Winter’s log, earthdate 201608.21

05.25 pm

Well, here I am again after another exciting and exhilarating day romping through Azeroth, and – I’m happy to be able to tell you all – Dulcineà and Tourbillon went up seven levels, and didn’t die once! 😀 Dulcineà started this morning at level 33, and just before we logged off, she turned level 41! At level 40 she earned herself a faster riding speed too, which will be a big help in getting around, but… oh, for level 60! All mounts, whether of the flying, running, and/or swimming persuasion, are Account Bound, and you can learn to ride the flying mounts when you reach level 60. Well, I’ve managed to collect quite an extensive “stable” of flying mounts to choose from when the time comes, but at the moment I’m using the Imperial Quilen for most of my characters, as it can double as both a “land” mount, or a “flying” mount – and all of my girls have a little motor scooter too, which has a sidecar that can carry a passenger – unfortunately it doesn’t fly (except for straight down very steep cliffs, sometimes! 😉 ) We started off in the Hinterlands this morning, by lunch time we’d been sent off to the Western Plaguelands, and about an hour before we finished off for the day we were sent to the Eastern Plaguelands! A rather impressive demonstration of the perks of wearing Heirloom gear, I thought! 🙂 But (and you just knew there had to be a “but…” tucked in there somewhere, didn’t you!) but it was far too easy! Yes… far too easy! The Heirloom gear, which automatically adjusts to your level as you level up, does give you slightly higher attributes than the armor that you’d normally be wearing – armor that you received as quest rewards, for instance (though you can get some really nice, non-Heirloom gear from the Auction House – if you don’t mind spending ridiculous sums of gold for something you’re going to “outgrow” in a couple of levels! “Swings and roundabouts”!) however, despite all the advantages of Heirloom gear, you still shouldn’t be able to “one-shot” mobs that are one or two levels higher than yourself, and especially not a “Silver Special”! Quite often, one of us would come across one of those “Silver Specials”, and really, whoever saw it first usually manged to kill it before the other person (usually me!) could get there to help! (a”Silver Special” is an Elite mob with a silver portrait frame rather than a gold one – they’re supposed to be reasonably difficult to bring down, and to drop “pretty good loot”… HA!) A lot of the time by the time I’d finished skinning or looting something, and caught up to Julian, everything was already dead, and waiting to be looted and skinned! Being that easy rather spoils the game a bit for me… :/

Anyway, we had a very good day today, and went up seven levels – I’m not sure where we go after the Plaguelands, but I doubt that we’ll be there for very much longer, at the rate we’re climbing the ladder! And that’s pretty much been our day today – I did a shortened walk at lunchtime today, but tomorrow it’ll be back to the 20 minute slog before breakfast (I really don’t mind the walking itself – in fact I quite enjoy it – I just wish it wasn’t so damned boring!) and the rest of tomorrow threatens to be pretty much the same as yesterday, and the day before – WoW in the morning, and “something else” in the afternoon – usually to do with graphics, most of the time! I’m most interested in Channel 10 tonight! I won’t be watching it tonight, but I will be recording it, because they’re doing a Season of “Australian Survivor”! Channel 9 did one Season years and years ago, and I believe Channel 7 did one too, though they never really caught on the way that the American “Survivor” shows did. Anyway, Channel 10 have decided to have a stab at it, and it starts this evening – but as I said, I won’t be watching it tonight, I’ll be recording it, so that when I do watch it I’ll be able to fast-forward through all the ads, otherwise I think it would be totally unbearable! I might even watch it tomorrow – if I do, I’ll tell you all about it, and whether I think it’ll be worth continuing to watch – tomorrow night!

And having filled you all in on the days doings, I can now tell you all about the “good” bits! 😉

Food stuffs. For dinner last night we had a most delicious little piece of fillet steak, with chips, half a tomato, and steamed green beans, and for dessert I had one of my Corella pears, and for a change, one of the Apple Le Rice. Today for lunch we had a very yummy ham, cheese, and tomato Toastie, using the Cheddar cheese rather than the Swiss (cheese) in between slices of that really nice and tasty whole-meal bread, with the sesame seeds in the crust. Tonight of course we’re having our usual “Sunday night omelets” for dinner. I’m presuming it’ll have all the usual suspects in it, including bacon, Halloumi cheese (or maybe Julian’ll use Cheddar tonight? Chi sà? (actually, as it turned out, he used what was left of the Swiss cheese, as he’d used up all the Halloumi and Cheddar cheese in other things!)) tomato, fried onion, maybe some diced capsicum…? I’ll let you know tomorrow! And for dessert tonight it’ll be back to one of the smaller, “Royal Gala” apples, and another of those extremely nice Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurts 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. I’m still “dithering” within that so-called “margin of error”! :/ I went from 65.1 kg to 64.9 kg. My graph is starting to look like that broken-toothed saw again! Oh well, let’s see what happens tomorrow – although long-suffering experience tells me that I’ll be up, yet again… 😦

And that brings me just about full-circle back to tomorrow! I’m not expecting anything out of the ordinary tomorrow – Josh will be over in the afternoon, and during the day I’m sort-of expecting a parcel in the mail, because I got an email about the order I’d placed with this particular firm, telling me that it had been upgraded to “Express” post, at no extra cost! Innit nice when something like that happens, right out of the blue! Well, I’ve never bought anything from this crowd before, but if it turns out to be any good, and they’re nice enough to upgrade me like that, chances are I’ll be buying from them again in the future!  And that’s about “it” from me for tonight! Do call in again tomorrow night, to find out if my mysterious parcel did arrive, whether or not I watched Channel 10’s version of “Australian Survivor” (eek! my omelet is calling me!) and what I thought of it, and how my weight let me up – or down, depending on your viewpoint! Until tomorrow however, please try to bee very good, remember always to count your blessings, not your troubles, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm and dry in this ultra changeable weather, and to always drive carefully… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂


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