And here’s the final line-up…

On Hailol, though not in the order that I’d like them… unfortunately, we players have no control over the order in which characters are displayed. Anyway, here they are, in all their glory! 🙂
Winterthyme – Guardian Mage, Guildmistress, Minion Handler, and Runecrafter. Hialeah – Guardian Hunter/Rogue, Guild Bank Overflow, and Auctionator. Persha – Guardian Mage, NSAAY*. Asima – Guardian Mage, NSAAY*. Copperfire – Guardian Mage, NSAAY*. Embercat – Guardian Mage, Dimension Architect and Builder. Satai – Defiant Mage, and the whole darn reason why all of this was set up in the first place, NSAAY*. Rubyfox – Defiant Mage, NSAAY*. Nuha – Male Defiant Mage, NSAAY*. Zorcha – Defiant Mage, NSAAY*. Ondine – Defiant Mage, NSAAY*. Jadenfyre – Male Defiant Mage, NSAAY*. If anyone reading would like to perhaps team up with one of these fine Mages, you’ll need to create a character on the shard Hailol, add any or all of the names above to your Friends List, and send Winterthyme an in-game email requesting Guild Membership, and/or a team-up to play with one of my Guildies. So… it’s all starting to take shape! Now all I have to do is decide who’s going to do which skill, out of Outfitting (creates cloth and leather items, bags, and capes.) Armorsmithing (creates chain and plate armor, as well as shields) Weaponsmithing (creates melee and ranged weapons) Apothecary (creates Flasks, Potions, Philters, Tonics, and Vials) Artificing (creates jewelry and caster weaponry) and Runecrafting (creates runes, used to augment weapons and gear – Winterthyme already does this one) Once those positions are assigned, the rest of the mob will concentrate on the so-called minor skills – the Gathering professions, like Foraging, Mining, and Butchering, because we’re going to need a lot of raw materials! But that’s a problem to work on next week, when I’m going to be very firmly incarcerated in this apartment.  So I spent the morning leveling up some of the younger people (I can’t just say “girls” any more – there are two men there now!) and it’ll be very interesting to see how everything shakes down and sorts itself into routines…

Our cleaning lady did turn up, and we’re no longer using periscopes to see over the top of the Flipper Fluff that was starting to take over the apartment. Tomorrow we’re off for my final outing for just over a fortnight – I’m hoping to go to Office Works – I need some more magazine binders, and who knows what pretty little boxes and stationery items I’ll see while I’m there! 😉 I was also hoping to go to Autograph and/or My Size – but I’ve decided that I’m not going to get new slacks until I hit double figures (probably in ten years, the way I’m going at the moment!) but I really do need more tops – I’m constantly waiting for things to come back from the Dry Cleaners (or to even go there in the first place!) so we might still go up to The Pines, after Office Works (or before – depends on how hot it gets!) Basically, I just want to go somewhere that’s not here! I should probably get some more running socks, too, though Julian can pick them up from Athlete’s Foot any time – they’re only across the road… Yes, I did go for my Stair Walk this afternoon – wearing the running socks instead of my torture devices shoes, it’s actually not that hard – and in another couple of days I might try stretching it to a level and a half! Do you know, I haven’t walked up or down a series of steps (that is, stairs) for… what?? four or five years? At least… I just asked himself and he can’t remember either – his reply was “several years?” I just wish I could stand up straight… Julian thinks I should do my Stair Walk in the morning instead of the afternoon – what does everyone else think? I suppose I could weigh myself, get dressed, and head for the stairs before breakfast, but I’m not convinced that it would make all that much difference… so I’ll just use my classic response when the kids used to ask me if they, or we, could do something/go somewhere that I wasn’t really all that enthused about, and say… “We’ll see…” 🙂 (and somehow… we very seldom did go, or do, whatever it was that they were so insistent about at the time, but promptly forgot about the next time a different ad came on the television, and they wanted to do that, instead! 😉 ) So…. “We’ll see….” 😉

Weigh-in this morning was pathetic! I’f I wasn’t so annoyed about it, you’d be looking at a tear soaked screen right now! I [please insert very long string of very rude words here] stayed the same. 105.5kg This is getting very tired! I’m sick to death of being in the 105kg zone! And I’m only on day 6 of these wretched tablets! Maybe if I get myself a timer, and set it to 90 minutes…then when the alarm goes off, I get up and walk the House Circuit (den to passage, passage to hall, hall to bedroom, bedroom to den) 5 times, then re-set the timer, rinse and repeat – as well as the Stair walk, perhaps that would help break this… this… dead-end hole my weight has sunk into? I’ll get a timer tomorrow, while we’re out (we do have several timers in the house, but timers are like biros and wire coathangers; they tend to gravitate to the dim, dark corners of an overcrowded wardrobe, or to the very back of a seldom used drawer, under a pile of dried up old markers, bits of paper that you’ve kept because they have “important” notes on them, and bent and misshapen paper clips!) As I’ve said… “I’ll do anything to get thinner!” (“but I won’t do that!” – with apologies to Meatloaf! 😉 )

So tune in again tomorrow night, folks – did I brave the heat and go to Office Works, and The Pines? Did I get my Magazine Holders? or some new tops? And did I cave in and get some new slacks, after all? Will I still go for my Stair Walk if it’s very hot? I could feel the lobby and the stairwell heating up already today, and in High Summer it can get extremely unpleasant out there… Will my weight have dropped any, or will I still be the same or higher? Experience leads me to place my bet on the latter… :/  So until tomorrow night, bee good, and above all, stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

*NSAAY = No Skill Assigned As Yet

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