Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.02

05.16 pm

Here I am again – and depending on if and when you dropped by earlier, you might – or might not – have seen the background tile that I’d been searching so frantically for yesterday! As you can now see, however, it’s not there… Yes, I do still like it, just as much as I did yesterday, and no, I’m not using it – yet – because I’ve found another background that I like, almost as much as the first one – and once again, depending on if, and when, you dropped by before, you might – or might not – have seen that one, either instead of, or as well as, the first one… So are you all confused and muddled about that yet? Good! 🙂 That means that I have achieved my goal of confusing you all, yet again! 😉 No… I found the original pattern I wanted later last night – and this time I saved the wretched thing before I used it! I put up the new background quite late last night – either just before, or just after midnight, I think – and it was there until about forty-five minutes ago, while I was doing some “reviews” of the layout here, and I found the other background… which I not only saved, but also extracted a copy of the colours used in it. I then swapped the background tiles, saved, and published it – and as it was up (i.e. online and visible to all) for all of about twenty minutes, before I changed back to this dull, boring, plain palette of colours that you’re now seeing (as of the time stamp at the beginning of the blog!) By this time tomorrow I should have finally decided on which background to use – if not, it’ll still be looking like this! 😉 On the other hand, I could use the two backgrounds on alternate days! Wouldn’t that be fun (…and a lot more work for me! Hmm… maybe I won’t do that, after all!)

I WoW-d for most of this morning – I was going to take Wynterthyme out Herbing, to try and catch up level-wise with Demelza, but when I logged on and saw where I was – in the middle of some strange Tauren building – I chickened out… because if Demelza is notorious for falling off, and/or into dangerous places, well, I’m even worse (if that’s even possible!) when it comes to directions, reading maps, and finding my way around my own Garrison – in other words, I get lost, every time, and all the time, even if I’m in familiar surroundings! It took me nearly a week after we moved in here, to remember that when exiting from this room (the Den) I had to turn left to go to the front door, and turn right to go to the kitchen and lounge room! *sigh* So anyway, I looked at myself standing there in this great big Tauren Hall, and decided that maybe I’d go Herbing “later on“, when Julian would be around to lead me back to …wherever that place was/is… and I went back to Saurfang, to Zelenka, my extremely promising young Warlock. She was still questing around in the Southern Barrens, and really, the mobs there were really far too easy to knock over, including mobs that were at least two levels higher than I was, and as I’d said last night, I didn’t really expect to be there much longer! Sure enough, a very short time later I noticed movement at the station, for the word had passed around That the colt my Action Bar – a nice big “!” on my Heroes-Board-thingy, telling me in no uncertain terms, that King Varian Wrynn needed me urgently in Feralis, and to go there with all haste, and “toot sweet”, as the French say, where I was to report to someone-or-other, whose name escapes me at this particular point in time! So off I trundled – again! I had to fly back to Astranaar, and once more run from there – this time down through the Stonetalon Mountains, to Feralis – via Desolace! I’d pretty much just arrived in Feralis when Julian announced that he was going to do the shopping at The Glen… and as there were a couple of things I… er… wanted to pick up too, I offered to go along with him…. so we went shopping, and that was the end of my WoW-ing for the day! 😉

I picked up a couple of rather nice “rice bowl” type dishes for putting sand in… and in which we stand our incense sticks, when we light one. They work a lot better than those narrow wooden incense holders, and if you stir the incense ashes back into the sand it makes the sand smell nice and when you’re not burning the incense, the perfumed sand acts as a sort-of a “potpourri” 🙂 I also picked up some more “fluffy” soap – the sort of soap that comes out of the dispenser as a foam – hence my appellation of “fluffy”! I use it to wash my glasses as there’s nothing harsh or abrasive in the foam and it seems to work extremely well. It’s getting harder to get the non-antibacterial hand wash these days, goodness knows why – most people I’ve talked to don’t like it at all – they all say that it’s far too harsh on their hands, to the point that they get peeling skin and rashes from it! We generally get the Palmolive foaming soap – Dettol make one too, but all of theirs are the antibacterial ones – however, I did notice one other “fluffy” or foaming hand soap today – made by “Organic Care”, the makers of the shampoo that I use! (Josh actually recommended it, and it’s really good!) there were two different “flavours” on the shelf there, but there was only one that wasn’t [censored!] “antibacterial”, so I got one of those to try, too. By the time we’d had lunch and done all our shopping we arrived home fairly late – well after three thirty – and then Julian took my passport photo (please don’t ask! It’s truly terrible!! I nearly fainted when I saw it!) What gets me is that you have to have your glasses off for your passport photo – never mind that you can’t even see which direction the camera is in without them – you just have to rely on occasionally dubious voice directions! “Turn you head a little to the left… your left… no, a bit further… stop! That’s too far – turn to your right a teeny bit… No, I said right! Right! (*eye roll*) The hand you ‘write‘ with, OK?!” The passport papers say that the passport photo won’t end up looking at all like the photo, to which I can only say “Thank heavens!” But… as I said – it seems strange that you need to remove your glasses (if you wear them) for the photo – why?! People can look completely different without them, so what better way to disguise yourself than to don a fake pair of glasses (with window glass or whatever in them) and just waltz on through Immigration with a fake passport!? I dunno… Still, ’tis done now, for good or ill, and we’ll get the paperwork signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered next week – then, if we want to, we’ll be able to go overseas, at long last (but definitely not while Flipper is still with us – it would break her heart if we left her for more than an hour or two! Who’d give her her Daddy Pats?)

