Winter’s log, earthdate 201608.11

03.15 pm

Well, here I am again – a lot earlier this time, as Julian’s in Adelaide, but will be on his way to the airport soon-ish (it’s “wheel’s up” at 04.05 pm, Adelaide time! – err… I think!) so I thought it might be best to start writing early, in the hopes of being finished – or close to finished, by the time he strolls in the garage door – “Honey! I’m home!” – otherwise I’ll be trying to listen to him, and trying to write this, and all that will happen is that I’ll get confused, and all of you (Julian included) will get annoyed with me for not paying attention! So, I’m starting early (for a change)

So how have I been amusing myself all day, I hear you all asking. Well, I played WoW for the most part – leveling up Piubella, my new Priest on Saurfang – and not making a bad fist of it, either! I’m quite impressed with the Priest Class – mind you, I’m only level 16, so I’m still pretty much a “baby” Priest, but I’m getting there… It’s terribly hard though, we need the Guild and the Guild Bank money over on Saurfang, and I can’t do anything about it for another four or five days, curse Blizzard for being so security conscious! 😉 I’m also having weird problems with something on my machine! Something – as yet unknown (though I think I may have nailed the culprit!) keeps grabbing the focus away from WoW and plonking me back at my desktop. The screen just goes black for the space of about two heart-beats, and then I find myself staring at my pretty desktop wallpaper, instead of at the nasty monster I was just hitting with a Shadow Spell! *blink* and I have to quickly click on the WoW icon, and about another two heart-beats later, I’m back again – I’ve cast the spell (while I was busy looking at my pretty desktop wallpaper!) and because I wasn’t there to immediately cast another spell, I’m now being bashed around by this totally inconsiderate monster! So far, I’ve been lucky – but I came very close to getting killed a couple of times today, because of this ruddy screen-grabbing program (or whatever it is) We’ve been trying to work out what’s causing it by a process of elimination, but even with absolutely everything except the game turned off – including the Blizzard loading screen – it’s still happening… There is one thing, however, that never gets turned off… and that’s our Anti-virus and security program! I told Julian about it last time he rang me, and he actually said that it was possible! Apparently this new version of the Anti-virus software, which I think he installed about a week and a half ago? Maybe? (I think it was sort-of around about the time I first started having these problems – I think! I could very easily be completely wrong though!) anyhoo, this new version of the Anti-virus software is apparently a bit “fussy”, as he’s already had to turn part of it off because I use WindowBlinds, and for some unknown reason, if WindowBlinds is running, it won’t! (Julian hates and detests WindowBlinds, and I won’t use my computer at all, without it! – it’s a long story, which you’re better off not knowing!) So anyway, it might be the Anti-virus stuff, and we’ll look into it later on… Oh, Julian just rang from the Adelaide airport – he’ll be boarding in about fifteen minutes, he says – so I’d better start hurrying! 🙂

After lunch I couldn’t be bothered playing WoW, so I dithered around a bit… I should have been hard at work on my wonderful Blog Project, but you all know how it is – you have plenty of time to do something you know you should be doing, but you just… want to do something else! Anything else! …So I did. You’re looking at the results of my “something else” right now! Yes, I fiddled around with Themes and Headers and stuff, instead of writing diligently in my Blog Project! Oh well… all in good time! 😉

And that’s about been my day today! Flipper, bless her little heart and soul, has been surprisingly good and well-behaved today – usually whenever Julian’s not here – even if he’s only gone up to the shops – she parades around, weeping, wailing, and wringing her (virtual!) hands in grief: “Daddy’s gone! (waaaa!) I’ll never see Daddy again! (mrrrowwer!) Where’s daddy! (yowlll) Bring him back! (mmwwwaaaaowl!) Where have you hidden him, you evil, wicked Mummy! (waaaa!)” Today though, she’s spent most of it asleep on the bed, though she’s got up twice to raid the bowl of pussy biscuits (kibble) in here – and apart from a couple of short whinges, she’s been quite quiet! It kinda makes me want to say: “Who’s that strange cat lying on our bed! Where’s Flipper, and what have you done with her!” Anyway, by the time she wakes up to the fact that he’s really not “just in the other room”, he’ll be home again anyway. And now, on to the good bits! 😉

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had lamb backstraps marinated in the Feta Slurry stuff, and then pan-fried, on a nice bed of rice which had some finely sliced spring onions in it, and for dessert, I had one of my “bald-kiwi-fruit skin” brown Nashi pears, and some more rice, in the form of an Apple Le Rice. Very simple meal, but trust me – meat cooked like that is really lovely – and so tender and juicy! For lunch today Julian made me a sandwich this morning before he left – he wrapped it up and put it in the fridge for me, and I was supposed to take it out to warm up to room temperature about 20 minutes before I was going to eat it… Only I forgot, and I ate it straight out of the fridge – it still tasted yummy! It was made from that really tasty whole-meal bread with all the sesame seeds in the crust, with ham, Swiss cheese, and a dab of Beerenberg Tomato Chutney – very delicious! 🙂 Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea what we’re having for dinner tonight, so you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow night to find out! However, I can tell you that for dessert I’ll be having one of my Corella pears, and a chocolate Chia Pod! (even I need a break from rice custard, every now and then! 😉 )

Weigh-in this morning. Was totally disgusting! I haven’t weighed this much for over a year! Thank all the Powers-That-Be that I took the last of those absolutely despicably dreadful little fluid-hugging and weight-grabbing pills yesterday morning! Now all I have to do is try to undo all the bloody damage they’ve done to my body, before it’s time to start taking them again! I don’t see Dr. Y until March next year, but honestly, there just has to be a better way! I really don’t know if I can keep going through the heartbreak of seeing everything I’ve been striving so hard for just completely ripped away back to square one again, every three months! And each time I take those damn pills, I put on more fluid and more weight than I did the time before when I was taking them, and each time it gets harder and harder to get rid of all the excess! It might sound childish or petulant, but believe me, when you get on the scales in the morning and you see you’ve completely gone “off the chart” for the first time in over a year – all you want to do is cry! I thought going up almost a full kilo to 65.9 kg over night was bad enough… that was the very, very top line of my weight chart – I haven’t been there for over a year… this morning? Oh, those miserable little pills really, really love me! I’ll just have to write the figures in – there’s no room left on the chart… 66.2 kg. You know what? If I go up any more tomorrow, I’m going to go out and buy myself the biggest box of Belgian chocolates that I can find, and I’m going to sit down and eat the whole lot of them! And no Julian, I won’t share – you’ll have to get your own box! And I’m going to eat like a complete pig, for a week. Then I’ll go back onto the Optifast until next March, and we’re going to figure out what I can do, because I just can’t go through this again!

And that brings me – finally – back to tomorrow! I have the Podiatrist coming over in the afternoon, and a new version of my mail program for Julian to install. Apart from those two items, I don’t think there’s anything terribly vital on our agenda for tomorrow, though hopefully we’ll have been able to work out for once and for all what’s grabbing my screen’s attention at the most inopportune times, and I’ll be able to safely get back to leveling up my new little (well, she’s not really that “little”, she’s quite tall, actually, because she’s a Night Elf!) Priest… hmm.. or should that be “Priestess”, I wonder? Anyway, once again that’s about “it” from me for tonight – but do drop in again tomorrow night – to find out whether or not I’m going to need that box of chocolates, or whether Flipper finally realised that Daddy wasn’t lost, or being hidden somewhere, and if we solved the riddle of the mysterious screen grabbing! Until then though, please bee very good, don’t forget that it’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it, and remember to keep warm and dry in this strange but normal weather for Melbourne, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all (and most importantly!) please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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