Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.10

02.07 pm

Well, goodness gracious me! Will ya’s look at this! It’s just after lunch, and I’m sitting here writing my blog! Julian’s out doing some shopping for our “Father’s Day” luncheon tomorrow, and I’m getting an early start on this because we want to spend the majority of the afternoon playing WoW, as we won’t be able to have our usual “Sunday Broken Isles Bash” with Wynterthyme and Demelza, thanks to the Family Celebrations! We’re even having our omelet for dinner tonight because we really don’t think we’ll be feeling like much for dinner tomorrow night! We were going to go out for lunch tomorrow, but as it’s “Father’s Day”, it was up to Julian to decide where he wanted to go – and he opted for the easier and far less “formal” choice of having a Nando’s lunch at home. We usually get enough of the Nando’s chicken tenders to feed however many of us there’ll be, ditto with the Nando’s bags of chips, while we provide (usually) two salads, dessert (usually some sort of bought cake, plus cream) before-lunch Nibblies, mineral water, champagne (crikey! what’s a “Celebration” without champagne?! 😉 ) wine (a bottle of red and a bottle of white) and coffee. Sometimes we’ll have a BBQ instead of Nando’s, but I don’t think the weather is going to be all that crash-hot tomorrow – and besides, Julian doesn’t want to have to do a lot of work, it being “our” somewhat off-kilter Father’s Day! We started this Family Tradition of having things like Valentine’s Day, Easter, both Mother’s and Father’s Days, and usually Birthdays, at least a week – sometimes even two weeks – after the rest of the population has had their little “commercially dictated” Special Day! Take Valentine’s Day as a prime example! If you take your significant other out for dinner on “the” Day, February 14th, you’re given either a so-called “Special Valentine’s day Menu”, with very few dishes to choose from, or you’re given a “Set” menu of dishes, with no choices! You gets what you’re given! The restaurant is usually packed to the rafters – and in fact sometimes you’re pressured into leaving early so that the restaurant can cram in a second sitting! Service is slow and harried, and the wine list is usually as limited as their Set or Special menu! We, however, prefer to have a proper, full menu and wine list to choose from, to be able to eat a leisurely, beautifully presented, and well served meal, and to not feel pressured about anything – both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day come under the same sort of heading. Easter and Birthday’s are another two family Celebrations that we usually put off for at least a week – sometimes a couple of weeks – as both Terry and Neale have their side of the family with whom they want to spend time, which is fair enough, and sometimes “The” day is not convenient for one or more of us, so we put those celebrations off until we can all get together. And this time our “Father’s Day” celebration is this Sunday – tomorrow.

Julian’s just got home from doing the shopping – he’s got all sorts of “salad-y” things, pre-lunch Nibblie-bits, drinks, and the most luscious looking Black Forest Cake imaginable, from Fergusson Plarre! Tomorrow morning he’ll ring Nando’s and order the chicken tenders and the chips, to be ready for pick-up at [a special time of his choosing] and then once the kids are here and we’re all nice and comfortable and eating all the Nibblies, he’ll dart off and pick everything up, while Kate and I make the salads and set the table (anyone would think we’ve done this sort of thing before! 😉 ) As per-usual, no doubt we’ll have widely over-estimated how much of everything we’d need, and we’ll have absolutely tons left over (except for the cake! There’s never enough cake! 😉 ) so as I said earlier – I don’t expect that Julian or I will want very much at all for dinner tomorrow night!

So that largely takes care of tomorrow! 🙂

This morning we both played WoW, only not as a “team”. I started leveling up my two newest Mages, Mercedez and Cersie. Avishag, now level 12, is a Fire Mage; this morning I turned Mercedez into an Arcane Mage, and Cersie will become my Frost Mage. So far though, I’m very pleased with all three of them, with each “sub-class” appearing to be most “playable”, and certainly very powerful in comparison to, say, a Beast Master Hunter, of the same experience level!

So, not all that much has happened over here today – Julian cleaned out, and swapped over 30% of the water in the Fish House this morning, and if I don’t fold and put away the washing this evening, either of us will have any smalls to wear! Oh, I must tell you all! Last night we started watching a new (to us!) series on Netflix, called “Falling Skies“, which (amongst a host of others) stars Noah Wyle, who made his TV debut in 1994, in the series “ER” – later, in 2014 he was in another show, The Librarians, which I watched with my very favourite eldest daughter, not all that long ago. Anyway, as Julian and I have only watched one episode of “Falling Skies” so far, I can’t really tell you all that much about it – but it lasted for 5 Seasons, so it can’t be all that bad, can it?! 😉 “Watch this space!”

And now, after a good afternoon killing “Nasty Creatures” on the Broken Isles, I can get on to the “good” bits – or as much of them as there’ve been so far, anyway!

