Winter’s log, earthdate 201502.27

As I suspected, another day filled with “busy”! 🙂 I Rifted this morning, for once, and what was I doing? Re-writing a new/old character… I may have mentioned that my class of choice these days is the Mage – almost all of my girls are Mages, with a teeny smattering of Hunter/Marksman Rogues here and there. Well, I’ve been mostly working on getting (the shard) Hailol set up as my new main sphere of operations – leveling each character in turn up to level 20, and so on… (and much to the surprise of everyone who knows me, two of them are male – and I intend to keep them!) There was only one little thing that unsettled me – my Auctionator and Guild Bank Overflow Mistress was a (*gasp! *shock! *horror!) Hunter/Marksman Rogue. She was level 8, and I knew that there was no way I’d ever get her past that (because I simply didn’t want to put the time in on a character that was never really going to go anywhere) So, I created another character, a Mage, on another shard, and gave her the same name as the Hunter/Marksman on Hailol, and got her up to level 15. I then did the rounds, collecting anything that would be of any use on Hailol, and loaded her up with big (read: expensive!) bags – because at level 15 I could only take 45 platinum with me. Then I went back to Hailol, collected everything that Hialeah had both in her bank and on her, sold off anything I couldn’t transfer to the new character, and shunted the rest off to a third character to “hold” for the new, incoming Hialeah. Then, with a quiet tear, I deleted her, and her full set of Transcendent Trove of Boosts (believe me, that really hurt! 😦 ) Then I transferred the new and improved  Hialeah to Hailol, and gave her all of her predecessor’s old belongings and goods (except for the Transcendent Trove of Boosts, unfortunately – all I can do is hope that in about a year’s time, Trion will decide to give us Patrons another present of a Transcendent Trove of Boosts in our mail boxes!) It took quite a while to sort everything out, set up a new Guild Bank Overflow account, and put the rest of the things I’d brought with me either into the new account, or on the Auction House, but by lunchtime it was finally all done!

After lunch I bathroomed. That is, I emptied out the cupboard under one of my sinks, sorted the mill from the floss, tossed out the junk, left the rest on the bathroom bench for later deployment, stepped back, and let Julian go to work. Yesterday while we were at Howards Storage, I got one of those tray basket-thingies that slide out on rails so that you can see and access what’s at the back. The bottom of the sliding rails screws onto  the top of the shelf, and it’s a really marvelous invention – we must get another one for the other cupboard… Anyway, that didn’t take very long, and I was soon back at work putting everything away again. I had a lot less of everything looking a lot neater and tidier than it ever had, in about half an hour. Or so. Maybe three quarters of an hour… Then I emptied out my “makeup” drawer, and sifted through that – most of it went, and what I kept I’ll probably only use once in a blue moon, if that! But for some quirky reason, I like it, so I kept it. I don’t wear makeup much any more – I find it tends to get caked in the creases – but I still wear eye shadow – and although very rarely, I’ve even been known to wear lipstick every now and then. A far cry from the good old days when I was a master makeup artist – thanks largely to the fact that my favourite cousin was top fashion photographer, Bruno Benini, and me spending a lot of time in his studio, watching, and talking to the models. Once I had all that done, I called on my in-house Master Technician (AKA Julian) to put some drawer dividers in for me – not as easy as it sounds! They too were from Howards, and were “spring loaded” – actually, they work very well, but they’re damn hard to move once they’ve been put in place! So then it was back to re-organising – what did I want to put where? Did I want the eyeshadow at the front, or the face wipes? Where could I put the eyeshadow brushes? they really needed to stand up… hmm… find an empty perfume box, cut the flaps off the top, and viola, as the French say, a stand up eyeshadow brush box! Tick-tock, tick-tock – that drawer took me longer than the cupboard did! By the time I’d finished the drawer, I had an hour and a half before my afternoon Stair Walk, so I went into the lounge room, put my feet up, and read until it was time for “walkies”. Oh, we measured (alright, he measured, I watched!) the television wall to see if the entertainment unit we saw yesterday would fit. It will! YAYY! Now all I have to do is badger him into getting it  talk him into it  yell at him until he gives in (*tsk!* what are the words I’m groping for?!) see if he thinks it would look really great there, too! 😉 The side tables would also look good in the lounge room, and we could use the old ones in the spare room at each end of the sofa bed! (crosses fingers and tries to look innocent…)

Weigh-in this morning. Once more, my scales showed just how horrid and mean they really are – this time, Julian was watching, and he saw how they deliberately teased me and thumbed their nose at me! I got on the scales… they went down to 101.9kg. Paused. Wavered briefly down to 101.8kg, then bounced back to…. 102.0kg! One point less than yesterday! Now, was that mean, or was that mean?! I thought it was mean! Julian thought it was mean, too! We’re onto you, scales! Do that again, and we’ll both get on you at the same time! So it seems I’m getting the “go slow” treatment – and the day after tomorrow I start those wretched pills again! I’m not happy! 😦

Still, drop by again tomorrow night and find out all the latest! We have to go out in the morning, we both need to get new scripts, and if possible, on the way home, I’d like to drop by Howards and get another one of those sliding-drawer thingies, for the other cupboard in the bathroom. My little fountain in the bedroom has died (it’s lasted over 12 years!) and I’d like to see if I can replace it – trouble is, I’m not sure who sells them any more – I think “Bunnies” has them, somewhere near their garden section, from memory, and I know I’ve seen them at some candle shops (but which ones? That is the question!)… So there’ll be plenty more news for you tomorrow night, never fear! 😉 In the meantime, bee good, don’t do anything naughty, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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