I got sick of…

Black, so I decided to change it 🙂 Do you like the new decor? 🙂 Today was quite a good day – had my hair done this morning, and cut quite a lot shorter at the back – I like it, I think I look better without bits of hair sticking out around my neck… I also decided that since Rift doesn’t have Inns, as such, that I would try to create cosy homes for my girls to retire to after a hard day’s work (so to speak) In WoW (World of Warcraft), there were Inns where you could run upstairs, lie down on a bed, go to “sleep”, and logout. And you’d “wake up” there next time you logged on, too!  It was fun, but many’s the time when you’d just lie down on the bed  to go to “sleep”, and someone else would suddenly materialise on top of you, having just logged on and “woken up” 🙂 So anyway, Rift doesn’t have any of that, but we do have our own Dimensions, and we can enter our Dimension, lie down on a bed, “sleep”, and log straight out. Of course, you don’t wake up in bed in the Dimension, you wake up in the same place you were when you entered your Dimension… So… although I have an average of three Dimensions per girl, not all of them are finished enough to go and have a nice lie down in. This will be remedied toot sweet (as the French say), and I shall start whisking the girls home after their long, arduous days of questing and fighting nasties, to first a nice bath, then a banquet in the dining hall, and finally to a nice comfy bed, before I log them out… The Minions can take care of the cleaning and washing up… 😉

So that’s what I started doing this afternoon, and shall probably continue with tomorrow, but then I remembered that I was going to look for a couple of Photoshop filters that I’d been missing – “Kaleidoscope” and “Seamless Border 2”, by Mehdi – and after locating, downloading, and installing them, I thought that since I was already in Photoshop, it seemed silly not to do a bit of work… and you’re looking at the result of that work right now! 🙂

Actually, tomorrow looks like being a busy day – I have to go through my wardrobe and remove all the “falling off me” clothes, and get them ready to go off to St. Vinnies… They’ve all been dry cleaned (cost us a fortune!) so now they just need to be gathered up and taken off… and all of a sudden, I’m going to have heaps of room in my wardrobe again! It’s a shame, really – some of the clothes are very nice, and have only been worn once or twice – but they’re no use to me now, and I have absolutely no intention of putting the weight back on again, ever!

After I’ve dealt with the clothes, I have to get out the Christmas Card list, and the Christmas present list, and start working on those. You know, every Christmas we send out around about 32 Christmas Cards… and we get about 4 back! Not going to happen this year! This year I’m “culling” everyone from the list who didn’t send us a card last year, or the year before! Of course, all the Adelaide mob will get one, and the Israeli chapter will get one, and himself’s sister in Sydney… but the rest? Let me just say that we’ll probably need less that 20 cards this year! *severe look at screen* So, if you haven’t sent us a card for the last two years (yes, you know who you are!), you have been warned! *another severe look at screen* 😉

Weigh-in this morning was pleasantly surprising… I was expecting to go up, as I’m back on the Provera for 10 days :/ But I stayed the same, at 114.9kg, which I thought was rather good! 🙂 Of course, it remains to be seen what happens tomorrow… I shall probably go up, but at least I’ll have had two days of not shooting right up into the 115kg zone (which is probably be where I’ll be at tomorrow) *sigh* Say la vee, as the French say…

So call in again tomorrow night to see whether I have an almost empty wardrobe… and If I’ve culled about 15 or so people from the Christmas Card list, and made a start on the Christmas Present list (uuuhh… does anyone know how to wrap a pigeon? 😉 ) And if my weight went up… or down… or stayed the same, for the third day in a row… 🙂

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