And that was about all that’s happened here today – so I can now move on to the “good” bits! 🙂

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had the very last of the “One-pot Spanish Chicken and Rice” left-overs, which once again, was extremely nice (though I’ll admit that the rice was starting to get just a trifle mushy by now!) For dessert I had one of my Corella pears, and a Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurt. Because of my atrocious weigh-in this morning (see below!) I did what I usually do, and had an extremely defiant lunch – as a metaphorical way of “flipping the finger” at my stupid and illogical body! (yeah, I know it doesn’t work that way – in fact it probably only makes my weight go up further, but it makes me feel better, displaying defiance like that, right? I’m human, and I can be surprisingly stupid like that sometimes! 😛 ) Anyway, we didn’t go to the Shingle Inn this time – we entered The Glen up at the David Jones end and decided to have lunch at The Arena, just outside DJ’s, for a change, and just to be different, this time I had a BLT 😉 I also had a reasonably medium sized slice of “Orange Clementine”, a very dense and moist “gluten-free” (I think they really meant “flourless”!) orange cake, and my usual “long black” with the little jug of skinny milk on the side. When we go to the Shingle Inn, I always have the BLT, and one of their divinely gooey and gloriously sugary chocolate caramel slices, and although Julian was a little aghast at the Orange Clementine cake, calorie for calorie, and kilojoule for kilojoule, I’d actually say that the caramel slice and the orange cake were pretty evenly matched, “diet-wise” – in fact if I was a betting girl, which I’m not, I’d put the caramel slice ever-so slightly ahead of the cake, in terms of “raw fat-making power”. Still, it won’t do tomorrow’s weigh-in any favours! :/ Uhhh… I forgot to mention that Julian was going to have the Calamari rings, which came with chips, and the ubiquitous limp salad that these places like to dish up because it “looks healthy”, even though it’s always smothered in dressing. Anyway, I asked him if I could have a few of his chips, and he told me that I could have two – two and a half, if they were small chips – so me being me, and sailing in my full defiant glory, counter-ordered a side serve of shoestring chips! yes I did, and what’s more, I ate nearly all of them! So yeah – weigh-in isn’t going to be pleasant for the next couple of days! (*sigh*Why am I always so ornery and perverse?! So because of our rather large-ish luncheon today, for dinner tonight we just had plain-old pan-fried chicken on a bed of steamed rice with some finely chopped spring onions mixed through it. For dessert I’d bought some Vaalia raspberry “Whipped” yoghurt, which was even lower in kilojoules than their Lemon Creme yoghurt. I didn’t mind it, but it was quite weird – like a yoghurt pretending to me a mousse, and not quite succeeding, if you know what I mean. We only bought two tubs of it to try, and while yes, I will eat the other one (unless Julian wants to try it) I don’t think I’ll get it again – it seemed to be… too lacking in “body” somehow? I also bought some more yellow Nectarines, and some of what we used to call “Stewing pears” when I was little – they’re called “Beurre Bosc” these days 😉 and I had one of those tonight, too. It was nice enough, but I think it would probably taste nicer stewed… 😥 I want my brown-skinned Nashi pears back!

Weigh-in this morning. Was “Not Nice”! I’ve been doing everything right! I’ve been religiously doing my treadmilling, I’ve not been eating anything naughty, and this is what I get thrown in my face!? I went from 64.7 kg yesterday to bloody 65.0 kg today! How’s that for trying very hard to do everything right, and to not eat any of the wrong things! Well, stuff you, body! And that’s exactly what I did today! I stuffed it with cake and chips, and I didn’t do my treadmilling! (though I did walk the length and breadth of The Glen – twice!) It’s just not fair! 😥

Anyway, that brings me pretty much full circle back to tomorrow again! I’m not sure what’s happening – I don’t think we’ll be going out – we did all our shopping today – so I guess I’ll be doing my usual… WoW in the morning, with a little bit more WoW-ing in the afternoon, or maybe a bit of graphic-ing – whichever comes first… Auric’s been good – I haven’t actually seen him have a “fit of the mads” for a couple of days, which is good, nor have I seen any sign of “floaties”, which is even better! Dapple seems to have stopped trying to nibble the ends of Auric’s tail, and Flipper is becoming very adept at creating little “caves” for herself in the doona, for her daily sleeping exercises! You should see the one she made for herself this evening! Somehow she’s managed to flip over the bottom corner of the doona (Julian said that he didn’t flip it over, and I know that I didn’t do it!) and she’s managed to “insert” herself neatly under it, like a letter into an envelope! I tell you, she works very hard indeed at her sleeping exercises! 🙂 Anyway, that’s really about “it” from me for tonight! Do drop in again tomorrow night, to see what other changes I might have made to this poor Template, how harshly my weight had decided to punish me for my eating transgressions today, and how we managed to while away the time today at chez nous! Until then though, do try hard to bee good, remember, in all of living, have much fun and laughter – life is to be enjoyed, not just endured, and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep warm and dry when the weather gets cold and wet… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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