A trifle waterlogged…

I feel as though I should still be dripping all over the keyboard! 🙂 The new zone/area that’s opened up in Rift is mostly underwater, and I hate it!  Hate it, I tell you! :/ I can’t tell if I’m up, down, on target, or hopelessly lost under a ledge! :/ I’ve never been terribly good at co-ordinates – tell me to go left, and I surreptitiously glance down at my hands to see er… where left is (there it is Winter, it’s the one you don’t write with, remember?! 😉 ) I caught it from my mother – she used to do that too. Strangely enough, I can read a map and give directions to anyone driving, but in a game? Pftttt! I’m hopeless! Of course, it doesn’t help that the character Julian’s playing, Schatzi, is a dwarf, and hard to spot at the best of times (even if he did put a ruddy great skull over her head :/ ) I may have to change the colour I’m using for group players, too, to something a little brighter and more visible than presley purple. Apart from my difficulty maneuvering myself around under water, it was a good day, and we had a lot of fun (even if we both died multiple times! 😉 ) We didn’t manage to go up a level, but came close to it, and we might even have made the level if himself hadn’t had to play one-handed so much because Flipper, bless her old and daffy heart and soul, insisted on having Daddy Pats all the time. Ah well. 🙂 Looking forward to continuing with the game next Sunday. In the meantime, the Minions are being good little minions and bringing home the gathered goodies – so much so that I’m having to re-think the layout of the Guild Bank – I’m running out of room! This evening I typed up a Foraging Guide, and as soon as my newest characters reach a high enough (foraging) level, I’ll remove the items that they’ll no longer be collecting from the bank and shunt them off to another of my characters who’ll function as the Guild Bank Overflow repository, in order to make room for all the new things coming in 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was not good, and I was, and still am, extremely annoyed and disgruntled. I went up again! Not much, but two days in a row… Arrrggghhhh! In fact I’m fuming! I went up to 121.1kg! Yes, I know it’s not much, and yes! I understand that weight fluctuates from day to day, but it can ruddy well do that later, when I get down to my “half way” point, not now! Not. Happy. Jan! 😦

Let’s see what happens tomorrow… I’ll be beside myself if it goes up, again! (Hmm, that’s a thought… if I was beside myself, I wouldn’t all be in me, would I, so I’d have to weigh less, wouldn’t I?! 😉 )  Stay tuned, but like me, don’t hold your breath! 😉

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