Winter’s log, earthdate 201608.16

05.09 pm

Here I am, rudely writing while Julian and my very favourite eldest daughter chat together behind me, with me listening with half an ear (or should that be a quarter of an ear, as my stupid left ear is still bunged up! Perhaps I had better bite the bullet and see the Eye, Ear, and Nose people… 😦 ) Strangely, I’m not getting terribly much actual writing done! Oh well – shoes are being put on… and… they’rerrroff to the garage! 🙂

Now, where was I! Oh yes, that’s right, trying to write this blog! I didn’t get a chance to write anything yesterday – we were pretty flat-out all day, to tell you all the truth! The oven repair man, who was supposed to be arriving between 8 and 8.30 am, arrived at about 8.15, our cleaning lady turned up at her usual time of 9.30, and didn’t leave until noon, so the morning was filled with vacuum cleaner noises, and loud protests from Flipper, who for some weird reason really hates vacuum cleaner noises. The oven repair man was very quick – he replaced the burnt-out oven element, cleaned up what little mess he’d made, and was gone before 8.30! so at last we can have properly cooked chips again, which is the main thing! 😉

Pretty much as soon as K. (the cleaning lady) left, we left too – we went off to The Glen so that I could exchange the incorrectly sized jumper – which I did, however we had lunch at The Shingle Inn there first, before repairing upstairs to Suzanne Grae where they didn’t have exactly the same style of jumper in the correct size and colour, so they said I could exchange it for any other top. I ended up getting a rather nice mottled cream, brown, and maroon “chunky-knitted” cowl-neck jumper with a fringed hem (très Boho, don’tcha know, which really took me back to my teens!) It’s really chunky and warm, and I wish that winter wasn’t almost over so that I could wear it a lot more than I’m probably going to be able to this year! I also got another black jumper, almost the same as the one which I was exchanging, but with small, fake brass buttons, or studs (little round do-dads!) down one shoulder… very chic! We did a bit more shopping, and then headed home, stopping off at two Vets on the way – once at a new Vet that we found in Vermont South Shopping Centre, to get some more pussy biscuits (kibble) for Flipper (because our regular Vet no longer stocks that brand) and once at our regular Vet for some more Norvasc, Flipper’s blood pressure medication. We didn’t get home until 4.15, and about half an hour later, Josh arrived! So as I said – we were pretty flat-out yesterday, and by the time we’d had dinner I was simply too worn out to feel much like writing anything! However, Julian and I did manage to finally get the new Guild, called “Altar of Alts”, with its associated Guild Bank, sorted out on Saurfang! Julian started off Tourbillon’s Realm Transfer, which was completed by this morning, and I, as Dulcineà, disbanded what was left of “Altar of Alts” on Quel’Dorei, and started off my own Realm Transfer to Saurfang. Then finally, we got all the other characters on Saurfang into the Guild last night and this morning! Tutto fatto¹ – fait accompli² – all done, at long last! 🙂

Today, as I mentioned before, I had my very favourite eldest daughter over for the day – she didn’t come at all last week, so we made up for it today by talking a lot – she’s going to some sort of meeting next week to do with applying to do an Honours Course at uni next year, and we spoke about the short story (novella?) that’s she’s doing as a project for this semester. We also watched multiple episodes of “The Flash”, where lots of bad things happened, and multiple episodes of “Arrow” where even more bad things happened, so next week’s viewing promises to be very exciting!

And now, having regaled you all with the last two day’s worth of our adventures, hopefully I can now get onto the “good” bits?

Food stuffs. Yesterday for lunch we were at The Shingle Inn at The Glen, where I had all my usuals – a BLT on Sourdough bread, an ooey-gooey, thick and chunky, scrumptious chocolate caramel slice, and a long black with a small jug of skinny milk on the side. Most delicious! For dinner last night we had another of the extremely nice Three Island Beef and (something-or-other?) sausages, chips (cooked properly in the oven this time!) half a tomato, and steamed green beans. For dessert I one of my “bald-kiwi-fruit” brown skinned Nashi pears, and one of the new Vaalia low-fat lemon creme yoghurts wot we got yesterday – and it was so, sooo nice! I think I might just have found a new favourite dessert! It was dee-licious! I can highly recommend it!  Today for lunch we had wraps, with our favourite basil-pesto hummus, Halloumi cheese, de-seeded tomato, some yellow capsicum batons, and ham – all very yummy – and once again (maybe I’m finally getting the hang of eating them! 😉 ) I managed to eat it all without dropping, or spilling, chunks of this or that, all over myself, or the recliner chair I was sitting in! Tonight for dinner we’re having pan-fried chicken breast on a bed of steamed rice, with finely chopped spring onions mixed through it (because Julian forgot to get any more tomatoes while he was out today!) Dessert tonight will probably be one of the enormous “Jazz” apples, but this time I don’t think I’ll try to eat all of it – they’re just too big! And… perhaps I might have another of those really yummy Vaalia lemon creme yoghurts, too… 😉

Weigh-in yesterday. Well, it’s improving… a bit… I went from 65.7 kg to 65.4 kg… Not all that wonderful, but certainly a lot better than going up again, anyway!

Weigh-in this morning. Again, a small improvement, though my feet are still terribly swollen, despite the anti-fluid tablets :/ This morning I went from 65.4 kg to (finally!) 64.8 kg. I’m getting back to my 30 minute treadmillings, but my feet are really paying the price. I’ve already split the callous under the ball of my left foot, and the toe nail on my left big toe has also split a bit, which bled quite a bit – but that’s what happens when you’re on Warfarin (the bleeding, I mean, not the toenail splitting! It’s also why I end up with so many blood blisters on my toes :/ ) Let’s hope I manage to go down a bit more tomorrow…

And that brings me back to tomorrow, once more! Auric and Dapple are well, and had their Fish House nicely scrubbed and polished last night – they’re so sweet and friendly! I know most of it is greed, and that they’re only hoping to get fed when you come over to say hello to them – but they’re cute! I love ’em, anyway! 🙂 Tomorrow I’m hoping to “practice” a bit more with my Mage “Silverhands” (look Ma! No funny accents or characters in the name!) on Saurfang, but apart from that, I have no idea what’s happening! And that, I’m afraid, is about “it” from me for tonight, but why don’t you all call back again tomorrow night to find out what did happen, with my weight, my Blog Project, and everything else that we got up to! Until then though, please try very hard to bee good, don’t forget that we are not here to make believe, we are here to believe we can make it, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry in the last of the wintry weather… but most importantly, please… remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

¹ tutto fatto – Italian – all done!

² fait accompli – French – all done!

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