Here today, and…

Gone tomorrow… The year 2014, almost over… I can’t say that I’ll miss it, exactly – from our point of view, a lot of not terribly nice things happened, but, on the other hand, a lot of good things happened too, so it is with somewhat mixed feelings that I wave 2014 a fond adieu. I ended up in hospital twice – but, I also found a fantastic new doctor 🙂 I determined to lose weight – by diet alone, sans surgery, something that all the doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to do (I love proving them wrong! 😀 ) – and I’ve lost 24kg in four months – and I’m a-telling you, I ain’t a-missin’ them thar kilos one tiny little bit! 🙂 But… I’m only half way in my weight loss program. The ubiquitous “They” tell me that each journey starts with the first step in the right direction… and “They” also tell me that “all diets fail in the end”, except, I think, where the dieter really wakes up to themselves and is determined not to fall back into… eating half a packet of biscuits at a time, because “they taste nice”… or… sitting watching television, mindlessly popping Malteasers into their mouth “because they’re there, and they taste nice”. I have also proved to myself since August that I do not get hungry – not even a little bit – when I don’t eat those things, so hunger was never the problem. I never did have a big appetite, but I was lazy, and bored, and if the goodies were there, I’d sit and eat them, for no better reason than that they were there, and they tasted nice. Simple solution. Make sure they’re not there. If they’re not there, I can’t even be tempted (though I don’t think I would be any longer, anyway because the mere thought of eating those things again makes me shudder and feel ill!) Enough about the weight loss, more about the year that almost isn’t any more! 🙂 What else have I accomplished? I’ve started this blog, and kept at it. I’ve started lots of blogs in the past and never posted more than about once or twice in them – I’ve always given up on them with the attitude of “Uh! Who’s going to give a damn what I think, and what I feel, anyway!” Well, with this blog, it’s me who really “doesn’t give a damn” what anyone else thinks about my ramblings, because this blog is for me, as well as about me! What else… I’ve made a friend – well, I hope he’s a friend – and I’ve gone back to my graphics, tentatively, anyway. So… while bad things happened to me and mine, there were a lot of positive things too… so as I said, it is with somewhat mixed feelings that I wave goodbye to 2014. And I wonder, with no little trepidation, what 2015 has in store for us all…

I got a good long session of Rifting in this morning – himself went over to my favourite youngest daughter’s place to set up her new laptop properly, and to get her email working – and I sat and ran gaily through Telara, killing Goblins, Aelfwar, Satyrs, and sort-of wolves, with happy abandon (did I ever mention the fact that I want a keyboard that isn’t one key to the right out of synch with my hands?!!! (and I just had to go and correct two typos in that sentence, caused by that very problem, and I was looking at the keyboard the whole time, ‘coz I can’t touch type!) Grrr! However, I do have a birthday coming up in March… hint? hint? So, anyway, I sat and Telara’d until lunch time… Then I thought to myself “I’ll have another go at creating pretty baubles with lots of bling on them!” and then my favourite youngest daughter rang up and I sat and talked to her instead, so not much bauble-ing got done, but I have the beginnings of a pretty ruby one saved, and as I really don’t get a chance to talk to my favourite youngest daughter very often, I made the most of the opportunity 🙂 Then himself came home, and I went up to the lounge to have a (most welcome) cup of tea and read with him for a bit. We had an early dinner (my soup was Chicken tonight – tomorrow night it’s back to Tomato!), and watched what passes for news these days. Then we watched two episodes of Star Trek Enterprise, and now here I am! 🙂 Writing another missile missive to you all…

Weigh-in this morning was even more proof that things are back to what is laughingly called “normal”. I went down 3 points to 110.1kg, where I was last Sunday, and the Friday before that. Talk about a see-saw! So who knows where it’ll be tomorrow – hopefully my body will start the New Year as it means to go on… and that is, down! Tomorrow I also start back on those wretched pills that make me retain fluid, so I hope I go down a reasonable lot so that the extra fluid I’ll accumulate won’t bounce me back into the mid 110kgs!

So tune in again tomorrow night – find out what the fireworks over the city were like from our lounge room, and if we toasted the New Year in with a daring champagne flute of sparkling mineral water… and most importantly, of course, how this recalcitrant body of mine decided to start off the New Year! 😉


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