Winter’s log, earthdate 201502.28

Well, it’s the last day of February today, the first day of Autumn tomorrow, and nine days until a certain Birthday. I’m glad that Summer went out with such a “bang”! We had a really spectacular storm burst here, complete with lightning, thunder, wind, and pouring rain 🙂 At one stage the rain was coming in horizontally against our lounge room windows – that was fun, and a little nerve wracking… when the wind and rain do that I’m always afeared that it’ll break the windows, or the balcony doors (like what happened to the apartment above us once!) Sadly, it all appears to have passed over now, and all is (relatively) calm. The weather report said that it got up to 32C in Melbourne today, but we were out in it all, and I didn’t think it was all that hot – it must have just been all the excitement of (finally) buying the entertainment unit, the two side tables, and the sofa bed! (does little dance of joy – mentally only! I’d still probably go through the concrete floor if I did that physically 😉 )They get delivered on Thursday – so the next thing to do is get the scatter cushions (hello, Target! 😉 ) and a floor rug… hmm… I wonder if we could put the rug from the lounge room into the spare room – we’d have to measure, but I don’t think it would be too big – and get a new rug for the lounge room? Julian? The lounge room rug is about eight years old, and a lot “cat-worn” – and if we’re going to change the lounge room curtains, maybe the rug should get a makeover too? Yes? No? Indifferent?

Well, as I said, we were out most of this morning and early afternoon. Julian needed a new script, and I wanted to get mine re-done. The last time we went to the Doctors was to get new scripts too, however we didn’t see our usual Doctor, Dr. B. – she was still on leave – we saw a different Doctor. She was very nice, and (having done her homework, so to speak) she’d noticed that nearly all of my prescriptions would be coming up for renewal soon, so she gave me the lot, in one foul swoop. Unfortunately she made the mistake of putting all the prescriptions on the one form (which I think I may have mentioned in my blog at the time) I thought that a Chemist should be able to cope with something like that, but, naturally, they couldn’t. Now, I’m a particularly fussy and finicky patient, I keep all of our prescriptions filed, alphabetically, in a card index system, so that when we need to get something, the prescriptions we want are right at my fingertips, quickly and easily found. When half a dozen different prescriptions are all bunged into the one (stupid flimsy little) Chemist’s folder (I’m thinking of making my own, actually!) it’s hard (for me) to remember which prescription is where. It’s not really a big deal, but it annoys the you-know-what out of me! So this morning, after having my blood pressure taken (which, I might add, was very good!) I presented Dr. B. with the single Chemist’s folder with the great wad of prescriptions stapled inside it, and asked her, very nicely, if she could re-do them all for me – on single forms, please.  She was kind enough to do so, so now I’m all happy again, and I can file my prescriptions in their proper places 🙂 Isn’t it sad how the older we get, the more strictly we want (or should that be “need“?) to stick to our little routines and rituals! (Ha! Just wait until I’m 90! No-one will be able to lift a finger in the wrong order! No-siree! Everything “by the book“, in my book! 😉 ) Then we went on to the furniture shop next to Howards Storage Shed and ordered the furniture, then into Howards to get another one of those sliding basket drawer thingies that has worked out so well, and then home. And as I said earlier, it didn’t really feel all that hot – it was a bit humid, though.

Back home again, and back to Rifting. I finally managed to get all the stuff that the new and improved Hialeah had “inherited” from her predecessor on the Auction House (let’s just hope it sells, this time around!) and I even took Persha for a spin and got her up another couple of levels. Then it was almost time for “walkies”, so I went and read until then. This evening we watched the new show that started tonight on ABC1, called “Grantchester” – a sort of a “Father Brown” look-alike (well, not really – Father Brown was a Roman Catholic priest – this guy, Sidney Chambers, is a Vicar – but they both ride bikes everywhere, so it’s similar in that respect…) The show looks promising – so we’ll probably watch it again next Saturday.

Weigh-in this morning. I was what the scales teased me with yesterday – 101.8kg Good! But I start those wretched pills tomorrow. Bad! Oh well, maybe I will have to add, either another floor to my Stair Walks, or, do a third Stair Walk every day, before or after lunch. I think I’d rather add another floor – making 48 stairs down, and 48 stairs up – a total of 96 stairs… (Winter visualizes plodding up an extra set of stairs…) On second thoughts, an extra Stair Walk before lunch sounds good… We’ll see… depends on how much fluid my body decides to hoard…

Anyway, tune in again tomorrow night – tomorrow is our “Traipsing in Telara” day, so there’ll be all the news from that, plus it’s about time for me to change over my nail polish again – I think I’ll use the gold one (with the silver shimmer!) next – see how that one looks. I quite like this dark blue one – it does grow on you after a day or so – but I still get a startle when I look down and see such a very dark colour (almost black, actually…) on my nails! After that it’ll be the ripe raspberry, and then I think I’ll circle back to the Inglot “breathable” red – the one that matched my hair so nicely 😉 I’m not sure that we’ll get the second cupboard sliding basket installed tomorrow because we’ll be too busy in Telara – Monday is hair day, and my favourite eldest daughter is coming over as well – her last visit before she goes back to uni – I think! So the sliding basketie thing will probably have to wait until Tuesday (but I’ve got a feeling we had something planned for Tuesday – I  can’t remember…) Anyway, there’ll be plenty of news and gossip waiting for you this time tomorrow night, so until then, bee good, don’t do anything silly… and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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