Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.28

03.56 pm

Gosh, I’m really getting a good run-up on tonight’s “episode”, aren’t I! Now, let’s see… I really wanted to go out somewhere today – and Julian was planning on dragging me out of the house, too – but I couldn’t go! Yesterday, while I was doing my daily after-lunch walkies, my right foot was getting sorer and sorer… somehow or other I seem to have pulled, or in other ways damaged, the tendon (tendons?) along the top of the foot, right between the ankle and the foot itself. I probably should have stopped walking, but this is stubborn old me we’re talking about, and I kept on going. As the evening progressed, it got worse, though I could still walk – it only seemed to hurt when I flexed my foot upwards – pointing it and bending it downwards was, and still is, fine. By late last night I could still walk around reasonably well – as long as I kept my right foot flat, and didn’t try to flex it at all… I thought I must have twisted it awkwardly and “pulled something”, but that it’d be better by the morning. It wasn’t – simply stretching my legs and feet in bed hurt – so when Julian said that he wanted to “prise” me out of the house today I told him “Only if you break out the wheelchair!” He gave me a dirty look – as though he didn’t believe me! So I said “Look, even if you told me that you’d decided to indulge me, and allow me to buy as many handbags as my heart desired, I’d have to turn you down! My foot really is sore, and if it’s not better by tomorrow, I’m going to take it to the Doctor!” Anyway, I was still going to try to do my après déjeuner walk – or as much of it as I was able to, anyway – but hope springs eternal – so I was still hoping for a bit of a miracle, and that the next time I got up, my ankle would be all better again!

I played WoW until lunch time – or at least I was going to! I started out with Zelenka, my level 38 Warlock, who was in Stormwind, having been to the Transmogrifiers to choose a better set of clothes, and that was OK, I did that, and then I had to get her from the Eastern Kingdoms, where Stormwind is, to Kalimdor, where Darnassus is, so that I could then fly down to Feralis, where I was supposed to be questing. This involved a great deal of to-ing and fro-ing and wasted time, which I spent idly sifting through Melbourne’s newest Tabloid “newspaper” (“The Age” – once-upon-a-time a much respected and well thought-of Broadsheet!) Then I remembered that I was supposed to be helping Wynterthyme clean up and sort out the Guild Bank on Quel’Dorei, so as soon as Zelenka arrived in Feathermoon Stronghold, I parked her in the Inn there, and hurried off to log on as Wynterthyme, and got to work on the very messy and overcrowded Guild Bank, and that took me the rest of the morning! I even had to go and buy a 10,000 gold, seventh Guild Bank Vault from the Heirloom sellers, but the Quel’Dorei Guild is “comfortably well off”, and was easily able to afford it – so now we have a much more tidier Guild Bank, with even a little bit of room to spare!

After lunch I headed off to the Treadmillery, put on my two pairs of thick walking socks, and clambered aboard. Using my usual settings, I started the machine and started walking. I managed a whole two minutes before I was whimpering in pain, and had to slow the contraption down from 4.4 kilometers per hour to 3.8, and then 2.4 kilometers an hour, and before I even got to the five-minute mark, I had to give up and get off – my foot was just hurting too much. I came back in here, took three Panadol, rang the Doctor, and explained my situation – where I was told that I couldn’t get an appointment until Wednesday – next week – with any of the Doctors at the surgery there, unless it was urgent, and they’d try to fit me in if they got a cancellation! I didn’t really want to wait until next Wednesday, so I told them to put me on the waiting list for a cancellation. They rang us back about five minutes ago to tell me they had a cancellation at 2.45 pm tomorrow, and did I want to take that? Of course we said yes – though what the Doctor can do for a pulled tendon (or whatever it is that’s gone bung with my ankle!) I don’t know – probably prescribe anti-inflammatories, which I’m already on for my arthritis anyway…

So seeing that I couldn’t do my after luncheon walkies, I went back to Zelenka at the Inn in Feathermoon, and found to my utter horror and great annoyance, that for some unknown reason, all the changes to my gear that I’d made at the Transmogrifier in Stormwind this morning – and that I’d paid through the nose for – had been changed back to what it had been when I first logged on this morning! I was really not impressed in the slightest! Well, I had two choices! Continue questing, now that I was back in Feralis, or Hearth and go back to the Transmogrifies, and do it all over again, including the paying for it! Well, I suppose I could have raised a Ticket, grizzled to a Moderator about it and got them to fix it – or at least see if they could have refunded my gold – but that takes days, and the outcome isn’t always guaranteed, anyway – so, back to the Transmogrifier I went… However, there were a few minor “technical” problems, and it turned out to be some sort of corruption in one of my game files – which luckily Julian was able to fix – and then I had to fly all the [censored!] way back from Darnassus, to Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas! So! Guess how much playing I actually managed to do this morning! Go on, I dare you all – and if you guessed “None!”, you got it right first pop! Congratulations! :/

And that’s been my day today! Now… on to the “good” bits! 🙂

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had our “Marinated Chicken” breasts on a bed of plain steamed rice which had a finely chopped spring onion mixed through it, and for dessert I had a mandarin, and a Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurt. For lunch today, I had yet another really delicious seeded sourdough sandwich, with cheese, pastrami, and a smidge of a different “Baxters” chutney – a really yummy Fig, Date, and Balsamic Relish! Tonight for dinner we’re having some of the left-over Lamb Korma that we had the other night, though I don’t know if we’ll be having saffron rice again, or just plain steamed rice this time – but it’ll be very interesting to see how the different flavours have integrated since we had it last week! For dessert I’ll probably have one of my Corella pears and an Apple Le Rice.

Weigh-in this morning. Still not brilliant, but at least I didn’t go up! I went from 66.1 kg yesterday to 66.0 kg today… as I said – not “brilliant”, but a hell of a lot better than going up! I’ll probably do that tomorrow! 😉

And that brings me around to tomorrow again! Now, normally at this point I’d be saying something along the lines of me not having a clue as to what was going to be happening tomorrow, but this particular time, I do know of one thing that’ll happening – and that is that I’ll be going to the Doctor at 2.45 pm, to see if they can tell me what’s wrong with my stupid foot, and hopefully, what I have to do to fix it! Other than that – well I suppose I’ll be trying to get a little bit of actual playing done in WoW, and Julian mentioned earlier that there was a possibility of the two of us taking Wynterthyme and Demelza out again – but other than that? I have no idea at all! 🙂 Auric and Dapple are both still well, and Flipper is still being her usual vaporous self – and so that’s really about “it” from me for this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night to find out what my weight did – whether it went up again, or down, and what the Doctor said about my foot, and how Zelenka is going in WoW! I really want her to get her up to level 40 within the next couple of days, so that she’ll be able to ride faster! But anyway, until then, please try to bee good, don’t forget that there is no such thing in anyone’s life as an “unimportant” day, and remember to always drive carefully, to keep warm and dry in this mercurial weather, and to look after yourself… but above allplease remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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