Well, I thought it was interesting!

I received an unexpected present in my email this morning, from WordPress! A summary of my 2014 blogging activities, and seeing as how I didn’t even start this blog until August sometime, it makes for quite interesting reading. I didn’t realise that I had more than just one or two readers, so thanks everyone for looking in on my sometimes slightly unorthodox musings! 🙂 I hope you’ve enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, reading about the trials and tribulations in my dieting and weight loss endeavours, and in my otherwise quiet and totally uneventful life… Ahhhh… and I have this great bridge for sale, too – only one owner, a little old lady who rode her shark with feet over it every week on her way to the Auction House… 🙂 (Uneventful? I should be so lucky! 😉 ) As I was given the option to share the results with you, I posted it, and if you want to have a look at it, it follows this post.

I Rifted this morning, but it was a late start – someone must have tripped over one of the cables at Trion or something, because first the shards were a bit shaky, then they came down altogether, and didn’t come back online until well after 10.30am. I’d noticed that it seemed a little jerky last night, too, and what’s more (or it may be the true culprit!), Glyph crashed on me last night, right in the middle of logging on – sent an error report, and proceeded to work just fine *shrug* – who knows? Anyway, once it was back up this morning I quested Gingerlilly until lunchtime (so not really all that long, after all!)

After lunch I drifted back to graphics for a while – made some little buttons/gems – “thingies” – for my project… and this time I did make sure to keep saving things! 🙂 I’m not sure if I like them though – they’re nice enough, I suppose, but I really wanted something more… dazzling? They need a bit more “bling”, or something… I’ll keep working on them. So far I’ve made 5 round ones, and 5 diamond shaped (i.e. squares sitting on a corner!) ones, but as I said, I really wanted them brighter. I’m having to dredge deep in my almost forgotten store of graphics know-how, trying to remember how I used to do things – actually that’s not quite right – I do remember how I used to do things, it’s just that this new version of Eye Candy is different from the one I used to use – and quite frankly, it’s not even remotely as good. In a totally misguided attempt to make things “slicker” and more “streamlined” and “modern”, they’ve changed, or rather, omitted, a lot of very useful and necessary controls! Especially in the drop shadow controls… I miss the old one a lot. Oh well, such is the price of progress. A prettier package at the expense of useful tools! So what else is new? I’m not impressed, Alien Skin! Yes, there are work-arounds, yes, they do take longer to produce what isn’t, in my opinion, a comparable result. Back to the drawing board…

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow, New Year’s Eve; we’ll probably treat it as just another night (and probably be spending a bit of it in Telara, too 😉 ), only we’ll open the blinds and turn the lights down so that we can watch the fireworks on the city skyline when they start popping, and maybe, just maybe… if we’re feeling really festive, we’ll toast each other with mineral water – in champagne flutes! 🙂 As for New Year Resolutions? I think we resolved not to make any, many years ago! Is anyone else doing anything special for New Year’s? Do drop us a line and tell us all about it!

Weigh-in this morning found my scales and my body in collusion again… Yes, I went up. Only one point, to 110.4kg, but my traitorous body put on weight! I was not pleased! Especially after being so good, and going down almost a kilo in one day… so on the other hand, maybe it went down so much because it knew it was about to go up, and rather than go up a lot, it went down a lot first, so as not to make to going up look so bad? I hope that made sense… if you read it through three times slowly, like I just did, it does… sort of… :/

So stay tuned tomorrow night – never mind the celebrations, this is more important – and find out if I went up again, in which case I shall be most upset, or if I went down… or, heaven help us, I stayed the same… and if you’re very, very good, on Thursday night I might even tell you what the fireworks were like 🙂

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