Winter’s log, earthdate 201608.13

04.46 pm

And here we go again! I’ve played WoW for most of the day – this morning I don’t think I had my screen “grabbed” once, but it’s happened twice this afternoon. Neither of us have any real idea as to why it’s happening, or what’s causing it, so I suppose, like everything else, I’m just going to have to learn to live with it. Anyway, my new Priest (or Priestess) Piubella has made it to level 22 – and I really must get her back to Stormwind and the Transmogrifier, if for no other reason than to change the appearance of her head-gear! Do any of you remember what the Evil Queen in Snow White looked like, with the big, high collar sticking up behind her head? Kinda “Elizabethan”, but without the frilly bit in the front? Well, that’s what the Heirloom “Tattered Dreadmist Mask” helm looks like on my two Priests (Priestesses) Piubella and Viverra, and they really do look a little… er… strange, with two little purple-ish, red-ish, “eyes” peering out from under the hood of a helm with a very ornate and high-backed collar! …The term “weird” doesn’t even begin to cover the way they look, actually! Piubella has now reached Astranaar, although she died on the way there… she stopped off to do the quests at Bathran’s Haunt, and at one point might have become just a trifle overconfident, and so managed to get herself attacked by three level 20 Forsaken (all with their Poison Grenades in-hand!) and a level 20 Wolf-riding Orc! Of course, with no Guild or Guild Bank over there on Saurfang yet, all Piubella had on her were a couple of little, baby level 5, healing potions, which weren’t even good enough to be used as grubby, second-hand band-aids! :/ (and let that be a lesson to you Viverra, don’t make the same mistake as Piubella did, when it’s your turn to do those quests!) I tell you, it’s a ruddy long way from the Graveyard, to have to run back for your body, even in Wisp form! However, she made it, got her body back, and finished off the quests, then she was sent on her way to Maestra’s Post – which she ran straight past! At that stage, it was starting to get a bit late, and I really wanted to get to Astranaar quickly, to grab the Flight Point there, and to dust down at the Inn before logging off for the afternoon.

I’m not quite sure what we’ll be doing tomorrow in WoW – whether we’ll pick up again with Dulcineà and Tourbillon, and muddle along as usual with them, or whether we’ll dig Wynterthyme and Bobranda out of mothballs and attempt some of the new content “Pre-Expansion Events”, because I don’t really think Wynterthyme is capable of doing them on her own – as nearly all of Julian’s characters have done!

The Podiatrist did turn up – on time, too – this afternoon, and my poor, swollen feet do look and feel quite a bit better. Once more I’m in the position of having to choose the lesser of three evils, and it’s really a hard choice to make! Choice 1. Lengthen my morning walk back to 30 minutes again – resulting in more injuries to my feet. Choice 2. Consider the welfare of my feet, keep my walk short, but do two of them – and chop an extra half hour or more off my day. Choice 3. say “stuff it! I’m sick of this crap!”, keep on with my current walking routine, and slowly but steadily work my way back to 134 kg. Personally, I don’t like any of the available choices – what I want to do is never, ever (ever!) have to set eyes on those bloody (pardon my French!) pills again as long as I live, let alone swallow any more of them!

And having filled you all in on the day’s doings, I can now get onto the good bits!

Food stuffs. Last night we had well-trimmed pork chops, pan-fried with a little home-grown rosemary, with chips – yes, the broken oven handled last night’s chips very nicely, thank you – the repair man is coming to fix it somewhere between eight and eight-thirty on Monday morning… and interestingly, this place – or should I say, this stove – is already “on their books”, as the people we bought the house from last year had also called them out with for some sort of stove/oven problem! So, where was I? Ah yes – we had the pan-fried pork chops, with chips, our usual half a tomato, and peas. For dessert I had one of my Corella pears, and an Apple Le Rice. Today for lunch we had wraps, with basil-pesto hummus, cheddar cheese, ham, de-seeded tomato, green capsicum batons, and roughly chopped spring onions – very delicious! 🙂 Tonight we’re having fillet steak for dinner, with chips, our perennial half a tomato, and beans, and for dessert I’ll be having a “bald-kiwi-fruit-brown” skinned Nashi pear, and a Chocolate Chia Pod.

Weigh-in this morning. At least I didn’t go up again – that’ll happen tomorrow, no doubt, as this damned fluid doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to go anywhere – listen! I can hear my weight and all my retained fluid talking together in the background:

My Weight: “We leave on the morning tide!”
My Retained Fluid: “Nah – I can’t be bothered! I’m nice and warm and comfy, right here where I am! I’m sleeping “in” tomorrow!”

However, I went from a totally disgraceful 66.5 kg to an almost as disgraceful 66.2 kg this morning – but at least I didn’t go up again!

Oh, I must tell you all – since I took over my “experimental” blog for this big Blog Project of mine, I’ve been frustrated and stymied at just about every turn because I now no longer have an “experimental” blog where I can try things out – like the wonderful idea I had yesterday that I was telling you all about. So, I started up “Yet Another Blog” to act as my experimental blog laboratory. This afternoon I did briefly try out my wonderful idea, and… it doesn’t work! :/ It seems that when you “scrape and paste” something from Word, into a Word Press blog page, the “scraped and pasted” stuff loses all of the attributes that you “scraped and pasted” it for in the first place! All because Word Press won’t let me do what I want to (do) which is to create a basic table in the middle of the page. No, I mean I can do that – “scrape and paste” a table into Word Press – I just can’t put the text inside the table where I need it to be (because the table has lost all the attributes I put in!) *sigh* Oh well…

And that brings me around to tomorrow again – and as I said before – we’re not sure yet exactly what or who we’ll be playing, but I can assure you all that whatever or whoever we play, we’ll have great fun lopping the heads off Demons and Monsters of all creeds, colours, and persuasions! This evening I might try a bit more experimentation in my newest blog – I still have a few Mad-Hatter ideas to try out (they probably won’t work, but hey! Ya gotta be innit ta winnit!) Auric and Dapple are both frolicking around in their Fish House – although they’re probably starting to get impatient for “Mummy” to come and give them their dinner! Flipper has already had her dinner and is happily asleep in her “cat-cave” again. Last night we started watching “Merlin” on Netflix – we only saw the first episode, but as there’s not really much on tonight, we might watch another one… Froth and Bubble and no deep and meaningful plot lines are entertaining and relaxing, some of the time! And that, once again, is about “it” from me for tonight! Do call in again tomorrow night to see if I was right about my weight going up again (and I’m always right, too – didn’t you all know that! 😉 ) and how we fared in Azeroth, or wherever we ended up – but until then, do try hard to bee good, remember to open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values, and don’t forget to stay warm and dry this weekend, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly, pleasedon’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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