Food stuffs. Last night we had a very, very nice, slow-cooked Corned Silverside – a beautiful piece of meat! Only a small amount of fat on one side – which largely cooked off anyway – with plain, boiled potatoes, half a tomato, and some Brussels sprouts… I had a teaspoon of the Beerenberg Hot Tomato Chutney (which, by-the-by, is extremely nice! Spicy, but not too spicy, if you know what I mean!) with mine, Julian had some Dijon mustard… for dessert I had the last of my brown Bosc “stewing” pears, and not a moment too soon, either! It was on the verge of being “over-ripe”, but I caught it just in time 🙂 I also had an Apple Le Rice. For lunch today we had a very delicious sandwich made from our current favourite bread, the whole-meal with the sesame seed crust… with a generous spread of our favourite butter substitute, the basil-pesto hummus, a smidgen of the Beerenberg Hot Tomato Chutney, and some sliced up left-over Corned Silverside from last night. It was absolutely scrumptious! And for dinner tonight of course, we’ll be having tomorrow night’s omelets. I expect that all the usual goodies will be incorporated therein – eggs, tomato, diced capsicum of some sort, cheese – either Halloumi or the lovely cheddar-slash-tasty cheese that seems to go so well in omelets, bacon, and fried onions – I’m looking forwards to it! 🙂 For dessert I’ll have one of my yellow Nectarines, and a Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurt.

Weigh-in this morning. It’s been quite interesting, watching my weight going up in conjunction with my feet getting more and more swollen…  At the moment my feet seem to be slowly getting more and more swollen every night. I do tend to notice these things you know, because not being able to stand up straight properly any more, I see a lot more of my feet than I really want to (what wouldn’t I give to be able to stand up straight, even if only for a couple of hours! You really have no idea how horrible it is to have to walk bent over like a ruddy pretzel all the time!) I’ve decided that as well as keeping a graph chart of my weight, I’m going to make a date chart of the state of my feet – because I want to see how these cycles work, and if there’s any thing that I can do to prevent them – or at the very least, to ameliorate them. Yes, you guessed it, I went up again this morning! I went from 65.6 kg yesterday to 65.8 kg this morning – and I haven’t been doing anything that I shouldn’t! Mind you, I didn’t have time to get my treadmilling done today, because I started this just after lunch – but other than that, I’ve been a good little Vegemite… mostly… And after reading an article in that nice new Tabloid, The Age, this morning about models, and how thin they’re pretty much forced to be these days, I was thinking – where do you draw the line between really strict weight control, and living a happy and comfortable life eating pretty much what you want to, except in moderation – well, a bit more than just “moderation”, really (because to me, the word “moderation”, when coupled with one’s food or eating habits, implies “sloppy, undisciplined eating”, with the nebulous intention of losing any excess weight that might result from your idea of “moderation”… “later”, or “afterwards”!) No, really! I mean it! I’m torn. There are so many foods that I like, that I want – desperately, sometimes – to taste again. Foods that I haven’t eaten in almost three years, and to be honest, I don’t think I dare eat any of them ever again, because of what they will, or might do to my weight! Or that they might not do to my weight – it doesn’t matter! I still don’t dare eat them! I’m talking about your average or common garden-variety doughnut, or pizza, or KFC Zinger, or a Big Mac here – I’m not talking about wanting to eat them every day, or once a month, or even every six months – I’d simply love to taste them again… and I can’t. I don’t dare. I have massive attacks of the guilts when I have one of those Baker’s Delight fruit and white chocolate scones that I like so terribly much (and of course, me being me makes me say “stuff it!”, and stuff another one in my mouth anyway, the very next day! – see what I mean about “I don’t dare taste most of these things again”?) So I say again – where does one draw the line between strict weight control, like those poor skeletal models, and living a normal life, but just being mindful of what one eats…

S’truth, I ‘ave rattled on, haven’t I! Sorry about that one chief! Anyway, I’ll fill you all in on tomorrow’s festivities tomorrow night, hopefully – what we ate, what Flipper thought of it all, and all the rest of it. Auric and Dapple are both happy little fishies, and I’m looking forward to seeing both of my very favourite daughters at the same time, for a change! Anyway, I think that’s about “it” from me for this evening (yes, I can hear your collective sigh of relief from here! 😉 ) Do call in again tomorrow night – I promise (says she with her fingers crossed behind her back!) I won’t splurge with all the angst again – for another couple of months, anyway – and I’m sure you’ll all be interested in how the day panned out, how much my weight did go up again (because it will!) – and how much of that lovely looking Black Forest Cake is still left! Until then though, do try very hard to bee good, don’t forget that nearly all of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important, and remember to look after yourselves… to always drive carefully… and to keep warm and dry in this really changeable weather… but most of all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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