” images! *smirk* I’ll get there one day (with this project) – there’s no hurry for it or anything – it’s for myself, anyway, so I can take as long as I like over it… I just find it… a needless annoyance that I can’t find anything that I really like enough to want to use in this project. F’rinstance, why can’t the symbol for Pisces be twin cats, running in different directions? I’m sure I could find cats that I could use… fish are so… so… I dunno, fishy! (Winter has a sudden idea: what… about… catfish! Yeah! I could use catfish in a Pisces design! *quickly starts googling images of cat fish*)

Weigh-in this morning. I was most gratified! I went down to 100.6kg – that’s three whole points! I wish I could do that every day…but I’ll probably stay the same for a fortnight, now! Or go up… Well, there’s always the third Stair Walk if I do! I went on my Stair Walk this evening – around 5.00pm, as usual, and Julian came with me, also as usual. But while we were watching TV before I had this weird feeling that I hadn’t done it, so I said to Julian “Did I do my Stair Walk this evening? I just have the strangest feeling that I didn’t” He confirmed that indeed, I had done my S.W., and that he was with me and saw me doing it. Unfortunately, while I know that I did do it, even now, I have this strange compulsion to go out and do it again, because I didn’t do it before! Does any of that make any sense to you all? I know – it doesn’t to me, either. *gasp!* Could it be Alzheimer’s?! Already?! 😦 Nooooooo! (actually, this is rather good! I shall (hopefully) worry another three or four points off my weight, now that I’m all concerned that I might be developing Alzheimer’s. There’s only one thing wrong with that premise though – I’m so darn lazy that I know it would be too much effort to be bothered worrying about! :/ ) *sigh*

Anyway, drop by this time tomorrow night and see what we’ve been up to – how did we go in Telara? Will we decide to toss these wimpy quests in and head for Ember Isle (where we’ll probably die a number of times – I remember one place there where they’re all Elites, there’s an awful lot of them, and they’re very, very tough (well, they were, once upon a time – but will they still be? That is the question!))? Or will we continue our long, slow slog through Mathosia (the section of Telara we’re currently in) even if only to gain Achievements, Titles, and Notoriety with various factions? (the higher your Notoriety, the more discounts, freebies, money and goodies you get from that faction!) And who knows? 😉 You will, this time tomorrow night! 🙂 My gold nail polish is slowly chipping away – will it last until my Birthday on Monday? Or will I be forced to change it before that? You’ll find that out tomorrow night, too! Ah yes, but what about my weight? Will you find out whether or not I went up, stayed the same, or went down? Of course you will! You know by now that I’ll grizzle and cry a lot if it goes up (or stays the same!) and be all happy and cheerful if it goes down…  So until this time tomorrow, bee good, have a fun long weekend (but not too fun, y’hear me?! 😉 ) and above all, stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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