It’s starting…

I got my first Christmas Card today… from old family friends, and it’s funny, you know, but I had just been wondering if they were still alive, and hey presto, a Christmas Card arrives from them. I guess the Great Ceiling Cat sent me the answer to my musings… 🙂 I’m glad though, because they’re really nice people, and I haven’t seen them since Mum died, in 2007…

I Rifted this morning, plotting and planning my scheme for urban development… I still haven’t made up my mind about who will live where, or just how I’ll move things around without the help of a usable Dimension Toolbox addon – the houses might even have to wait until someone else decides to write a working version of the currently unworking one 😦 In the meantime, I took Jademoss to stay overnight at her sister Wyntercat’s “Hobbit Manor”, in Anywhere. The house is finished, but the garden is still being worked on. Actually, that’s not quite true – although the house has two bathrooms, and two toilets, it doesn’t have a bath or a shower… In fact most of my so-called “finished” houses don’t have them either… :/ I guess that means that they’re not finished, after all… *sigh* Back to the drawing board… Actually, one finished (though sparsely furnished) house does have a very nice bathroom, with a beautiful big semi-circular bath, and all mod cons! Visit Mossrose’s “Inside the Icehouse” in Icewatch Outpost to have a look! It took me forever to hang the floral drapes across the bathroom door in a double straight line, too! I shudder to think how totally impossible it would have been to hang them without the original old Toolbox (which was still working back then)! I really should keep on checking back at Curse to see if a new version is available yet… and leave a lot of “suggestive” messages about it on their Forum (I presume they have a Forum?) Well, I just went and had a look… No, there’s no new version yet, though it was originally uploaded in January this year… and no, there’s no Forum visible, unless it’s a Registered member feature. I’ll go and register later, and see if that produces a Forum for me to grizzle and complain in…. 🙂

After lunch I got out last year’s Christmas Card list. There were 32 names on it… now there are 17 🙂 And because my handwriting has deteriorated so much (due to me seldom using it except to madly scribble notes on my desktop notebook – things like unusual names I might try out for a new character, endless lists of mysterious numbers, which are in fact RGB colours, lists of Fonts to use on some project or other… which get scrawled down so quickly, usually when I’m still looking at the screen instead of what I’m writing – well, it’s actually a wonder that it’s still legible!) Anyway, because my handwriting is so messy these days, I use Word to design a name and address label with a Christmas ornament or decoration on it, and print them all out on peel-off label sheets… which we then stick onto the envelope. Besides, my handwriting always slopes up, instead of going in a straight line… :/ So that’s the Christmas Card List done. Now I just have to scribble a quick note inside the Cards, which I intend to do on Thursday, get Julian to print and guillotine the labels (Friday?), bung ’em on the envelopes (Monday!), and post them. Anyway, I aim to have them in the mail by next Tuesday, latest! 🙂

By the time I’d finished all that, it was too late to go through my wardrobe, so I still have that chore to look forward to tomorrow morning :/ Still, it shouldn’t take too long – it’s not as though I can stop and examine every second item, saying  “Oh, I love that top – I think I’ll keep it!”, because I wouldn’t be able to wear them again even if I did! Sometimes, one just has to be ruthless! 😉 If it’s an XL, it goes! End of story! :/

Weigh-in this morning was a bit of an anti-climax… Yes, it was the same again – third day in a row at 114.9kg! I’ll be somewhat stroppy if it’s the same again tomorrow, or if it goes up… I deserve a weight loss! I’ve worked hard for it, and I’ve damned well earned one, scales, so don’t you dare tell me I’m still at 114.9kg, or higher, tomorrow, or I’ll… I’ll… get the sledge hammer! Or cry… well, maybe snivel a bit, anyway…

So stay tuned tomorrow, folks, to see if Winter did actually go through her wardrobe, and to see if the scales are still intact, if they happen to give her bad news… Did she snivel, or did she not? Is there room to fit a small pony in her wardrobe, or only enough room to swing a cat? We’ll see… 😉

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