Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.16

05.15 pm

Right, well I’m afraid that tonight’s post is only going to be a sort-of a token “place-holder” – for some unknown reason, I’m utterly exhausted – and all I want to do is close my eyes! Of course, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with me racing Mychal up to level 20 today – perish the thought! Still, I’m tired, and I don’t really think I could sensibly string two sentences together – and I keep on hitting the wrong keys and finding myself having to back-track to correct far too much! (and saying “and” far too much, too! *sigh*)

Suffice to say that it was a good day all round, the person to install our outside blinds arrived early, and I had to let him in because Julian had to race off to the bedroom to get dressed! (what’s wrong with tradies these days?! They always used to be late – or a “no-show” – and this is the second time in a row now, when one of them’s turned up early! *tsk!* Are the ruddy Unions losing their vice-like grip on their members, or something!) However, the blinds have been installed – I haven’t been out to have a look at the exterior aspect, but the one outside the Den seems to be working exactly as it’s supposed to, so at least that’s one that’s been installed correctly – and I’m sure Julian would have noticed if the others weren’t quite right, so I guess they must be fine too.

Everything and everyone else here is fine – it’s just me being either lazy or tired tonight – or both – take your pick, and I’ll probably hit you all with a real double-length double whammy tomorrow night, when I fill you all in properly on today’s doin’s 🙂 My weight went up three points, Flipper is (hopefully) busily eating her dinner in the Library, and Auric and Dapple have already started their usual shark-like circling of the gap in their glass ceiling, waiting for me to come and feed them (greedy little sods! 😉 ) So I shall take my leave of you all for this evening, and fill you in on all of the day’s details tomorrow evening. Until then though, please bee as good as you can, don’t forget that he who fears to suffer, suffers from fear, and remember to always drive carefully, to keep warm and dry in this rather unpleasant and very wintry weather, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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