It was a very busy day….

Today… Himself left earlier than usual to pick up my favourite eldest daughter, because he had a Dental appointment at 11.30 – so it was pretty much Up! Bathroom! Tea! Breakfast! Coffee! Out the door! No time for pleasantries, no time to stop and pat the cat, just rush, rush, rush… I did manage to get about three quarters of an hour of Rifting in this morning whilst himself was off picking up Lee, so at least my Minions got relieved of their loot and sent off on new Adventures, but that was about the size of it… until tomorrow (though our cleaning lady is supposed to be coming tomorrow, and things tend to get just a trifle noisy when she’s around 😉 Julian duly picked up Lee and dropped her off here, then raced off to his Dental appointment, and I’m happy to report that the Dentist didn’t do anything drastically nasty to him – in fact the Dentist is quite nonplussed. Last year Julian had a cracked back tooth which was giving him problems because it had become infected. They cleaned up the infection, and he had a root canal filling done on the suspect tooth. He was supposed to be getting it Crowned around about now, but the darned tooth hasn’t settled down properly and is still giving him problems. The Dentist is mystified. The Dental X-rays simply don’t give enough information – it could be that there’s a fourth root on that tooth that missed the root canal work, although the Dentist says that this is highly unlikely… or it could be the tooth with the large amalgam filling in it that’s next to the suspect tooth, that could be causing the problem. Another problem is that the pain and discomfort are intermittent, and tends to die down again just as quickly as it flared up. So he’s got another appointment in six months, and if or when the pain flares up again he’s to ring the Dentist immediately and he’ll see him as an emergency patient – hopefully before the pain subsides again. When he got back from the Dentist, we didn’t even have a cup of coffee, just raced off again to pick up Lee’s shoes – which did fit, thank heavens, and which finally became her (somewhat belated) Birthday present from us. They had lunch at the Coffee Club, and I sat at the table with them and had a glass of mineral water and ate my Optifast Bar which we’d brought with us. While we were in the shopping centre, I picked up the iron supplements that Dr. Y. wants me to have (why was I never told before that I was very low on iron? Apparently this has been the case for some time – my blood, my iron levels, and nobody thought to breath a word of it to me?!… Talk about feeling like a mushroom!) and three new silver rings from Magnolia – they have a special on at the moment, buy two items and get a third one free – though I didn’t know that when I was looking at the rings (mine are all getting too big for me!) Then we came home, and by that time we only had time to watch one episode of “Person of Interest” before Lee had to leave again 😦 I’m not sure when I’ll see my favourite eldest daughter again – the lift goes out on Monday, and I honestly think the stairs will be too much for her. She’s bigger than I was when I started this diet, and she’s already had one minor heart attack… By the time the lift is back in operation again, she’ll probably be back at uni, and it’ll depend on her time table as to when she’ll be able to come over. Oh, and I might add that I’m not at all pleased with Melbourne’s weather! It’s going to be 35C on Saturday, my last day of freedom and being able to go shopping, and ummm… I dunno, just… go somewhere other than here! On Saturday night the doors to my prison will clang shut, locking me away from the world and all its shops until February 25th (or thereabouts) when hopefully the lift will be restored to us in all its refurbished glory 🙂

Remember I said I was going to think about how I could do my stair walk without having to wear my shoes? Well, I had a brilliant thought this morning. Last week while Lee was trying on hundreds of pairs of shoes in Athlete’s Foot, I was idly looking around the shop, and spotted lots of different types of socks. Some were called “Walking Socks”, and some were called “Running Socks”, and I wondered what the difference was… so I asked the nice lady pulling out all their shoes for Lee “why was it so?”, and she explained that they both had different types and amounts of padding in them to protect the soles of the feet of idiots people running, or walking. I remembered them this morning and thought “Hmmm! I wonder if they would help protect feet walking up and down…. on stairs!” So we got a pair this afternoon – I got the “Running” socks because their padding felt the thickest, and I used them on my stair walk later this afternoon – yes, I did go again, I told you I would! 🙂 And the socks worked a real treat! Not only was I able to keep my balance in them, but I also got a trifle puffed this time – I was rushing down and up the stairs so quickly! And I didn’t feel so precariously perched on top of a chasm this time, either! Success! I think we’ll get some more of those socks. There’s only one slight problem with the socks… our apartment is all tiled, and socks + tiles = slippery. If I put the socks on in the lounge room, then I have to slippy-slide my way to the front door. Mind you, it would be very easy to bring one of the dining room chairs into the hall and put my socks on there, instead. So we will, next time, and that’s that problem out of the way too! 🙂 See? I’m quite a genius when it comes to “inventing” ways to add to my own comfort! 😛 Today, one small landing on the 4th floor – tomorrow, the world! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Not good. Not good at all! I stayed the same. 105.5kg. This stair walking had better work! If I had enough hair, I’d be tearing it out in handfuls! My weight had better be down tomorrow (but I know it won’t be) or I’ll cry! 😦

So tune in again tomorrow night – find out if our cleaning lady turned up or not, and if things got very noisy with the vacuum cleaner an’ all… I’ll be able to let you know if Blueiris can finally migrate to another shard (I checked on Jadenfyre this morning, and he can be transferred tomorrow!) so now it all rests on Blueiris. I don’t want to do it, but I will delete her if I absolutely have to – I’m not going to wait around much longer. All will be made clear tomorrow night! And you’ll hear all about tomorrow’s Sock Stair Walk – or should that be Stair Sock Walk, or even Stair Walk Sock? Whatever! You’ll hear about it here tomorrow… and if all you see is a tear soaked screen, you’ll know that my weight either went up, or stayed the same… So until tomorrow night – bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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